Thank God For Prophecy

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A few years ago God said to me about a close relative: ——will die young if he doesn’t repent. I immediately began to pray and beseech God not to let death happen to this much loved person. I prayed earnestly for God to save this person.

Then not speaking words as he did when he warned of this person’s future if repentance didn’t happen, he talked to my heart.

He told me and made me know exactly what he would do concerning this person. God made me know that he was going to bring —– down way down. In other words strip him and humble him. Then he told my heart he would not do well, but that he would heal him and save him.

I was so relieved and so thankful to hear this. I had peace that God would answer the prayer to save this person I had been praying for for years.

Then a few years passed and I began to hear of the misfortune befalling this person. I was not dismayed. I already knew all that would happen to this person and the outcome. I told this  person what God told me. I said this is what God said; you will die young if you do not repent. No repentance came then.

But then came a long string of bad happenings. One after the other. Stressful situations and heavy financial losses attacking this person’s life. Almost to the point of insanity came the problems for this person.

Then one day tears of genuine repentance as he surrendered his life to Jesus.

Now it is Bible study and witnessing for the Lord in this person’s life. He talks about Jesus all the time. God made the great change that was needed. He did a great work of redemption as he said he would.

I thank God for prophecy. Prophecy is so needed. It brings peace to know the end from the beginning. And for God who cares if we live or die.

“….that calls those things that be not as though they were (Romans 4:17)


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