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America Is Not A Christian Nation

David Barton is trying to nail jelly to his wall builders wall by spreading the notion that America is a Christian nation. Christians do not make a habit of committing sin. America does. Sin is America’s worst habit.

Whoever is born of God does not commit sin; for his seed remains in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. (1 John 3:9)

If Barton thinks that God saves nations, which he does not, he saves individuals who come to him in repentance, than why does America sin if it is a Christian nation? Because no one is perfect?

Be you therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. (Matthew 5:48)

Nowhere do the apostles teach that nations do not commit sin. God saves sinners not nations. He died for the human race.

For it became him, for whom [are] all things, and by whom [are] all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings. (Hebrews 2:10)

We are made perfect through suffering not by possessing the greatest military on earth. Again if that were true as James Dobson implies that the more people you can kill with your army and weapons is a sign of God’s grace (favor), then all conquerors through the ages like Attila the Hun which was said of him, that the ground where his army of cutthroats thundered grass never grew again were favored men of God.

Barton thinks as so many that might is right and money is evidence of God’s grace. I was disappointed to read that James Dobson of Focus on the Family said that God favors America because he gave it the greatest military in the world.

So did God favor all the nations that totally decimated the Israelites and destroyed their temple and carried them away to pagan nations? These wicked nations had the military genius and power to overthrown God’s people Israel and they did.

What the world wants is no suffering. Let me into the kingdom of God without suffering. Let me in there with my accumulated wealth and riches. Let me in there to rule with my bombs. Please don’t ask me to suffer as a Christian. Once it was a shame to be a Christian now it is something to be proud of.

And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name. (Acts 5:41)

America is as ancient Rome and Greece in their worship of many gods IE: food, money, fame, beauty, youth, sex and the list goes on of the many gods America worships. Mostly the god of self. In any nation.  Zeus and Baal were small compared to the god of self. When they weren’t bowing to Mars and Jupiter they were bowing to Zeus.

America is even as old pagan Babylon. Their only goal on earth was to SIN. To tattoo their entire body with one word:  SIN. Yes one can be wicked and prosper as did old Babylon and the famed Roman empire. Ask the Hebrew prophet Jeremiah who asked God in all his sufferings and discouragement, as he preached to Israel to repent, seeing the enemy live rich; why do the wicked prosper?

Righteous are you, O LORD, when I plead with you: yet let me talk with you of your judgments: Why does the way of the wicked prosper? why are all they happy that deal very treacherously? (Jeremiah 12:1)

Barton tries to advance the lie that America is great because it is holy.  That greatness and holiness are synonymous. That all the  founding fathers were professing Christians. Even if they were; following that logic that prosperity and greatness is holiness, then Rome was the most consecrated place on earth and its emperors were all men of faith and love. Was there any army greater than the Roman legions?

If greatness means God’s favor according to James Dobson reasoning, then all the ancient kingdoms that God overthrew in his anger were all righteous. Egypt was pagan and was great. And Egypt had no problem making the Israelites slaves for over four hundred years.  Furthermore..Egypt managed to keep the Israelites slaves for over four hundred years. They did it with whips and hard labor. So why would any people submit to such treatment? Why didn’t ancient Israel fight back? Didn’t they have any whips? Chariots?

Why were the enemies of Israel able to sweep right in take over and rule over them? Did not Israel have any means of defending themselves against these armies?

The Bible teaches the exact opposite of what Barton says. Barton’s presentation is that America is great because of its Christian heritage. Then James Dobson says that the proof America is favored by God is its weapons of mass destruction that God provided.  The notion that the humble Nazarene Jesus who was crucified by the mighty Romans, coerced by the steeped in tradition hypocrite stone carrying Jews, today provides weapons of mass destruction to destroy the very people he died to save is saying that God thinks like man. It is absurd and a great insult to a loving God who sent his Son to die for sinners to present God as a serial killer.

Then why was Israel the chosen nation of God so easily carried away to nations that held them captive if great armies is a sign of God’s favor?

And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did? 55 But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. 56 For the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.

According to the Bible all the armies that defeated Israel were used of God to punish Israel not because he favored those nations by providing them weapons of mass destruction to defeat Israel.

Does America trump Israel? Is it because America is now Israel? The Israel of God? Why would God forsake his people? Paul says he did not. (Romans 11) But some say that the church based in America  is now Israel the Israel of God.

Yet the apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans says that he is a Jew and an Israelite. He is both. Though he was a Jew and an Israelite he was a Christian. He said God has not cast away his people.

1948 Israel is a modern-day sign that God did not cast away Israel. Fake Israel? Israel it is Israel and God will use it to accomplish his purpose for them and the world. Despite the gainsayers.

Of course we know that God punished Israel for its sins. This is the reason they suffered defeat. This is why they went into captivity. So are we to deduct that America is being used of God to punish nations? Now Israel is under another name America and is being used of God to punish other nations? Why else the great military? Why did Rome have the greatest military of its time? because it was favored by God? Then Egypt was favored also and so was Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great. If ruling over others by the means of deadly weapons than all the wicked nations of the ancient world were favored by God.

Yet the God of the Bible is always for the underdog.

Persia and Greece all great and all pagan. All  idolatrous nations that knew not Yahweh according to Barton’s thinking were righteous and this explains their greatness.

See what Barton is doing here by his lies that this nation is Christian, that the founding fathers were consecrated men of God? He is telling God and the world that if you prosper it is a sign of God’s favor. Any nation that does not have a great military and modern technology is not favored by God is Barton and Dobson’s thinking. The gist of their message is that God wants those nations destroyed not saved by the blood of his Son.

That greatness is holiness. That having the biggest gun is the favor of God.

What did Jesus say about this  notion that if you prosper it means God is blessing you for your holiness?

And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consists not in the abundance of the things which he possesses. (Luke 12:15)

If being rich and great is a sign of God’s favor then why did the rich man go to hell? Riches and prosperity have nothing to do with what God said of Christianity. It was Lazarus that God blessed and delivered from his torment

Behold, the nations [are] as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance: behold, he takes up the isles as a very little thing. (Isaiah 40:15) It is Christ who is holy not nations. Nations are to him a drop in a bucket.  America is just part of that drop.

The rich man went to hell not because he was rich but because he was a self-absorbed egomaniac who thought it was all about him. He refused to be saved and he refused to love even the least that was among him and his ilk.

To him one of the least was Lazarus the beggar. To the rich man Lazarus was a loser in life because he was not rich and educated. He was a poor beggar who begged for crumbs that fell from the rich man’s table. That is pretty pathetic to be as Lazarus was. Sores on his body that the dogs came and licked. Jesus did not say that Lazarus chased the dogs away from licking his sores. He just laid there and begged. The rich man just sat there and gorged himself with all the fine foods he could afford while dressed in purple.

Sounds like some of these false prophet preachers on television who take money from others so they could live themselves like rich men while the beggar Lazarus nations lay at their feet and beg for crumbs to eat.

What judgment is coming to them for their great and mighty sins when Jesus who died for all men to be saved tells them Depart from me I never you. I was in prison I was sick and I was poor and you never lifted one finger to help me. When Lord when did we do this to you will these hypocrites ask him. They are so blind to their own sins that they do not even see they are  the people Jesus referred to.

As someone said…Ask not for whom the bell tolls it tolls for thee.

Americans need to repent as do the Russians and Norwegians….in other words sinners need to repent.

The Israelites were the chosen nation of God. If God did not give them a great military to destroy men and nations where does that leave the rest of the nations that did not bring Christ into the world? Russia has a great military and so does North Korea. So does Iran and other nations. So does this mean that when we see nations acquire great destroying weapons it means that God is smiling on them?

How foolish to think that God creates weapons to destroy the very ones he sent his Son to save. Jesus said he did not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them. (NT) He told them You know not of what manner of spirit you are. So why would God give weapons of mass destruction to kill the very ones he died to redeem? The Bible says clearly that men are wise to do evil. (OT) God also said that men are the inventors of evil things. (OT) If the atomic bomb is not evil what is?

Only God is right and only he has might and only he is love.

To declare America favored by God than we must declare all the ancient pagan idolatrous heathen nations as favored by God. Rome with its millions of gods being the most loved and favored by God because of its greatness is the logic Barton thinks by.

To be continued….probably to edit


Atheist (8)

Hi again Atheist and thanks for coming tonight. As I mentioned to you in our emails last night you will be questioned about the mind. Where did it come from? How did it evolve. Of course you know that I do not agree with one thing you have said about anything else you’ve offered here. I do not believe the universe or earth is billions of years old. I am sure it is only a few thousands years old because of documented evidence.  I certainly don’t believe humans evolved from different beasts over billions of time because of time’s magical powers. Before Genesis one, anything said what happened then, is hearsay. Anyway I respect your right to believe whatever you believe. I am sure God created man in his image and he called him Adam. Let us begin…

CS-Theist: How does evolution account for the mind?

Atheist: It simply evolved along with everything else. We believe that emotions and thoughts are just the result of the big emotional and mental bang. You see when the big bang happened, an incredible amount of energy was released from the center of it. The ability to think was among the treasure distributed to wherever it happened to explode . You know the time-god is not compassionate its purpose if you could call it purpose is simply whatever.

CS-Theist: You misunderstand the question or I did not make myself clear. I refer to the hairy smelly beasts you insist were our ancestors. Did they have a mind?

Atheist: Yes they did but it was limited to grunting. They had no idea to move their tongue to form words since there were no words to form. They  simply grunted. Try grunting and notice it requires no movement of the tongue.

CS-Theist: Brilliant observation on the part of evolutionists that no words existed to be formed. Well..why didn’t the creatures make some up? Anything even if it was just Let’s go hunting?

Atheist: Their mind was there but it was completely blank. They lived by instinct. As I said earlier most of their time was used looking for food. But since as you said earlier they probably committed cannibalism, they probably did resort to eating each other when no food was available.

CS-Theist: By the way what food was available besides they eating each other? And don’t forget to explain how the mind formed.

Athirst:  They ate grass and leaves, fruit and if they were able to outrun them, they caught raccoons and porcupines and ate those too. I’m sure they ran after foxes and coyotes and wolves to eat them. When they weren’t doing that they were multiplying and having baby beasts….all the while their minds were evolving. Why the earth turns on its axis in perfect tune from the get-go and humans took billions of years to evolve I have not a clue.

Cs-Theist: Porcupines? Uh..okay. I can see the quills sticking out of their face now. Truly the world you describe is horrible beyond belief. There must have been blood all over the place with the smell of decaying flesh and the stench of death. And to think this went on for billions of years is gruesome and sick to say the least. These beasts you describe did they possess any tenderness? Or is it as I suspect they were capable of nothing but murder and cannibalism? Sounds to me these disgusting creatures were deserving of death by any method. I  recall Yahweh commanding the Israelites to utterly destroy the Canaanites. These disgusting people were engaging in sexual perversions to have babies to offer them to demons. Archaeologists have found all the proof of this. Baby after baby after baby dead while they worshiped demons. And this was about six thousand years ago. We have authentic documentation for this. The earth turns on its axis without a flaw because the same God who set that going is the same God who made man in his image in Eden just a few thousand years ago.

Atheist: Well imagine what happened billions of years ago. I know evolution has no documentation to prove these hairy creatures existed but they had to have existed when you go backward into time considering the progress of man has been gradual and slow. We keep improving so it follows that there was a time we were brute beasts.

CS-Theist: I would not call a few thousand years slow progress. Just a short time ago we discovered many things such as electricity. America is only a few hundred years old and look how far we have come. What concerns me is the dead bloody smelly bodies of numberless creatures who supposedly lived. Would there not be some clue they were here? Anything? There is nothing.

Atheist: Well look at the Hebrews. Is there any clue they were here? They left behind no buildings, no works of art, no nothing. How do we know that Abraham Isaac and Jacob were real people? Egypt left the pyramids. Greece left us their knowledge and other nations have left many artifacts that proves they existed.

CS-Theist: Hello? We have the Bible and Jesus the Christ. We have over 5000 manuscripts of the Greek New Testament. We have the Dead Sea Scrolls. Israel is with us today and they live in their homeland since 1948. And even if a million mistakes are found in the copies of the New Testament we know that Jesus was the Word made flesh. And he said that all the Law and the prophets hang on this: Love your neighbor as yourself.

Atheist: Hearsay is all it is. In contrast; what evolution has discovered thanks to the great naturalist Darwin we now know that the Bible is a myth.

CS-Theist: The myth? the original myth has nothing to do with the Bible. The myth is the what originated with the ancients who worshiped the sun and moon, the rain and the stars. This was before God called the idolater Abram out of Ur of the Chaldees. When the rain watered these ancient people’s crops and made them grow, they worshiped the rain which they saw as one of the good gods. If the rains destroyed their crops they then believed the rains had become angry or evil, so to appease the rain they offered up gifts on altars. You know that is why so many ziggurats are found all over the world. They built them to offer sacrifices to the god that they saw as friendly. If the sun warmed them they worshiped it. But if it burned their skin they  thought it was angry so they offered up sacrifices to appease it. They worshiped anything they saw as greater than they were. If something seemed to have power over them they saw it as a god. It is still happening today as in when some people worship celebrities or money or anything they see as greater or better or richer than they are. Not all people do this only those who see them as gods.

Atheist: But back to the mind; when the hairy smelly beasts were hungry or wanted to multiply by mating with female beasts, which was all the time they did not think. They moved according to their feelings. They took what they wanted with not a thought of anything. They did not think, their brains were not developed to think, they only felt, and did whatever it took to satisfy their animal beastly lust for self-gratification.

CS-Theist: On that we agree that the mind is separate from feelings. Instinct is not the thinking mind. Living by instinct is animalistic. It is not of God. God told us to think, and he told us how to think, and what to think. Because he knows our feelings will get us into trouble. So he gave us the law of Moses to guide our minds to think only those things that will make us happy. The Law of Moses guides us to do things that are in order with God so we will worship no God but Yahweh. This is why God told us what to do and what not to do. All you have said merely confirms that humans are by nature beastly. But God calls it sin and sin is the transgression of his law. The Bible is civilized while the story of evolution is laden with sorrow and pain and unheard of amounts of blood and disgusting entities who had no goal in life, nothing but their teeth and lust to shed more blood.

Atheist: The mind slowly evolved over billions of years. Before that it was part of the big scheme of things. It was as I said part of the big bang. Then it began to localize into individual brains.

CS-Theist: So you say it localized into individual brains? What came first the brain or the skull? What looked for the other? Did the skull look for a brain or did the brain look for a skull to reside in? Sound pretty far-fetched to me.

Atheist: The brain found the skull after billions of years of time had passed. The brain could not think yet it had to go through time. Time had to pass before anything could evolve.

CS-Theist: This is your answer then; that the brain evolved without a mind than after billions of years, the mind found the skull and got in it than it began to think? So it was wandering around in space looking for a home?

Atheist: Yes you could say that. It was part of the big bang explosion than after time had passed it finally found its place in the universe which was inside a skull and brain.

CS-Theist: And what determined which skull it landed in?

Atheist: Again it was sheer chance. If so and so got a smart mind it was the luck of the draw of the universe. If the mind was not so smart it was simply how it went. The strongest survive.

CS-Theist: So the strongest mind survived and was able to choose what skull it entered? Why did not this happen for the hairy beasts? Why were they excluded from this great scientific expedition into the unknown?

Atheist: They were not considered fully human yet. They were merely experiments that time used and discarded on its way to here to almost perfect humans. Remember there must always be sacrifice for victory. The beasts were  sacrificed so we could be here. We owe them alot.

CS-Theist: Yes the time-god is evil. Evolution’s time-god and I borrow from a famous atheist Richard Dawkins these adjectives he used in this order… is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; petty, unjust, unforgiving, control freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty, ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully. As for sacrifice I am so glad Jesus sacrificed himself to give us victory.

My Guest Mr Atheist (4)

Wet Season storm at night, Darwin

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CS-Theist: So how does time create? You almost make it sound like evolutionists have a time machine they put everything in so it can change into whatever fits their theory.

Atheist: Well..after so much time people adapt to their environment, you know they change to fit in. Time does work like a change-machine. Given enough time things change as different forms of life adapt to whatever situation it finds itself in.  Darwin discovered this amazing fact.  Billions of years ago there were no real humans, there were only savage crawling grunting beasts, but after a billion years had passed, the savage beast began to adapt to his surroundings. After a few billion more years passed he learned how to make fire to cook the fish he caught for example, he learned by trial and error. He finally learned how to walk on two feet instead of four.This process took billions of years to occur. Billions of years and we know this by dating rocks and stuff.

CS-Theist: Dating rocks? Like granite for example? But the ring halos testify differently to what you claim. ? Anyway….Adapt you say? Time worked this magic? So according to your argument a person doesn’t need to be fitted for eyeglasses he simply will adapt to his inability to see if given a billion years to adapt. Why are people still having vision problems? decaying teeth? Dying bodies? The Bible answers all this and so far you have not offered anything to this debate except that time did it all. How many beasts were there? Apparently millions had to have died under such harsh conditions, yet according to you out of these beasts some had enough intelligence to survive? What determined this? Where did this intelligence originate? Why did it appear? There has to be a reason. I myself do not believe things just happened. I wish you had more information. Could you explain why humans cannot adapt to darkness and pain and loneliness? Also why couldn’t he adapt to hunger instead of hunger becoming starvation than killing him? Why can’t he adapt to freezing weather such as is found in Antarctica? Why do some things kill him while other things help him? Why must he die from no food instead of adapting to eating no food? Why must he have warmth and most of all why must he need love? What caused this?

Atheist: No one knows it just happened that way as time passed. Time worked its magic and things just came into being. Time decided everything. I think some can adapt to loneliness and pain and darkness...given enough time. But we finally found a way to make light as in when we made candles and lamps so we could see in the darkness. We learned to accept things we could not change such as learning we must eat or we will die of starvation. It was all  trial and error. Darwin was the world’s greatest genius he discovered that we came from animals. But given billions of years we can change into humans. We have billions of fossils to prove this. Why they manufactured the Pilt-Down man to deceive the world is strange when there are literally billions and billions of fossils out there proving that man changed from a wild hairy grunting animals into a civilized modern-day man who eats with a fork.

CS- Theist: No one knows it just happened that way is not an answer. The Bible tells us why this is so. Evolution cannot. But you say it just happened that way. Can you imagine an accused person telling a judge he didn’t know why he murdered so and so it just happened that way?  Your answers lack scientific data.  So far you have not explained the who what when where why and how of anything. All your answers are time did it and it just happened that way. Being an empiricist I need solid and scientific data so I can understand. Time machines just are not my idea of an explanation why the human race is as it is. So you think it is great that we so-called evolved from beasts?

Atheist: Well not exactly what I meant. But this explains why there is savageness in all of us.  We are basically wild animals. Everyone is suspect of doing wrong. Well wrong as we call it now but billions of years ago they didn’t see it as wrong when they killed other humans to survive. They engaged in cannibalism, sexual perversions, and all sorts of uncivilized things just to survive. IE: If they stood at a river full of crocodiles and one of them was grabbed by a crocodile that dragged it in and ate it, his companions would just laugh instead of feeling sorrow and pain. They saw it as all animals do as simply life twists and turns.

CS-Theist: Oh? Sounds like you’re describing the ancient Canaanites whom God ordered the Israelites to kill without mercy because they were engaging in these exact things; cannibalism and sexual perversion. They were behaving as does the beasts. You are describing the very people God suffered not to live.  Yet you accuse God of being a bad God for killing these beasts. You are also describing modern-day man. He kills and he does it in various ways such as in wars,  or some get up close and personal, by strangling, shooting, beating other humans to death than lie about it. We don’t kill these killers now but arrest and lock them up for being out-of-order. Much of what you describe  sounds to me like Old Testament methods God employed to rid the world of those disobedient to the laws of God. Yet atheists continually criticize God for doing this, yet this is what you describe. Of course there were no billions of years involved but a few thousand. The very idea that the earth is billions of years old is absurd. Your so-called dating has been thoroughly refuted as in the halo rings found in granite which study proves evolution did not could not have happen.

Atheist: Everything I told you is scientific data. Evolution is a science. Darwin changed the world for the better because of his discovery that we all came from some lower form of life. We came from the same life form that cockroaches did. Anything that has life in it  is related to everything else with life in it. Man is nothing but a beast of the field and forest. He is an ape in many ways.

CS-Theist: And you don’t see the Bible as the answer to our beastly situation?

Atheist: No I don’t The Bible is nothing more than an outdated book written by ignorant goat-herders.

CS-Theist: A serious charge against what most of the world believes; that the Bible is the word of the living God. Explain your position and please provide proof. This time trick just doesn’t work for me. Science is logic, it is reason, it is precise indisputable data, and so far you have said nothing except that time created a universe for no apparent reason, with no purpose no goal it just simply happened as time passed. I just cannot accept that as science.

To be continued….

Guest Atheist (3)

Well…my time is up, so let us hear now from creation science theist as he debates atheist on what is time and how it does or does not have power to create.

CS-Theist: So please provide evidence that time has existed for zillions of years. Since recorded history only goes back to Eden there is no evidence time has existed beyond that. Documentation is evidence and the evidence we have is provided in the holy Bible, which records the genealogy of Jesus Christ. His ancestry is recorded through son, after son, after son, until it reaches the first man Adam. The Bible says that God personally himself created Adam. Right before that he said and he saw and that was that.

Atheist: We have proof by all we have discovered such as tons of fossils. Transitional fossils that show something turning into something else. There are fossils showing the evolution of goo into beast into ape into grunting half-man-half-animal to thinking man.  How would you explain Neanderthal man? He was an ancient grunting smelly  hunter gatherer. He was ignorant and his only instinct was to survive. His time was spent looking for food besides of course having more Neanderthal people. He is dated back to billions of years.

CS-Theist: My question was about time. Provide evidence that time has existed for billions of years.  Did time exist before the goo appeared? If so where is your evidence? Some evolution scientist who doesn’t believe in God saying it did is not evidence. Time is what we are living in right now. Time began at Genesis one where it says..”In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth….” That prepositional phrase there “in the beginning” is when time began and so did the human race. Heavens and the earth is space and matter. Claiming time existed billions of years is no claim at all since there is no proof. No evidence. No documentation.

Atheist: The universe is old and there is proof for that. I’ll get to that.

CS-Theist: If there was don’t you think there would be a record of it? You know someone would have written it down somewhere. Why is there no record of it? Why is evolution all guesses and theories with no written record? I know the evolutionists have been writing down their theories even as Darwin did for quite some time now. But the fact remains the Bible record came before their so-called records. There are hundreds of manuscripts of the Greek New Testament. There are the Dead Sea Scrolls. But nothing exists in all the records of the world that proves the earth is billions of years old.

Atheist: We have dating methods such as Uranium-thorium-lead dating. We have Potassium-argon dating along with Rubidium-strontium dating and so on. With these incredible methods we c an actually determine how old a fossil is, how old the earth, is how old the universe is.

CS-Theist: Time. My question is about time. If you claim that time has existed for billions perhaps trillions of years than why is there no proof for this? Why is that the records theists have have existed for millennia; in other words the ancients wrote down what they saw and experienced and preserved it for us who would come after. Why didn’t your ancient atheists do the same? Why would they neglect something so important as knowing the earth was billions of years old and writing it down? On a rock, a leaf, anything to tells us. Didn’t they have the intelligence to record any of their discoveries? But here you say you know all this simply because someone said so? I need evidence. I am an empiricist and must have proof. Can you imagine being an attorney and having nothing to present the court except a guess or a theory? You would be a laughing stock and the judge would not take you seriously. He no doubt would see you as mentally challenged.

Atheist: I have proof and will present it during the course of this debate. As for the grunting beasts keeping records. Actually they did not, could not. How could they write anything down when all they knew to do was grunt? They grunted, they multiplied, they ate,they slept they died and their fossils are with us today. Remember they were still walking on all fours. They had not evolved to even walking upright. Before that they were apes and before that they were crawling salivating heinous looking beasts and before that nothing but sticky goo on a distant shore waiting for time to do its creative miracles on them. They needed time and time would not disappoint.

CS-Theist: Do you realize what you’re saying? You’re saying that after billions upon billions of years nothing existed but grunting savage entities whose only instinct was to look for food and multiply? That time as the great creator you claim it to be did nothing for billions of years for these half-man-half animal things but make them grunt? Then die? Tell me how your time god can create a universe that operates according to flawless math principles from the beginning? That makes plants and vegetation, every type of herb and everything else in existence of exquisite beauty and purpose,  yet did nothing for these entities but make them grunt? And crawl on all fours for billions of years. You’re saying that the main thing, the most important entity in existence which is thinking man was nothing but a creeping crawling beast than smelly grunter for billions of years while all else flourished and improved without and around him. Please explain why time would so such a cruel thing to the beginning of humans while turning the earth on its axis in perfect order? Time made everything else perfectly yet left animal man to suffer and die for billions of years leaving nothing but rotting stinky corpses behind them as they exited a world they knew nothing about? Your time-god is cruel beyond description.

Atheist: Not cruel but wise so as to make sure the most important time creation man would someday be able to rule the world as man does now.

CS-Theist: You mean like rule as in  making wars and causing death and destruction in a world that is in desperate and dire straits to this day? One would think that after billions of years time could have done a better job. Please prove that time has existed for literally billions of years. Give me something to read that wasn’t written a hundred years ago. Also how long was a year? Was it twelve months as we know it to be before Genesis one told us? If not what was it and  how did time determine how long a year should be? How did these hideous creatures  live billions of years ago? Was there a moon a sun? Were there stars? How about; how did they measure time? Was there day and was there night? How about rain? Dew? Were there rivers? was there water for them to drink? Where was it?  Where were they? What did they eat? Animals? Fruit? Please tell me what was going on billions of years ago. And prove it. The truth is Time is what is moving forward right now and it exists only from Genesis one to Revelation of Jesus Christ to the chapter where the angel says that time shall be no more. Before that there was God and only he knows anything before Genesis one. Yet here you sit claiming to know what God did not even tell the human race. Incredible!

To be continued……

Atheist Interview (5) Continues

“So your whole argument atheist basically is 1. God is non-existent. 2. Christians are delusional. Not a good argument against millennia of history which main subject is God and his acts. 3.You also imply that atheists are wiser and kinder than God. ie: He loves to see suffering but atheists don’t.

Reminds me of the old Jewish saying..If you see a crippled man go kick him for why should you be kinder than God?

Atheists want to end suffering and God doesn’t. Atheists love kids but God doesn’t. Atheists could have created a better world than he did. Insinuating that atheists can create something never before created and make it work forever. And God could not..”

“You tell me why would any sane god create a world of suffering?”

“I don’t know is my answer. I don’t think it is intelligent thinking to think that I am wiser and kinder than God. How in tarnation am I supposed to understand the one who created things that can literally blow the mind. When I look at a star I can tell that he is greater than me. I don’t need a written and signed affidavit from him.”

But this is what I heard from you. Let me ask you a question, do you believe that Alexander the great the king of Macedonia lived?”

“Yes I do.”


“History says so.”

“What about Stonewall Jackson, do you think he existed?”



“Yes I do think these people lived. So now your next question is why don’t I believe Jesus existed?”

“No. My next question is since you never saw these people with your own eyes, never spoke to them never sat down with them, how could you know for a truth that the ones who wrote of them were not lying? How do you know this? You know how one of your leaders Richard Dawkins observed of liars, the world has no shortage of them. Sounds like selective faith to me that you choose to believe who existed and who did not..”

We know the human race has existed for some time since we are here. We are proof of that right? We are here!”

“Exactly we have solid proof of that! But proof of Jesus proof of God is non-existent.”

“Please explain how this could possibly make any sense. That faded documents mentioning certain individuals such as Homer or Buddha can be trusted as genuine and authentic, yet any documents about Jesus are false? Go ahead give it a shot.”

“The Bible cannot be considered a reliable document.”

Hey back to what I said earlier. Tell me why that the Hebrew nation would invent laws, the Torah, which is the law of Moses, also known as the Mosaic Code, to stone themselves to death for doing what they cannot help but do? Why? There is within the universe these questions that demand answers that can be answered..who what when where how and why. So tell me why. Later let’s get to who what when where and how.

This is where morals come from, this is where we learned right from wrong; from the law of Moses. It was not in us to know right from wrong. If you say it was then prove it.

Our very existence our nature discloses this. You know yourself that within the human being is the capacity for good or evil.

Read the news lately? There was a time when they lived by their instincts with no laws to guide them, whatever they felt to do they did. It is called nature, It is called being human. Ever hear of the original myth?

The laws which govern the universe were intact of course. But ancient people did not know except by actually experiencing it that eating poisonous mushroom will kill you. Or swallowing contaminated water will be your death. Do you know why gods were invented? I do. But you tell me.

There was a time when the human race knew nothing of itself. It lived as did the Canaanites who were sacrificing their babies to demons while engaging in disgusting sexual acts with each other. They had no sense of right and wrong. They simply acted according to their natural desires and low lusts with a lot of help from the dark demons spirits that inhabited them way back when. Ever hear of voodoo and witchcraft? Dark matter?”

“Then why did so called god create them when he knew they would to this? Doesn’t sound like love to me.”

“I don’t know. We need to go to Eden to learn about this. Adam and Eve were created in the image of God they were good. Nothing happened until the serpent came. We need to look at the serpent to understand this.

I don’t need to know every answer to why the universe is as it is. Why do you?

And why would you think knowing all that God knows would help you in any way? In my view this is delusional to think you should, or you deserve to understand all the workings or the universe.

To understand in your finiteness the infinite mind of God? Not to offend you, but This is the old story of Lucifer again in a modern tone. He wanted to be like the Most High. You know he wanted to know everything God knew, he wanted to understand and see all that God did. Where did it take him? We all know that his lust for all knowledge changed him from a beautiful angel into Satan the devil, you cannot go any lower than that. Who told you you could put God on trial?  Lucifer could have written a book or blog entitled Why I Left Being An Angel to Being the Devil.”

“Hey look I didn’t cause all this suffering and he could have prevented it but did not! If he does exist which I know he doesn’t he is not a good god.”

“You’re nicer than him right?”

To be continued…..where atheist explained in detail why he is an atheist.