Dr Hotiarre’s Take on DNA

Animation of the structure of a section of DNA...

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[Note: This blog is not intended to be racist. It is intended to expose evolution for what it is: sin. Evolution is the descent of man from God to sinning beast.]

Ladies and gentlemen we are extremely pleased to have as our distinguished guest speaker tonight Dr Fuller O Hotiarre. As you know Dr Hotiarre is so educated he is considered a phenomenon. Tonight he will speak on his astounding finding in DNA. Without further fanfare I give the floor to him now.

Dr Hotiarre:

Thank you for your amazing taste to have me for a speaker tonight. I am aware that you all know that I have received many awards for my research on evolution. Yes it is true I am proud that a smelly disgusting sex-crazed ape was my great-great-many times great- grand-daddy. In fact on my last visit to the Congo I took pictures of me and the apes. I felt like I had come home.

But tonight I want to speak on DNA and sickle-cell anemia and AIDS and cancer. Our bodies contain about 100 trillion cells. The blood in our bodies contain red blood cells that transport oxygen around our bodies. Yes our bodies that sweat as did our ancestors the ignorant smelly ugly apes. All apes are our ancestors I am proud to say.

Anyway our cells use a protein called hemoglobin to capture and carry the oxygen throughout our bodies.

Out of our 25,000 genes only a few contain the instructions for making hemoglobin proteins. The remaining genes do other stuff. But tonight I will prove again that evolution is taking place. I will make it clear that it is the strongest the smartest the fittest the most desirable that survive.

In African-Americans the disease Sickle Cell Anemia seems to favor them when in attack. Suddenly there is a mutation a change in the cell. The cell is no longer healthy but diseased. In its mutation it changes: it begins to eliminate the host body.

As you know our DNA is what identifies us. Our DNA points to us and says that is the one! It is he or she! DNA is science it cannot lie. It is fact and it is true. It is reality. DNA decides who is who. DNA is who you are. If you are not what evolution wants you must be eliminated. Your DNA decides if you live or die.

Why is this? Why is this disease prevalent in Blacks? I will tell you why. It is because the mutation deliberately occurs to eliminate this host body that once had healthy cells. It refuses the idea for that particular host body to have healthy cells. Evolution determined its DNA to have what will carry this particular disease.  It is out to kill what it does not favor. Is it because he is Black? It is because that particular disease can destroy this host easier than a non- Black host. For whatever reason evolution uses to do its dirty work. DNA favors no one but evolution does. But evolution uses DNA to determine if the host lives or dies. This is evolution.

AIDS patients take hundreds of pills a day. But just when they think they are doing better they become immune to the pills effects. They stop all pills for while. Hopefully a new pill will help. So the virus retreats and remains still and quiet. Then when a new pill is introduced the virus returns with a vengeance to kill the host body. It attacks the medicine in its determination to kill the host body.

There is something about these particular bodies evolution does not favor. So they must be eliminated.

In other words the AIDS virus remains inactive when no agent medicine is attacking it. Inactive in as much as it stops its attacks. Of course it stops its attacks. There is nothing to attack. Its focus is not only to kill the AIDS carrier. But to destroy whatever agents he sends against it to help the host.

Evolution what causes the disease is attacking evolution what made the pills; yes it is out to destroy itself.

Cancer is a word which in reality means death. For no apparent reason the cancer (death) victim begins to die.  For mysterious reasons the host body must be eliminated so death appears cell by cell. Its only objective is to kill the host body. The cancer victim’s cells began to multiply; or in truth death now is in control of the host body owning the cancer cells. Evolution eliminates by disease and death. So light is introduced in the form of a laser beam. The closest we will get to love is LIGHT a beaming strong laser of LIGHT to KILL the cancer cells (death cells)

The death cells cannot attack while being attacked by light that attacks.  Light does dispell darkness. But it is in his coded identity his DNA that decides if the host will live or die.

Death cannot be destroyed by artificial light. But to attack to destroy the death cells with LIGHT is a feeble attempt to create life out of death.

Dr Hotiarre takes his seat with a thank you.


And those who believe in evolution do all they can to prevent it from doing what it does: seek and destroy. Evolution which they claim to be science seeks to destroy itself as it destroys the very medicine science made, It fights against itself.

Eliminate what is undesirable. Why try to make people well when evolution is doing what it does to eliminate them?

The only answer for sin and death to be eliminated is through Jesus Christ.


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