God’s Plan For Us

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The story of Joseph in Genesis reveals God’s plan for us that there is no way we can miss it if we read this story from beginning to end. God has the same plan for everyone: repent and believe the gospel and take it to the lost. Heal the sick and  cast out devils. Be sure you will suffer along the way.

Joseph doesn’t try to be like anyone, nor does he compare himself to anyone who may have died for the faith, or one who prays more hours a day than he did. Nowhere does it say he asked God to show him his plan for his life. Nor did Joseph aspire to be a politician so he could save his nation from communism. He did not run off to attend a seminary to earn degrees so he could be called reverend.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. But nowhere in the Bible does a call have to possess a degree.

Joseph doesn’t try to do anything noteworthy; he simply lives his life the best he can and God does all the rest. He was just a normal 17 year old boy then God gave him a dream. He told of the dream and all his problems began. Not glory and honor and riches began, his sufferings began! Satan attacked him.

Joseph did not strive for greatness or fame. He did not wonder what he should do for God! He did not pray and fast to find the will of God for his life. He did not attend Bible classes to find out what God wanted him to do. 

He wasn’t driven by a purpose. He didn’t read the latest book by a doctor of divinity preacher to find out what were his gifts or talents. He didn’t chase God. He simply lived his life. He had no idea he would be a slave. He did not know he would spend years languishing in a prison accused of a crime he did not commit.

 He suffered and this was caused by all the sins of the others he came into contact with: after he told them of his dream. (Don’t tell people your dreams; they might do all they can to kill you or sell you into slavery)

But who was Joseph? He was a young man who trusted in God. This is who he was! This describes Joseph more than anything.

[Whoever thinks that others sins do not affect others needs to read this story]

Joseph endured being betrayed by his brothers. And through it all using all what was done to him God brought him to the exact place he wanted him to be which was to “save many people alive.”

God uses what we do and what others do good or bad to glorify himself if we trust in him. Joseph did not plan his life he simply lived a day to day existence and God used it for his glory! If we trust God no matter what may come against us God will bring us to where he can use us. No plan or purpose driven plan is needed.

Our work for God is done in the mundane toil of life, it is when we are building whatever it is we build, or preparing a meal or going to work for eight hours that God is glorified. Or tending the sheep. Even when we sleep God is working.
People who want Bibles with their names on them, ministries called by their name, or libraries and universities built in their honor are doing it for themselves…. not for God. God has no need of such things.

I’ve heard of Charles Spurgeon the so called prince of preachers (as if he is greater than the apostles who wrote the New Testament. And died for their faith) and I have heard of all these so called great Christians. Not even Peter who preached the first salvation message looked for glory and honor as do so many who profess Christ. Or the greatest theologian Paul whose knowledge of God came through revelation not from sitting at the feet of Gamaliel.

TBN had (I don’t know if they still do) a program called Christian Celebrity Showcase. Famous people who claim to be Christians appear to tell of their great worldly success. On this show they earnestly and fervently praise and worship the gods of wood and stone. To them Egypt is the place to be. Thank you Pharaoh for all you have done for me is basically their message.

TBN sends the message that going to, living in, or working in Hollywood means one has arrived. That one is successful.

God is not impressed with the world and name-droppers and social climbers have no place in the body of Christ.

God looks to the one who humbles himself. God wants repentance and God wants us to love one another. Not sit there dressed like Ahab and Jezebel in royal purple gushing and giving thanks to Babylon for how great and successful and rich you are.

Sinners can do that.

God’s plan is the same for all: repent and take the gospel to the lost. Not by taking up offerings to buy yourself things you don’t need. But heal the sick and deliver those in bondage.

God is in the soul-saving business not the business of making one rich and successful. Caesar does that for his citizens if they follow his lead.

Joseph trusted God as he lived his life. Was this God’s plan for him? It was God using what happened to Joseph that revealed his plan in the end to save many people alive. Joseph lived his life and God used it. Joseph didn’t chase God nor was he driven by purpose; he just lived his life

Live your life and trust in God and He will use you for his glory.


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