Clothe the Naked is what Jesus said

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If I was to ask the Lord “What shall I do with the naked?” he would say as he said in the Bible “clothe the naked.
He did not say to clothe those already wearing clothes. He did not say to send offerings to rich preachers so they could clothe themselves in expensive designer clothes.
He said it is the NAKED he wants me to clothe. That is very clear. It doesn’t require a degree in theology to know what Jesus meant. If I asked a three-year old what he meant he would know. Jesus said clothe the naked. Naked means those who are wearing no clothes.
Nudists clearly think that the sin in Eden does not apply to them.
But sin affected the entire human race, even the universe we live in and all of nature was affected by sin. Sin being evil against good.
Nudists live in colonies because they know that their nudity is unacceptable to the majority of earth’s inhabitants.
There are six-billion people and counting in the world.
And most of us wear clothes.
Jesus commanded his followers to clothe the already clothed? No he commanded us to clothe specifically those who are wearing NO clothes: the naked.
Jesus made is clear he does not approve of public nudity. He knew that nudity is what exists when one is wearing NO clothes. But he said he commanded those who follow him to CLOTHE those who are wearing NO clothes.
He made it clear that it is the NAKED he wants clothed.
Paul asked someone in one of his epistles to bring his cloak to him when they went to where he was at. He said bring my cloak and the parchments.
Nudists go naked not because it is what the Lord wants it is because this is what they choose to do.
Most of the world inhabitants obey God in this one thing; they wear clothes. They clothe the naked and the naked would be themselves without clothes on.
Even ignorant savages in remote parts of the world try to cover themselves with something even if it is a leaf or animal skin. If they don’t it is because they are too ignorant to know that there is something available to cover  themselves with.
People running naked are sending the message to others that they assume that others want to look at their nude bodies. This is narcissism. It is judging others with the presumption that their nudity is what all the world wants to see.
This is wrong to think that your naked body is to be looked at.
God covered Adam and Eve after they sinned and began their long descent to destruction and death. Had not God promised a Messiah they would have had no hope. But when God sent them out of Eden he sent them away CLOTHED.
People who expose themselves to others in public are immediately arrested for indecent exposure. Why? Because they crossed boundaries of decency the victim set for himself according to the word of God. They are now on legal record for being a pervert. Now they cannot be trusted around those who believe that wearing clothes is a sign of sanity.
Everyone knows that if one is arrested for indecent exposure he was arrested for exposing himself to those who do not want to see his nudity. We all know that anyone arrested for indecent exposure is obviously flawed in his thinking.
Nudists may try to justify their nudity as God’s will but one scripture is all that is needed to prove them wrong.
Jesus told his followers to CLOTHE the naked. When they took down the body of the Lord after he was crucified they wrapped it in linen cloth. 
To be continued…. 

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