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1 John 5:7 proved a forgery

“For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” is 1 John 5:7 the forgery.

(Jewish math genius shown in pic)

In a New Testament I use, In the Language of the people Charles Williams added a note V 7 not in best Mss. The truth is becoming known about the forgeries in the Bible thanks to the internet and honest scholars.

I always color the scriptures in red on my blogs. But not so with this forgery. If you look at it; how is it possible for THREE to be ONE?  God is one the Bible is clear about this. Three is three it will stay three because three is not one. It is in truth three (3) ONES.

Deuteronomy 6:4 is the holy and sacred, eternal, immutable, will never pass away, word God PERSONALLY gave to Israel. Not to so-called church fathers.

Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD:

Is one three? Is 3 1? No it cannot be. 1 is 1 is 1 is 1 is 1 and cannot be anything but what God made it to be: ONE. This is a law of math. God made everything that exists to be a one.

But a trinitarian ( I love the Trinitarians as I love the Oneness and all people) will swear that God is three persons in One God. Following that so called math then God is four. Because firstly there is one God. Now if you say that three (3) persons are in this one God, then the number four appears from the count. Three persons in one God is exactly that: 3 persons in 1 God so that adds up to four.

One day I was on my way home and the Lord begin to talk to me about math. (My daughter has a Bachelor of Science  in math not me) But I didn’t go to school to learn this.

It is about The number ONE. I read a book by a mathematician who said that to mathematicians the number two is a strange number.

He did not say why but I figured it out for myself on my way home that day.

There is no number two (2) it does not exist.  Two is simply two ones. Three is THREE Ones. Four is FOUR ones five is five ones..and so forth. Ten is ten ones.  One million is one million ones. You begin with ONE then to get to two you must add another ONE. Everything comes in a one just like our Creator is ONE.

I am one. The chair I am sitting on is one. My computer is one. The flat screen television in front of me is one. The desk on which my computer sits on is one. The keyboard I am typing on is one. My car is one. I can look the world over and will not find or see a two or a three or four. I will only see one of everything. If there are more of ONE thing it is because another ONE has been added to the ONE.

God is ONE. I am one you are one. The person next to you is one. One one one and we cannot get away from ONE (1)

If you count from 1-10 you will count 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10

But notice that as you count all you are doing is adding another ONE to the first one. Then to get to number three you must add 2 more ONES to the first one. To get number four (0nes)you must now add THREE more ones to  make four (ones) and so on. It is all about adding ones together. But a million ones will never make a million per se. It is in truth a million ONES.

And one cannot insert three ones into one and call it one. This is absurd. It is not a mystery why it cannot be done: it is as clear as it could be. In imagination it would then be four as I said earlier for three to be in one which would really then add up to four (4)

1 is 1. It is not two it is not three it is not four it is not five and it is not anything but what it is: a ONE (1) God is NOT three IN one. He is ONE.

When you add to 1 another 1 you come up with TWO ONES. However the 2 ones are now called TWO. Why? Because that is what we call two ones. We just call them TWO.

You will not get away from ONE. This is the number God made everything to be: ONE.

This is what God talked to me about that day on my way home. I had never thought of it or realized it as he made me see it. There is no such thing as THREE there are only THREE ONES that add up to THREE.

Everything comes in a ONE and God created us in his image and after his likeness. Each ONE of us is ONE person. If I add another person to me than I am not two persons. I must have another person standing next to me. Then another person can look at us and say I and my friend are two persons.

Siamese twins are two persons in one body. God cannot be compared to this. A sheep born with two heads is not two sheep but a sheep with two heads. One head extra. God cannot be compared to this either. In fact nothing can be compared to God.

The two different persons (say your friend) and you add up to two persons. Separate and distinct from each other.

But Trinitarians try to make God three when three cannot be one. He is not three since there is no such thing as a three. Three is simply three ones added to each other to make three.

You cannot take that and apply it to Deuteronomy 6:4

God is not wearing three masks. And the word person comes from the Greek word persona which simply means mask. God does not wear three masks to reveal himself.

He revealed himself to us in His Son. He is also not two. He is ONE.

Three cannot be one it is mathematically impossible.

God cannot be three it is scripturally impossible.

I understand the so called church fathers came up with a trinity because they saw; for example: where Peter said in 1 Peter 1:3

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,

..and they understood this as what? According to Trinitarians who is Peter calling blessed here? God or the Father? Peter seems not to be blessing the Lord Jesus Christ at all. But he says here God AND the Father  so is this two? Or is it two of three in the one? Peter used the determiner his  as we can see here when he identified whose mercy it was he referred to…. according to his abundant mercy. Not their abundant mercy but Peter said HIS abundant mercy. Peter here is speaking of ONE.

For more evidence see Acts 2 where he explains exactly who Jesus is.

Whose abundant mercy is Peter speaking of? God’s abundant mercy or the Father’s abundant mercy?Which is it? It is so now we have the mercy of three. Or is it two since trinitarians claim that the first person is God and the first person is the Father so now we have two first persons and no third because Jesus is the alleged second person.

Jesus called himself the Almighty in Revelation of Jesus Christ 1:8 and he called himself the Alpha and Omega and never bowed to be second to anyone or anything. Every knee will bow to Jesus name . Of things in heaven and of things in earth and beneath the earth.

If there is a first person and a third person I submit to you the scripture says they will bow to the name of Jesus.

Now in this passage it appears that Peter said here that the Lord Jesus Christ has TWO above him. One is God and the other is the Father. So now there is here 1. God and 2. the Father and 3. the Lord Jesus Christ. However God in this passage is one and the Father is one. Jesus is one. So far it is three. However the first two are the same or are they? Who is God the first person or is the first person the Father?

And the Lord Jesus Christ is the third person or the second person? Because the trinity is pagan it can be easily dismantled to be shown for what it is: a heresy passed off as truth.

The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.

To be continued in part 2

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Reverend Faith Debates Dr Hotiarre

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Thank you Dr Hotiarre and Reverend Faith for agreeing to this debate. Now let us begin:

Reverend Faith: Dr Hotiarre you are a strong believer in evolution right?

Dr Hotiarre: I am.

Reverend Faith: You believe brains evolved?

Dr Hotiarre: I know they did. Billions of years ago my brain was the brain of a great silver back. I am the proud descendant of a smelly sex-crazed grunting killing ignorant disgusting beast.

Reverend Faith: So I take it that the human brain which you say evolved got its ability to think from the time-god?

Dr Hotiarre: Well not just from the time-god. But from environment also. From billions of years of trial and error. From billions of years of death and destruction. Yes man’s brain evolved. So did his capacity to think. At one time in earth’s dark mysterious history I could not think. All I could do was grunt. So you see how far we have come thanks to the time-god.

(Dr Hotiarre suddenly falls to the floor and begins to have a spasm. He jerks and salivates. He foams and grimaces. Then strangely begins to chant a eerie sounding jungle chant as he feverishly worships the time-god.) After about five minutes he appears to come back to reality. He does not apologize for his ghastly behavior, but says worshiping the time-god is part of his religion. He struggles back to his seat and composes himself without an ounce of shame or embarrassment.)

Reverend Faith: How long do these strange outbursts last when you fall to the floor to worship your time-god?

Dr Hotiarre: I never know when I will have an episode. I never can tell when I must fall to my knees with my face to the floor to worship the time-god who after billions of years changed me from a smelly sex-crazed beast into a degree laden doctor whose knowledge knows no bounds.

Reverend Faith: Do you believe that the same brain that evolved from an ape-brain to a human-brain evolved to invent and discover new drugs and medicines?

Dr Hotiarre: I do. For example when a scientist who is fully evolved from his grunting ancestors becomes a university degree holding scientist he goes to his lab to discover the cure for many diseases.

Reverend Faith: Like AIDS for example?

Dr Hotiarre: Yes science has discovered many drugs to destroy the AIDS virus. Or at least halt its destruction.

Reverend Faith: So what you say is that evolution tries to destroy itself?

Dr Hotiarre: I don’t understand.

Reverend Faith: You say that the brain evolved. You say that this same evolved brain then seeks to discover what will destroy AIDS; such as drugs. Yet it is evolution with the help of the time-god that made the brain that discovered the drugs to destroy the virus that is killing the host body. How does this make sense? You are basically saying that evolution is trying to eliminate itself. Why does evolved man try to destroy what brought it into existence in the first place to destroy its own evolving power?

Dr Hotiarre: Well as a scientist we realize that we evolved primates are one with the universe. But as we evolve into humans we understand more and more of our origins and our purpose on this particular planet. So we use our evolved brains that reason and think to destroy what tries to destroy us by disease and sickness. Hence we discover drugs that heal and halt disease.

Reverend Faith: So evolution fights itself? Why try to destroy what evolution created only to destroy and eliminate? If evolution doesn’t favor a certain one then why cumber it along?

Dr Hotiarre: As I said we are learning what we are. What the universe is. We are learning that some things are not acceptable. Disease is not acceptable.

Reverend Faith: Obviously evolution does not agree with you. Do you believe in prevention? Such as concerning the AIDS virus. Is there a reason it came into existence? Is there a certain host type it favors when it seeks to eliminate? Why does the evolved brain invent drugs to save what evolution obviously considers unfit? Evolution is all for to destroy the unfit. Explain how the same brain that evolution made seeks to invent drugs to save what evolution deems unfit to live?

To be continued….

Dr Hotiarre Defends Evolution

Entrance to Evolving Planets

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You may speak Dr Hotiarre:

My fellow evolving creatures of planet earth; may I begin by reminding my audience that man is an evolving thing.

He is an animal. An evolving entity. In short man is a beast!

Yes at one time in a long ago age he crawled on his hands and knees searching for food. He killed and killed and killed to survive. He salivated and sweat.  He graduated to the grunt. He smelled and stunk with no shame.

He never smiled or laughed. When man was an animal he looked like an animal.

But as he evolved he suddenly because of the time-god began to own a conscience that convicted him of his murders. What could this be? How could man evolve morals? He murdered than he begins to feel conscience? How could this be?

Humans are killers. Why? because we are animals.

This is basically what we do today: we kill to survive.

I think Brother Happy mentioned that the Bible says that if we hate our brother we are a murderer.

How to murder someone is not just using the hands. Not just hands to use a gun or a knife. Murder with words. Slander them and insult them. Insult them every chance you get. And condemn them with no mercy.

Elevate yourself to a place high above them. Use every language you know to speak evil of the one you wish to kill. I guarantee it that words kill.

Brother Happy spoke of ignorance; of how we kill using words as our weapon of choice. Vicious words murderous words hurting and cutting words.

If a child hears he is stupid and worthless he is being murdered by the ignorant creature that is hurling the words at him. If an adult hears or reads evil of himself he begins to die just as God said he would.

Death is the wages of sin. Death to the murderer and death to his victim.

Yes we are killers. We are murderers. We are liars and thieves and robbers.

Hmm..according to Brother Happy every time I slander a person I use words to wound mutilate to kill. Words that can be used as a lethal weapon to utterly destroy.

Some evolve quicker and better than others as we can deduct by simple observation.

Have you ever noticed that some people look like monkeys? Of course you have?  He deserves to die. He is not fully evolved according to Darwin.

Have you ever seen a man who is arrested and charged with murder? Why? because he attacked for no reason a fellow human being. Inn his anger of beastly depravity he viciously killed him. He felt no remorse. Why? because he is a beast. A lying murdering robbing beast.

This a picture of man without God.

Man is a beast an animal who loves to do evil. He loves to curse and use profanity. He loves to indulge himself in slander and gossip of those he hates and judges. He sits and slanders the absent victim.

Man is a murderer and a thief. The same things Jesus said of Satan that he is a murderer and a thief.

Do I really commit theft when I slander another? Do I really rob them of their right to be heard? Of their right to defend themselves? If they are not present to hear me slander them than yes I am robbing them of their right to defend their reputation.

If I use vicious words to attack them with words stabbed into their back then into their heart.. I am a murderer.

So yes man is a murderer. He is a thief. He is an animal. A beast.

What but a beast would kill?

What but a beast would murder lie and run to hide?

Yes evolution proves that man evolved from a beast into a man.

But Brother Happy says the opposite: he maintains that man evolved into a beast after he sinned against his Creator.

Darwin got it backwards.

God created a man in his image and Satan marred that man and called it evolution.

God calls it sin.

How do we return to Eden. Through Christ.

NDE’s False Prophets and Counterfeit Jesus (Part 1)

Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12)

Where is this “all power and signs and lying wonders” mentioned in the above passage? In  Satan. Where is “all deceivableness of unrighteousness “? It is in them that perish. Why is it there and how did it get there? Because they received not the love of the truth. But had pleasure in unrighteousness. Then comes the strong delusion. They become deluded and believe a lie.

Leave the Bible which is the Written Word of God; and you are a sitting duck for every wind of doctrine that flies by.

Such as:

NDE”S… or so-called out-of-body flights or walks through strange places meeting “Jesus” who is “a great beam of light” who tells you he loves everyone unconditionally is a big bag of lies. Live any way you want and don’t worry because you are accepted unconditionally is not true..

The Bible is clear that God commands repentance and fruits to prove repentance took place. But many are confused as to what sin is. They assume sin is what they think it is. Sin is the transgression of the law. What law? God’s law. What is God’s law? The law he gave to Israel at Sinai.

These so-called moves of God where things take place that are not Biblical are not from God. No matter how it may look like God; if it contradicts his written word the Bible we can be sure it is not God.

The Bible is our Canon.

Or so-called messages from God to an unsaved person which message is in total contradiction to the written word of God? Or one declaring that the NDE’s are the absolute proof that all we need is “love”. That NDE’S prove that no matter what one does, or thinks, it is alright with God.

None of this is from God. NDE”S prove nothing. Nowhere in the Bible does it say we are to depend on anything but what God said in his recorded word. In fact it curses anyone who says otherwise.

God will never contradict his own written word the holy Bible. Leave the Bible and you are wide open to demonic attack.

In Matthew 24…Jesus said “take heed that no man deceive you for many shall come in my name saying I am Christ and shall deceive many. Great sings and wonders will be shown to deceive. It is happening as never before.

Does God really love us unconditionally? If he did there would have been no need for the Cross where Jesus shed his blood to save us from our sins.

Jesus is the condition that must be met for God to have anything to do with us. Repentance is a must; a command from God. Read what Peter said to those on the day of Pentecost: Repent and be baptized.  Read what Paul told the Philippian jailer: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. And what Philip told the Ethiopian eunuch: If you believe and then he baptized him. People need to be saved from their sins.

Sin will never enter heaven. It is a holy place and will not tolerate anything that is unclean. God does not tell every sinner who dies that he is loved unconditionally. In other words no repentance is needed is the message many say Jesus told them to bring back after they left here for while.

What is happening when a woman “reports” that she met Jesus and he had sex with her to fulfill all her fantasies? If she had all her fantasies fulfilled it was Satan who accommodated her not Jesus Christ.

Don’t they know that Satan is the prince of the air? The air is infested with demonic beings (fallen angels) who are quite capable of transforming themselves into angels of light.

Feelings are relied on to determine the mind of God by many. If it feels good it must be God. But feelings are not what we can depend on.

This is why God gave Israel the Law at Sinai. So they will know that EVEN if it does feel good; if God says it is sin it is sin.

Paul even went so far as to say that even if an angel from heaven comes and preaches any other gospel than the one the apostles preached let him be accursed. (See Galatians 1:8)

It is what God said not what we think or feel

Church of Naked People

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A church in Ivor, Virginia thinks it is okay to go to church without clothes on. They believe this is fine with God. 

The Bible teaches no such thing that is is okay to go to church, or anywhere for that matter: naked. The demoniac in the Bible was a nudist. But after the Lord cast the devils out of him he left being a nudist.

Then they went out to see what was done; and came to Jesus, and found the man, out of whom the devils were departed, sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid. (Luke 8:26-39) (Also look in Mark 5 and Matthew 8 )

 “Then they sailed to the country of the Gerasenes, which is opposite Galilee. When Jesus had stepped out on land, there met him a man from the city who had demons. For a long time he had worn no clothes, and he had not lived in a house but among the tombs. When he saw Jesus, he cried out and fell down before him and said with a loud voice, “What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I beg you, do not torment me.” For he had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. (For many a time it had seized him. He was kept under guard and bound with chains and shackles, but he would break the bonds and be driven by the demon into the desert.) Jesus then asked him, “What is your name?” And he said, “Legion,” for many demons had entered him.

When this man was demon possessed he was a nudist. But when the Lord cast the devils out of him he put clothes on.

Sitting at the feet of Jesus CLOTHED AND  IN HIS RIGHT MIND.

The Bible equates wearing clothes to being in your right mind.

Also God himself made clothes for Adam and eve to wear after they sinned.

God Impressed Me Says David Barton (Part 1)

Vexilloid of the Roman Empire.

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In Barton’s 1988 book America: To Pray Or Not To Pray? he says what got him started: “In July 1987, God impressed me to do two things. First, I was to search the library and find the date that prayer had been prohibited in public schools. Second, I was to obtain a record of national SAT scores (the academic test given to prospective college-bound high school students) spanning several decades. I didn’t know why, but I somehow knew that these two pieces of information would be very important.”

God impressed him? What a thing to say. Never in my life have I ever taken an impression seriously who knows if it is true or not. There is such a thing as imagination. Something God tells us to cast down. Man’s thoughts will never agree with God’s This is why we must go by what the Bible says.

This is taken from Wikipedia about the late Earl Paulk: Mona Manning Brewer came to the church at the age of 19, four years after her conversion to Christianity. She was a Sunday School teacher who married Bobby Brewer, a minister at the church, in 1987. She was also featured regularly as a soloist on Paulk’s television program. Brewer claimed that on September 11, 1989; Paulk felt “‘impressed of the Lord’ to get to know her better”.  She stopped by his office the next day, becoming a regular visitor. She alleged that a church official stated that there had been a “word of knowledge” claiming that she was about to enter a new relationship that would benefit her. That relationship became an extramarital affair that lasted 14 years.

Impressions are not from God and cannot be trusted.

Also saying “to pray or not to pray” when Jesus said men are to pray always and not faint.

His book title alone is contrary to the word of the Lord.

Luke 18:1 says, “And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint.”

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17)

This is how faith comes; by HEARING the word of God. Nothing about impressions. Hear and it must be the word of God we hear. And it absolutely must agree with the Bible. .  Did Barton hear the word of God? No because the word of God is not impressions. God’s word does not produce I ,or I feel, or I feel impressed as guiding light.

The same Jesus who stood before Pilate and said “My kingdom is not of this world.” did not tell  Barton to look up SAT scores. The same Jesus who was crucified by the government did not tell him such a thing.  Dominionists (Reconstructionists) say so. But the apostles say the opposite.

God is in the soul saving business. Jesus died to save the lost from their sins. Never did he promise riches or degrees for your name. Never did he say he would give us anything the world offers. He promised us eternal life in paradise with him IF we follow him.

“As thy days, so shall thy strength be;”—Deuteronomy 33:25.

Does Barton think America is better than Israel who received this..what you basically and precisely need I will exactly provide..promise from God?

Manna falling from heaven was not what the Egyptians were eating. God’s people always suffer and they are always hated. Not admired and looked up to. If anyone takes up his cross to follow Jesus be sure he will suffer persecution and be hated of all men for the Lord’s sake. Jesus said his followers will be persecuted not crowned with degrees and laurels at universities who graduate heathens and atheists.

Barton is spreading the lie that America is the favored nation of God implying no other nation matters to God. When in truth Christ died to save the lost.

There are people who do not know God and are rich, educated, and successful. Living for Jesus is not of this world. It was the rich man who went to hell not poor Lazarus. I read of a man who attended a college to learn theology and ended up hating God. Another earned several theology degrees and now denies God even exists. His books are best sellers. This information can be found right on the Internet.

Has Barton never heard of Rome? Babylon? Greece? Persia? Egypt? All these nations were great but this didn’t mean they were favored by God. Or educated.  Studying the Roman empire will learn how great God allows pagan nations to grow.

Rome ruled for a thousand years. Today it is still ruling under the name of America. See Revelation of Jesus Christ 13 and find America. Rome suffered its deadly wound in 476 AD when it tried to mix its pagan idolatrous ways with the holiness of God. But its deadly wound was healed in 1776.

Continued in Part 2

God and Prophecy

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Prophecy. What is it? It is the word of God. It cannot will not fail.

In ancient times the Hebrew prophets were men who never got it wrong. They preached to their generation for the people to repent. To turn to God in humility and deep sorrow for their sins. Never did they teach that if one does what God says he will immediately begin to acquire riches and wealth.They saw what the problem was.  These is why they were called seers. They had 20/20 spiritual vision.

They saw what was there.  They saw what people needed to do and why; Repent. They told the people exactly what was coming if they did not repent. They did not study trends and somehow were able to figure out what would happen next if the people did not repent. God told them exactly what he would do to the sinners if they did not repent. It happened as the prophets said to the jot and tittle. Many of their prophecies are still coming to pass. And will still in the future come to pass.

But also within their preaching were prophecies of the coming Messiah.

But there are many false prophets that preach today money and wealth instead of repentance. Give to them and God will give to you.

Consider this: There are rich people out there who give nothing to God and his kingdom. So what does this say? It says that one does not have to give to God to be rich and prosperous. These false prophets are basically saying to us that Hollywood Celebrity can be rich without giving to God. But Christian must give to God to acquire the same things Hollywood Celebrity did without giving to God.

The world is rich and prosperous and it has nothing to do with serving God.

And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth. (Luke 12:15)

Nor did the prophets go around telling people what they wanted to hear. Their message was always about repentance and returning to God. Their preaching was leading to the appearance of Messiah. Prophets will always preach and teach what will bring you to God. If you obey it will bring you to his salvation. If you do not obey it will bring you to his judgment.

You will not pass go and you will not collect $200.

Prophets knew that the only way for the people’s lives to improve was for the people to do exactly what God said. Do what God says and you will be happy. Don’t do what God says and you will suffer judgment. This was the prophet’s message. Do or die. No in-between clauses were found in their messages. It was simple. Return to God or be destroyed.

That is simple to understand. It was like in ancient times when Israel was traveling God told them when the cloud moves you move. When it stands still you stand still. God made it so simple a child could understand. He has not changed.

But today there are prophets out there who tell the people exactly what they want to hear. Nothing but good will come to you if you give to their ministry. Granted God always honors anything done for him. But woe to the ministries that are giving to Caesar what belongs to God.

It is important to know the difference.

There is the law of probability. There is always a chance of a so-called prophesy coming to pass. A prophet says that tomorrow you will get a visit from a person who will write you out a check for the amount you need to meet your bills. If God did not say that there is still a chance of that happening. How?

Well the one who made the prophecy can bring it to pass themselves. They can call a friend and tell them to do exactly what the prophecy prophesied. They can say to their friend..go to this person I prophesied to and write them a check. Or I will be seen as a false prophet.

Prophets can go to a government leader and prophesy; Thus says the Lord..You will be re-elected. There is a fifty-fifty chance of that prophesy coming to pass. This prophecy is still not from God even if the  prophet told the exact number of votes the leader will get. It is not a prophecy from God if the prophet does not tell the wicked person to repent of their sins and to follow Jesus. Not follow God whoever you imagine her/him to be as the new age gurus teach. But as the scriptures say follow Jesus.

Many false prophets are gone out into the world to deceive those who do not know ONE thing; the Holy Scriptures. If one does not know the Holy Scriptures he is a sitting duck for the devil to deceive.

And what do the false prophets damage besides their own reputations? Others faith in what is true. If a prophet says that a prophecy can be obtained from God if you leave an offering that should set off a loud alarm that the prophet is false.

Jesus said many MANY false prophets will arise and deceive many. But according to the false prophets there are no false prophets..anyway not them. But what Jesus said is true when he told of to beware of false prophets.

If a prophet does not warn you of coming judgment IF you do not repent of your sins…you can be sure he is false.