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Atheist 13

Theist: Just between you and me and the lamp-post I heard that Darwin invented evolution simply because one man looked so different from another man. The Galapagos is not London. Creatures who eat with their fingers cannot be related to the man who eats with a fork except in some mysterious way. Or he apparently understood a man walking through a far away jungle; a jungle measuring 2,000,000 square miles; however Darwin didn’t know the size of the jungle, had to have come into existence a totally different way the suit wearing other man did. I read Stephen Gould’s book the Mismeasure of Man. Gould told it all.

Atheist: That is an outright lie. Darwin was a kind and gentle man. How could he be a racist when his life was one of study and devotion to his dear family? He simply saw what was there and recorded his findings. It was the greatest discovery the world has to this day.

Theist: Did I say he was a racist? Please.. I simply told you what I heard. Greatest discovery with no transitional fossils. No transitional fossils; there are none. None. They have searched and it would seem they would give up. And what they have presented as true has proved to be false.

Atheist:  Not so. Fossils exist I tell you. As for Darwin, I simply said that he being a naturalist observed what was there and concluded what to him was obvious. There are fossils. As I said you are in denial choosing to believe fundies instead of accredited scientists.

Theist: The Bible in Genesis 10 records the table of nations. William Albright the greatest archaeologist ever said “it [the Bible] remains an astonishingly accurate document…and shows such remarkably ‘modern’ understanding of the ethnic and linguistic situation in the modern world, in spite of all its complexity, that scholars never fail to be impressed with its knowledge of the subject.”

Atheist: I never heard of Albright. Sounds like a another fundie on the loose to deceive the simple-minded.

Theist: He is considered the greatest archaeologist of all time. He was outstanding in his thinking. He was a Biblical and archeological scholar who mastered more than 26 ancient and modern languages. And he said,
“ The excessive skepticism shown toward the Bible by important historical schools of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, certain phrases of which still appear periodically, has been progressively discredited. Discovery after discovery has established the accuracy of innumerable details, and has brought increased recognition to the value of the Bible as a source of history. ” This information is found in
Albright, William F., The Archaeology of Palestine and the Bible, Ada, MI: Revell 1935, p. 127.

Atheist: So what did you do memorize this?

Theist: Yes I sure did. What I said can be proved unlike that smelly beasts existed only to survive.. Also as a Bible student I found I have to study everything else since the God of the Bible made all things that exist. God did it not evolution. Evolution turns the pages of every book written by other atheists yet ignores the only book that explains it all. The study of the Bible will take you places you never thought you would go.

Atheist: Darwin was the greatest scientist of all time to finally at last, finally find the reason why the earth produces as it does. Behaves as it does.
Theist: Darwin said this “In the survival of favored individuals and races, during the constantly recurring struggle for existence, we see a powerful and ever-acting form of selection.”

Atheist: Exactly! Can anyone with half a brain deny that? This is what has happened and is happening right now all over the planet. I know some call it racism but it is nothing but facts which the ignorant refuse to see and acknowledge. It is there it is visible it is undeniable that the human race evolved. We descended from a common ancestor; the hairy smelly cannibalistic sexual perverted totally ignorant beasts that once roamed the world surviving by their instincts are our ancestors. Man is basically a beast. This explains crime. This explains natural disgust. This explains nature at its best and its worst behavior.
Theist: God calls it sin in humans.  Nature behaves as God ordained it to. God explains in the Bible why we do what we do. It is not because we are beasts. It is because of disobedience to his laws. This cannot be denied. Transgress his laws and die. It is that clear. The laws that govern the universe agree with the Torah. The powers that be did not could not have evolved. But they were set in place as were the sun and moon and stars by the Creator.. Are you implying that at one time the universe did not have these laws?

Atheist: All the beasts knew to do they did. Nothing more. They ate they drank they slept they fought they mated they died. They produced us! You just want to believe that once upon a time in la la land some God called Yahweh lovingly created a male and female then told them to be fruitful and multiply. Never happened that there was a talking snake and a paradise of green grass and fruit trees. Now that is unbelievable.

Theist: Well I not only believe this is what happened but I know it happened. It is not impossible a snake talked. A donkey spoke to a prophet in Numbers. There is no other explanation that agrees with recorded history, for our existence, except that we were created by a loving God.  You have no record of your belief. No documents. Also, In all your talk you failed to explain where does love come from. Why do we care? The human race looks upward not downward. The things you claim that were our ancestors not in a zillion slow-moving years could have loved. The only thing they did not do was think right? Their entire life if you could call it life was nothing but basic raw survival. Worse than one could imagine. But before that they were non-existent. From goo to love is so impossible to believe is why it is not believed by intelligent thinking human beings, no offense intended, who believe in Jesus the Christ. He was a genius. He possessed the absolute perfect IQ. He thought correctly. He was God personified. He came to teach us how to love. He set the example that we are to follow if we desire to live happy and fulfilled lives. His thinking was so genius so ordered so perfect that if all followed his teachings the earth would be paradise again.

Atheist: You have the right to your  opinion. Then pray tell why most do not follow his teachings? Why do so many who profess Christianity live as do the beasts I have been describing to you? Gandhi had a point though I do not agree with it all. He said he liked the Christians’ Christ but he did not like the Christians. Back to the beasts and their lives. They found themselves caught up in a strange happening.

Theist:  They choose to do evil. Jesus made the way for sin to be overcome. So the beasts were caught up? Are you saying they realized? Do you imply they had an intelligent thought?

Atheist: They remotely suspected something was up. Suddenly they were there! From nothing they appeared. But gradually very slowly as time worked its magic they begin to improve. This took so much time it is impossible to tell how long from the goo to the gold. One died and the next one did a little better. Though I cannot tell what caused this improvement but time working with substances that came into play when the big bang happened brought about the change.

Theist: What happened to the famous dating machines? You know the ones that are always in error.

Atheist: They do date for up to a certain time. Back to the interesting creatures; From billions of years of off-springing, their beastly ancestors being worse than they were, sprang one active desire within them;survival at any cost. It was as Darwin said the survival of the fittest. They scratched, they crawled they fought they lived they died. And they had to have possessed some form of affection in order to mate to produce. Voila here we are! Our ancestors who survived so we could be here.

Theist: So they were the fittest? Affection? I think not. Love creates not behaves beastly such as in kill kill kill.  Sex sex sex…Love is always in order and is decent. It is as Paul said of it in 1 Corinthians 13. Love and lust have nothing in common. According to you this is why they survived for billions of years because they were fit. If anything describes unfit it is these beastly entities you claim were the ancestors of the human race. The race that seeks but one thing to be happy.

Atheist: Yes They were fitted to survive in the environment that they found themselves in.They were a brave bunch.

Theist: What do you think was the motivation that caused them to survive at any cost? Why would anything want to exist in such conditions? Breathe air only to smell bad, look bad, have sex with whoever, kill to eat and die not even knowing what happened. As I said the time-god is itself a vicious uncaring vindictive egotistical beast. A hideous beast that makes its beastly victims look like the care bears. Totally unmerciful.

Atheist: Like it or not that is what happened. They were the experiment of the universe. A universe that creates black holes, exploding galaxies and flaming volcanoes. I would say a very hostile universe.

Theist: My exact point why we need the only man that explained it all; Jesus the Christ. He did not evolve of course. But he was the end result of the Hebrew prophets and the beginning of eternal life. Being that he was life itself. Can you grasp such a thing? Christ was Life itself in a human body. He did not find himself caught up in an experiment. He wanted to come to save us from our dilemma. Instead of wandering he gives us direction and love. From heaven to earth yet still in heaven he lived for a time on earth.

To be continued…


Atheist Interview (4)

“Atheist thank you for coming tonight. Please be seated. Would you care for a cup of coffee?”

“Yeah don’t mind if I do.”

“If you recall when we last talked I asked why would Adam and Eve willingly commit the sin that resulted in the destruction of the human race, assuming that is what happened. Such an act, in my opinion, would demand death for them. I mean no right minded person would do this. This is nothing but genocide. If you disagree this happened than what do you think happened that brought us to this point in our history?”

“Adam and Eve? Oh..puleeze…But the fundies do commit genocide this has been their weapon of choice forever. Look at their track record.

It is soaked in blood But here is the thing.. Darwin explained what happened. We evolved. Over billions of years we came to be for no particular reason whatsoever. One day there was nothing than there was us.

This myth of a a paradise garden, a talking snake, the sin that made me a “bad person” is exactly that; a myth.

The entire myth was designed to  so called expose me as a sinner in need of a savior. Well pardon me, I don’t need a savior I do quite well on my own. In fact the people who do claim to be in communion with this imaginary god are the biggest hypocrites on the planet!Sin? They invented the concept!

Since the beginning of their history all they have done is start wars and kill anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Just like many of them today.

Take the Dominionists for example, they want the entire world under their thumb. They say this will bring Jesus back if they only get all the world to obey their god. Of course they claim it as obeying their imaginary god. But in truth it is they who want dominion over the rest of us not dominion for their god. And this is just one of the groups.

There are many more out there and none of them agree. It is absurd! Have you looked in the yellow pages, of any phone book, in any town, of any state, of any nation, on any continent lately? Look under churches and I rest my case. Yeah they really know what they’re doing don’t they?” Not only do they attack those who do not agree with them in the so called secular world they attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them within their own ranks. Give me a break!”

“Anyway…you see this as no big deal? That as you implied, we suddenly for no particular purpose, appeared here on planet earth? That for no apparent reason we humans are equipped with intelligence, and the desire to improve? Occupying a planet suspended on nothing in a vast universe filled with unimaginably numbers of galaxies we will never explore. Okay.”

“I didn’t say that did I? I said there is no god that decided one day to lovingly sit down and scoop up some dirt. Then form it into a human body than breathe into the nostrils thus making the man breathe. The so called Hebrews made that up so they could rule the world. It is an elaborate plan to gain world dominance.”

“Let me get this straight. Thousands of years ago the ancient Hebrews decided one day to dream up, then carefully write down laws meticulously preserving these same laws for millenniums ? Laws that would require them to do precisely what they by nature didn’t want to do? Okay. Then sentence themselves to death by stoning if they failed to obey these laws? Now that makes no sense!

Okay. I take it you’ve never read the duties of the Levitical priests? Or about stoning. Why oh why would anyone make a law forbidding himself to do exactly what he likes to do? Can you explain that? Now that is what is absurd!

Then they included in these laws the slaughter of animals, draining them of blood to sacrifice to according to what I have heard from skeptics , an unpredictable blood-thirsty god,  which threatened them with famines and wars and death if they didn’t get it...right the first time...what he said for them to do? You say these people made all this up than distributed these laws to a few gullible souls so they the Hebrews could rule the world?”

“I don’t know of any Hebrews. I think you’re putting words in my mouth here. Where is the evidence? The Modern day Jews claim to be their direct descendants but where is the proof? It is hearsay.

But the religious nuts say that is who they were. But we have no evidence of their existence. The fundies quote a Scripture from the Old Testament “Truth shall spring out of the earth” claiming this is proof of archaeology that proves their case. But the real reason we are here living on a planet called earth, which earth is hanging on nothing ,in an unbelievable huge universe is we simply happened. As Stephen Hawkins just decided no need for a god. Archaeology is actually proving we evolved from lower apes. The fundies want to think they were created special by a god who loves them. Their mind ceased to function in 4000 BCE.”

To be continued….