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Focus Adjustment to the Blood of Jesus Christ

The Last Supper of Jesus Christ

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BUT it is the blood of Jesus that is needed.

Do we even hear about the blood anymore? Where? Not on Christian television which I don’t really pay attention to anymore because it is focused on money and celebrities and ratings.

It is sad to hear TBN introduce someone naming all their so-called successes in life. Life coaches and best-selling authors. They are big celebrities with their introductions. Such as “Tonight we are so blessed and privileged to have with us writer and life coach , actor, doctor, lawyer, mayor, governor, …and minister.”

Minister comes last in the list. Yes that is right GOD comes last! Do they really think this is okay with God? I think not. Go read about what he said about this in the Bible. He is first and last he will stay first and matter what.

They go on naming off all their worldly accomplishments such as their degrees. They mention their success as an actor who appeared on such and such a show. They applaud their endeavors in Hollywood. It is all about the person. Then at the very end of all the big introduction naming all their worldly successes they add that he is also….a pastor. As if God is something thrown in just because they want to..

Of course they give God all the glory for making them so successful for all their education their money their riches their popularity their wonderful life and so on.

Personally..I don’t need a pastor who writes best-selling books. Or one who used to star in the old comedy sitcom. Or the one who started out on Broadway then decided to be a pastor. And who now pastors a church with 1000000000 members. I need a pastor who prays and pleads the blood of Jesus Christ. I remember them well.

Do they even talk about the blood of Jesus Christ?

No it is all about celebrity and Hollywood and money and success.

If it were all about that there would be no need for Jesus Christ. The world does fine without him as we can see. There are rich blasphemers. What does this tell us?

The world and the church are not one and the  same. Yet this is what TBN and other so-called religious programs try to make it be.

I personally believe this is why the world is in the horrible condition it is in. Because it is not longer the blood of Jesus they talk about but themselves and their great accomplishments.

Does money and celebrity have anything to do with salvation? No.

So and so became rich and is an atheist. So and so Christian became rich and shouts praise to God for making them rich.

Here is their crazy message:

Atheists can get rich denying God. But if one who believes in God gets rich it is because God did it.

What is wrong with this picture?


Brain Tumor!

A relative of mine (early twenties) began to have gran-mal seizures.

Of course she went to a doctor who took tests to determine exactly what was going on. In the meantime he gave her medicine to stop or at least help control the seizures.

She waited with dread to hear what the tests revealed.  Of course the Pentecostal family we are we begin to pray. We cried to God whom we knew was not deaf and could, and would, hear our prayers for our dear loved one, if we prayed according to his will.

We believed the Bible to be true that Jesus really did die on the old rugged cross. We believed without doubt his death had somehow become the sacrifice needed for our sins. And from our reading of the Bible we saw that healing of the body was also contained in the atonement.

Before long the tests results came back. The doctor could not reach her by phone so drove to her house to tell her the results of the tests. She had a large brain tumor and needed surgery immediately. In the hospital she  was then given an angiogram (I think that is what it was called)  to show the doctor exactly how to get to the tumor. I think this is what was said if memory serves me correctly on this.

I do remember this; God healed her totally and completely soon after she refused surgery be performed on her head. We joined hands and we prayed to God specifically requesting from him her life. We asked him to heal her if he would do this.

Yes there she lay on the bed a sick young woman and she told the neurosurgeon she refused to let him or anyone cut her head open. She said “God is going to heal me.” and he did heal her. After they compared tests with tests where they saw the tumor, than they saw no tumor. Doctors were running to her room to find out what was going on.

There in plain sight was the tumor and now it is gone.

I believe in miracles not only because the Bible tells of them but I have seen them in my own family. It has been almost thirty years and there still is no tumor.

What a Savior!