Animal Rights Activists and KFC


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I read somewhere that Kentucky Fried Chicken promised PETA they would kill their chickens with kindness. Animal rights activists are always trying to save animals even if it is a slimy poisonous snake.

They should care about animals. We all should. But we should make sure they are kept in their natural environment. But, some animals are meant for food.

I watched the movie Love Comes Softly. In one scene Marty chops off the head of a chicken so she can cook it for supper.

The chicken is running in circles as she runs after it with an ax in her hand. Of course the chicken has no clue he is the planned supper meal for this pioneer family. She does not give up trying to catch it. Finally she does and with nary a thought that she is “abusing an animal” she chops off its head. She then drains it blood and plucks it. She serve the dead fried chicken to her family.

They are pleased with the delicious meal. Hmm… I wonder why the good Lord made chicken taste so good if he did not want us to kill and eat them? I think they were meant for food.

God told us in the Bible what to eat and what not to eat. Some animals are definitely meant for food. But to abuse animals just because you are a sadist.. or to kill them for sport is wrong. To bring wild beasts to live among humans is wrong. To use some animals for food is not wrong.


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