Another Miracle From God

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God told me one day that he was going to turn my son around. I write down every prophecy God gives me. I understood this to mean he was going to turn his life around.

A few weeks later my son called me to tell me how God miraculously intervened and saved him from death or serious injury.

Driving the many miles from his job back to his home late one night; suddenly up the highway he saw a horrible sight.

A semi-truck at a high rate of speed jackknifing out of control was headed right at him. He said he remembered saying This is the end of the road. He thought his life was about to end. There was no way out for him.

The truck was about to hit him head-on when suddenly for no apparent reason his vehicle turned completely around facing away from the truck. The truck hit him on the other side of his  vehicle demolishing it. He somehow crawled out without a scratch.

I had told him on the phone without knowing what exactly happened on the highway, that God had spoke to me about him about a month before saying he was going to turn him around. That is when he told me what happened; he said that is exactly what God did on the highway, he turned him around just in time.

God turned him around and the truck missed hitting him head-on.

God is a miracle working God and I thank him for the things he has done for me and for others.


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