To The Commenters Who Approve of Public Nudity

Be advised that I am done with this debate over nudity. Nothing more will be said on the sin of public nudity here. If one wants a response on nudity it will not be published here. Any other questions are fine.
The scripture is clear that we are to wear clothes because sin is now in the world. I suspect many who keep making comments asking this or that did not read my blog where everything is explained and supported by the   holy scriptures.

I have posted proof from the Bible.

It is clear that those who believe that public nudity is harmless that nudity is approved by God cannot see what the Bible says about it.

Or they refuse to see.

If someone wants to live in a nudist colony that is their choice. I for one do not agree with it because the Bible tells us to wear clothes.

All comments on the subject of public nudity will be disposed of as trash or spam since I have here said I am done with debating this.

I’m also tired of seeing my Media Gallery filled with pics of nudes: things I cannot use in my blogs.


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