The Debaters (5)

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Dr Hotiarre hurries to the airport to catch his flight to Vienna. It so happened that the debate host drove him there. Smiling he says to him; I am shocked and horrified that anyone as ignorant as Brother Happy was allowed to engage me in the debate. I surely thought my opponent would hold at least one degree. Brother Happy is another example of the decline of this nation and the world. It almost seems that he is evolving in the opposite direction that I am.

To believe something for no apparent reason is a sign and symptom of insanity. And this is what Brother Happy does. I must have evidence. Scientific evidence leaves no room for doubt. I remember when I was a young student of higher learning in Austria. I was impressed with all the evidence found proving men were made from monkeys. Yes the truth of the ages is I was once a monkey.

Am I embarrassed that my ancestors were smelly apes? Of course not. I am quite pleased with the evolution of the mind; especially my mind. I am one of the favored. For reasons known to evolution I evolved into an intelligent human able to help evolution along by attending all the schools I can to educate myself to the point where I can understand more the world I appeared in.

Whereas Brother Happy evolved only into a human body; his mind is still primitive and grossly ignorant. I fear there is no hope for him. He is so far gone into his religion he might well end up in a padded cell confined in a strait jacket. In my study of human progress as to why some apes are more intelligent than others. I could only find it is the luck of the draw. For strange and mysterious reasons I am highly favored. My grey matter is more inclined to absorb knowledge. Brother Happy’s brain, unfortunately, is simply inactive matter. It is as though he is a freak of nature.

By freak I mean he sees what is not there. He imagines that there is a God who loves us.

I see only what is there. In my world there is no such thing as blind faith. I must have evidence. I recall my thought when I first gazed upon one of my ancestors imbedded in the rocks. I wept uncontrollably. I must confess I was deeply distressed to think my smelly ancestor somehow ended up in a rock. I’m still trying to find out why. Will I end up in a rock also? A museum to be displayed as an example of perfectly evolved man? Whatever the case my only desire is that I can be used to further science.

Yes I am part of a large family tree. I am related to everything that breathes. I am just one of the many strange creatures that inhabit this planet. Why one is a cat and one is a mouse is easy to understand. The mouse evolved simply to be a plaything and food for the mysterious lazy cat. The antelope evolved simply to feed the starving lions. The leaf evolved for the tree. The strawberry evolved to be eaten on my morning cereal. Yes everything has a purpose. And when it is studied in-depth that purpose can be found.

Once long ago billions and billions of years ago strange creatures roamed the earth.

I am one of their descendants. I evolved from goo to great.

Dr Hotiarre boards his plane and flies away.


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