God Does a Miracle


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Some years ago I begin to wheeze for no reason. Suddenly I would feel an itch in my throat and when I tried to clear it I would start wheezing so bad I thought I would not be able to breathe. Finally it would subside.

I could not speak while this was happening to me. It was awful. There was nothing anyone could do. My sons who were minor at the time became afraid when they saw this happening.

I was dreading another attack all the time. My heart began to palpitate also at this time. But I KNEW that God was with me. I also knew he had all power. I also knew I belonged to him. And I knew that he loved me and he knew that I loved him.

Some years before I had an experience with him that changed my life. He gave me a direct connection to him. I had a perfect faith in him: a gift from him. This means I hear from him all the time.

I went to a doctor and mentioned the wheezing to him. He said it was not asthma. Really he did not say anything else. He said the problem was only in my throat.

So I kept having the attacks. I would wheeze and wheeze until I was barely breathing. I had no idea how serious it was.

One night in 2010 I was home alone watching television when an attack hit me. I started wheezing. But something worse happened. My throat completely closed shut. I was in deep trouble. In other words my airway was shut and no air could get in. I could not breathe and there was nothing I could do.

I walked to the kitchen sink and stood there. I knew that I had only so much time (this describes it instead of minutes) and I was dead by suffocation..IF God did not do something. I was fully aware that he was fully aware that I was in trouble. I knew that God was right there with me and in me.

No time to go to the emergency room. I would not last that long without breathing.

Probably a minute passed with no air. No I cannot say how much time passed from the living room chair to the kitchen walk. And standing there helpless and totally looking to God. I know the brain needs oxygen. Maybe it was half a minute. I cannot really say. But my airway was closed and time was passing.

I somehow knew my  throat would not open on its own. It was swollen tightly shut. It was a scary feeling, but I knew that God knew I needed his help.

Within myself I asked him, God I need your help..please help me Lord in Jesus name. He immediately opened my throat. I was okay. I know he did it and nothing else. It did not open on its own. He opened it. But I was TERRIFIED it would happen again.

I dreaded when…but he spoke to me  a couple of days later and said I am going to heal you of that. he referred to the throat problem I had had for years. He did and no more allergies and no more wheezing.

He gave me a miraculous healing. I cannot describe my joy and peace. He is a wonderful  Savior.

God had told me about a year before (I wrote it down) that he was going to give me a new lease on life. He opening my blocked airway which was a swollen closed throat was the new lease on life he promised me.


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