Miracles God Does

Lords Prayer in Aramaic(Syriac)

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One day I was walking across my living room when God said to me, “Fast two days.” I immediately did what he said. Then he said to me, “Expect a miracle.”.. so I looked for one.

After I did the 48 hour fast as he instructed I waited.

At 6 AM the next day my phone rang. It was a close relative calling from over a thousand miles away. She was in deep trouble. I knew nothing of what I was about to hear. She said she was going in for surgery and had begged the doctor to let her call me. She wanted prayer.

She had one of the most dangerous complications of pregnancy: placenta preva. I’m not sure how it is pronounced or spelled. She needed blood and they were taking her into surgery. She insisted on the call in case she didn’t make it.

The first words I heard after I said hello was Pray for me.

I told her The Lord has already gone before you and made the crooked places straight. He had me to do a two day fast and expect a miracle.

What a Savior!

God did the miracle and she was miraculously healed.

I could tell of many miracles I have seen God do. He is real and he heals today he saves today he delivers today if we believe in him.

One of the most exciting experiences I ever had was when God transported me and my car from one place to another to save me from a car wreck as I recorded in my God Transported me blog.

God is wonderful and he is worthy of all praise and adoration .


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