Heresy Hunting

Satan on his way to bring about the downfall o...

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If anyone teaches a heresy then he is a heretic.

Heretics only teach heresies.

Kenneth Copeland told Paul Crouch the biggest loser in the universe was God. He said this is true because God lost Lucifer to sin and he lost Adam and Eve to sin. God lost the world to sin.

He went on and on with this heresy he imagined.

The truth is God didn’t lose anything.

The losers were Lucifer and Adam and Eve. The earth and any person that disobeys God. These are the losers not the Lord.

Christ is life not loss. God is love not loss. It is man that loses if he rebels against God.

But since Kenneth Copeland switched allegiance from God to himself his mind imagines new heresies.

In his heretic mind God is the loser not Satan.

But God is God and he will stay God no matter how many heresies  Copeland imagines.


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