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Atheist and Theist Again..(16)

Atheist: Okay you said.. So the beasts that survived in contrast to the smellier ones that died first were the fittest? That I said  they had affection for one another or how else could they mate? I agree that love creates not behaves beastly such as did these prehistoric monsters…Love is always in order and is decent as you say.

Theist: That is what I said.

Atheist: That it is as Paul said of it in 1 Corinthians 13. That love and lust have nothing in common. That it is only my opinion about the beasts; why they survived for billions of years because they were fit. Then you assert that if anything describes un-fit it is these beastly entities I claim were the ancestors of the human race: the race that seeks but one thing; to be happy.”

Theist: Yes again.

Atheist: Here is what you fail to understand. The hairy beasts did vaguely suspect something was up. They had to have possessed some self-awareness. They were aware they were. They were aware they needed certain things to survive. In all their snorting and grunting they still sought to live. They knew that air was their friend. I’m sure they felt hunger pangs and went in search of food. They clung to life but unfortunately they perished when time disposed of them.

Theist: How cruel your time-god. Its cruelty is unsurpassed.

Atheist: Regardless, how they knew that food was needed to alleviate their hunger produced discomfort is easy to understand. They had a need and they met it as best they could. But they had to die for beauty alone demanded it. How beauty could have existed along with these hairy beasts is remarkable don’t you think? It is hard to imagine such beasts existing among trees and flowers and lakes and valleys.

Theist: Right because beauty does not invite ugliness. My goodness have you never read Plato’s symposium? Live? These beasts had to live? Life and beastly survival are alike how? I understand what I understand but tell me how you understand it. To think a wild boar in the wilderness is living is nonsense. He is simply a beast that breathes. Yes he lives as that he has breath. But he dies as a beast leaving nothing behind but his dead carcass. To live is Christ is the truth of the ages.

Atheist: Your opinion.

Theist. I have proof. This holy truth did not come into play as you say certain chemicals did. It is the truth of ages the only truth. Chemicals that somehow were flung into the slot, into which for no apparent reason they fit, by mere chance after a stupendous unexplainable big bang is fiction. If any man have not Christ he is dead.

Atheist: That is debatable.

Theist Moving right along…These disgusting beasts did not live I tell you. It is not reasonable to think they did. What ruins your whole presentation is the time-god with its vicious unmerciful way of doing things. Time according to what I understand is the real beast in your evolution story.

Atheist: Gentle reminder…I am an atheist and do not believe in any deities. Back to the issue..Look time is necessary. It must pass. According to religion the Christ came just a couple of thousand years ago.

Theist: We have documents to prove this. It is the holy Bible. There are even secular sources that agree; Tacitus, Josephus and others. All existing immutable universal laws agree with the Mosaic Code.

Atheist: As for the homely creatures; These beasts lived billions of years ago in conditions so unmerciful it is a stupendous feat of nature they even survived as long as they did. I find it remarkable to say the least.Time might have even moved backward for all we know. There might have been time glitches happening because of the violence happening in deep space.

Theist: Excuse me time moves only forward. Why? because this is how God did it in the beginning. He said evening and morning were the first day and so on until seven days were created. Thus our week was created by his word. Sun moon stars…I don’t get your must pass unless you refer to time must pass into billions of years to turn Beastly Bongo into Dapper Dan.

Atheist: I suppose you could say that.

Theist: From grunt to coherency all because of time.

Atheist: Yep.

Theist: Time and Chance doesn’t do it.. It is not possible for something to come from nothing for no reason. There has to be a cause.  Common sense says this without invoking science. A child knows this basic fact of life. If you were to ask a four-year old if he believed something could come from nothing he would say no. He just knows. Kids have to be taught evolution until it becomes who they are. Their thinking is formed by it. It is the lie that is the enemy of truth. The truth that God loves us.

Atheist: This nothing but brainwashing at it worst.

Theist: Though evolutionists deny it there cannot be a watch without a watchmaker. There cannot be a building without a builder. Rewind back and tell me how suddenly this truth did not exist? It is not reasonable to look around and not know that everything in existence has a maker. Yet you travel in your imagination back to a supposed time and a maker isn’t needed. It is not logic nor reason to believe that. Things have to make sense.

Atheist: I will explain. Time must pass for these beasts to learn at least one thing. It took millenniums and millenniums for them to graduate from grunt to snort. It was a slow-moving world not like now when things move so fast due to all this improved thinking that invents amazing things.

Theist: Like bombs?

Atheist: You could say the beasts somehow understood that necessity is the mother of invention. What they needed they made. They went in search of what their instincts demanded. They needed food and killed to get it. Without a thought. They simply acted as did the forms in space changing into what they must for some mysterious reason into what they must be. Nothing directed any of it; it was all chance.

Theist: From grunt to snort they fiercely marched onward grunting and snorting killing and eating while blood dripped from their mouth to become human? I must say I never heard such imagination since I read first Darwin’s Origin of Species. No offense intended.

Atheist: No offense taken.

Theist: I will never believe that our loving God would waste billions of things to make one thing. It is like destroying a forest to make one toothpick from the trees. Lunacy. As you know the law of conservation is proof that the Creator wastes nothing. Not even our troubles  are wasted by him.

Atheist: So you say.

Theist: He uses whatever we have, or do and changes those things into what can be used for his own glory. To bless us if we trust in him. Water can become ice or steam.  Always remaining what it is. There is no waste.

Atheist: Waste does exist as in what happened to the heroic creatures of by-gone days. They were wasted yet were used by nature to evolve into something better.

Theist : So nature used them? How mean. Evolution teaches waste on scales so mammoth and monumental it turns into sadness. God said is the reason for all things. Paul said we understand by faith that the things we see were made of things we cannot see. What a perfect and beautiful explanation of the love and power of God. He simply spoke and it became.

Atheist: Picture it..In the deep dark regions of distant space things were happening. Galaxies were literally exploding with such force the universe literally tore in places creating strange  forms that stood still.  Holes so black and endless in-depth they bend light. Can you imagine darkness bending light? Then suddenly these violent moving forms began to take shape. They formed into planets and stars. They heaved and sighed with such voluminous power, all surrounding things that existed had to react in some way. This was evolution taking place.

Theist: You made all this up.

Atheist: The beasts that appeared billions of years later on our planet had some inkling they had to move forward also. They were in tune with the universe. Of course they did not consciously think this, they just somehow contained this within their beastly existence. But that knowledge somehow was conveyed to us via time. I guess you could say they did have a minute clue that something was definitely up.

Theist: Did you ever think of writing science fiction books? Your imagination makes the Event Horizon sound like a lullaby. Of course with all due respect to you as a fellow human being I respect your right to your thoughts. I believe none of this. But since we’re friends…

Atheist: See, you need to understand that it was later when love and emotions kicked in. The brain of these unimaginable ugly disgusting smelly sex crazed entities was not formed to think..yet. They simply existed as did their bodies.

Theist: As did their disgusting smelly hairy sweaty ugly nasty bodies?

Atheist:  yes…But It was simply breath in a beast and nothing more. They had no idea they were the forerunners of geniuses and scientists astronomers…you name it.

Theist: Go on…

Atheist: But in truth, these horrendously homely, disgusting, hairy, smelly, bad breath,  sex-crazed beasts are the undisputed champions and heroes of the human race. They went before us and unknowingly sacrificed themselves for us.

Theist: I am sure that In the beginning tells us this is precisely when time began.  Beginning is exactly that; the beginning. In that time start is when recorded history began.  We have documents, you don’t. Imagination cannot be considered fact. I can imagine fairies dancing on a lawn it doesn’t mean they  are there.

Atheist: Are you sure?

Theist: I’m positive. I can imagine a flying spaghetti monster, but it doesn’t mean it exists. The truth is we have documents that verify what we experience and see and feel and know. The sun and moon and stars came into existence by the spoken word of God. He said.

Atheist: I question the validity of the Bible for obvious reasons.

Theist: Obvious reasons? Name one. Back to what I was saying. God said and before that was eternity. Time is simply a tiny space between Genesis one and when the angel in the book of  Revelation of Jesus Christ says Time shall be no more. You say it just happened. The Bible says God said. It is imperative one understands the importance and truth of the creative power in God’s word. What God says happens. Why? Simply because he is God.

To be continued….


Atheist (15)

Atheist: Do you know why I can describe so perfectly the smelly hairy disgusting hideous sex crazed ignorant beasts that roamed the planet as our ancestors billions of years ago?

Theist: No offense intended but it sure sounds like you were there with all those graphic details.. But please tell me it sounds interesting anyway. And since we’re friends why not.

Atheist: Man searches inwardly for his origins. He yearns to learn of his beginnings. He longs to know where he came from.  He dreams of returning there. That is why sometimes we all experience deja vu. We walk into a room and suddenly feel as we have been there before. It is weird but cannot be denied; that it is reality.

Theist: Are you telling me that the ugly hairy smelly nasty dirty sex-crazed ignorant beasts you keep telling me about is the place you want to be? I am shocked! Do you mean to tell me that if I imagine a castle in the air it is because I once lived there? Please do not insult my intelligence. All this deja vu is nothing more than memory with a glitch in it. I still believe in good old-fashioned documents.

Atheist: That could also be true about the memory glitch. Imagination is connected to the myth of a beginning. It is the myth of paradise lost as Milton spoke of. It is that place that resembles Atlantis the lost city. We humans know there is more to us than just a few years here then nothing.

Theist: Billions of years backward and only a few years to look forward to you say? Your time-god is at it again. Making things only to murder them. Billions of years to look back on where all was the survival of the fittest. But nothing to look forward but death for the new improved beasts.

Atheists: So anyway the smelly hairy disgusting sweaty beasts did all they could to improve their lives.

Theist: So where are the fossils that shows the changes between these horrible disgusting beasts, to improved beasts, to new and improved beasts?

Atheist: I think you need to learn about mutations.

Theist: This will explain the change?

Atheist: Well not exactly but at least you will get a clue about reality.

Theist: Back to your myth. When you began to drift off into trances to experience your ancestors in their natural habitat how does it make you feel?

Atheist: May I remind you again these beasts are your ancestors also. Don’t sit there and try to make me believe you are some special created by God creature when the truth is you evolved just like the rest of us.

Theist: If I did evolve from the disgusting creatures would I not recall it also as you do, as you probe into the deep recesses of your memory searching for your beginnings?

Atheist: Not if you deny it as you seem to do. You suppress it because you refuse to believe the truth because the Eden story was hammered into your psyche by other ignorant Christians.

Theist: Do you want to know what the Bible says about what you are now going off on?

Atheist: Go ahead and say it.

Theist: New age stuff. It is all imagination. This is why God forbids it.. Our imagination can go off into places that are dangerous. God commands through the apostle Paul us to  gird up the loins of our mind. He knows the mind is not what new agers think it is; a playground.

Atheist: When Darwin broke upon the world revealing his magnificent discovery; that informed us that we all descended from a common ancestor; probably an ignorant incredibly ugly and smelly sex crazed baboon it was the news the world had been waiting for. We wanted to know our origin. The age of enlightenment passed and we knew that God was dead, or rather  the idea of God. Now we know we descended from smelly beasts and the world is better for it. Can you imagine how that smelly ugly ignorant beast would have felt if he had known that one of his descendants would someday remember him? Darwin was that descendant. Can you imagine how proud that smelly ignorant beast would have been if he could have seen billions of years into the future to see his descendant discover aspirin?

To be continued….

Atheist 14

Atheist: If Jesus Christ did exist he evolved just like the rest of us. He evolved from a hairy smelly beast like you and me. But the fact is Christianity invented him to feel better.

Theist: Nope. He did not evolve He did not, for no apparent reason suddenly appear in Bethlehem. He was expected. Documents called prophesies. When he was born even the wicked godless king Herod knew he was expected. Documents. He sent his yes men to inquire of the  Hebrew scribes where the Christ would be born. They told him in Bethlehem. Wise men came to find him following a star that shone in the sky.  Documents. The entire universe moved in tune with his birth to announce it. This was no ordinary event in history. Guess what? We have records of it. It was normal to expect what was documented. Why? because back in Eden the Lord God said Messiah would come. God said it so it had to happen. So immediately his ancestors begin to expect him. They kept track of every son born from Eve to Mary the mother of Jesus. By the way, I just remembered; in what way does evolution convey universal truths? Jesus conveyed universal truths to us using simple parables and other teachings. But not evolution; it simply murders as it goes to prove itself true. What rubbish. No hope no love no nothing.

Atheist: Evolution has records also they go back to Darwin. I know that is not far but that is when the discovery was made by him that man evolved from animals. What exactly do you mean convey universal truths? By the way the Bible has been changed so much who knows what is true or false. Even some of your own theologians doubt its authenticity. Evolution conveys only that we evolved and evolutionary laws prove this.

Theist: What laws? Name one. There are absolutes. Evolution operates on blind chance. Or crying maybes. It is a theory. No universal law even hints of evolution. Of course you will say that science proves it. For now just Give me one way evolution explains the workings of universal laws. The very laws the Torah agrees with and wrote down. You know IE: the law of sin. You sin and die. It is a law. You sin you die. No hearing. No trial. No bonding out of jail. Steal your neighbor’s car and he might kill you. Lie to your boss and get fired.  Cheat on your spouse and destroy a once happy home. Attack the powers that be and lose the fight. By the way the powers that be are not people; they are universal laws. All these laws cannot be explained by evolution, nor are they present in the myth of evolution. To think that hairy beasts that were once reptiles and before that green yucky goo is to believe the real fairytale.

Atheist: Excuse me…..When our wild hideous hairy ancestors; those primitive ignorant beasts roamed the wild grasses of long ago, grunting as they  went, of course they were subject to laws. They did die.. We die from age and disease or from other causes. I understand there are universal laws but the Torah is just another ancient myth dreamed up by primitive tribesmen who thought the sky was a roof. The primitive hunters and gatherers naturally died. Nature did it.

Theist: And don’t forget time. You too will die. So will I because sin has separated us from God.  How does evolution explain crazy weather? Please don’t tell me time did it. Wait of course time did do it; it is the mythical murderer of anything that moves. We are against our will subject to death. Death comes in many ways but it is here and it spares no one. It kills. Evolution has no remedy for death but Christianity does. IN Christ we can live again.

Atheist: Science is what blows Christianity away. Death is the end of it. No breath no nothing.  Science has done away with religious myths. We no longer need these myths we just need knowledge to improve and succeed.

Theist: You mean succeed as did the educated serial killers the earth has shot forth? You brag of science and there is science. But there is still disease and death. Science cannot create life. Science is in tune with the Bible not with evolution. Matter and energy behave in certain ways. This is right in line with a non-wasteful God. Yet evolution has according to your report wasted numberless breathing entities for no reason except that it could.

Atheist: How unfair of this God to let all die except those who receive his Son. Evolution knows that we die. The hairy beasts died because they had no scientific knowledge to help them in any way. Like today we have medicine and doctors to help us. Yes we still die but that is just how it is. Chance did it. They came from goo and ended up in the grave it is true. But it happened that way in order for us to get here. Just blind chance. But natural selection began to weed out the bad to preserve the good.

Theist:  Don’t you see how empty that is? Chance. God is the one who said he is going to weed things out when he separates the wheat from the tares. We came from the earth and if we are in Christ we are the wheat. But if we are not in Christ we are the tares. Tares will be disposed of without mercy by being cast into the fire. The truth is that we have, say an appendix we can do without, it is because God is not wasteful, not that time eliminates because of natural selection.. it has to do with waste. Not the fittest survive only what is needed survives. This is why serial killers kill; they are wasteful and must be eliminated by laws.

Atheist: This outrageous tale of fire and brimstone that will devour the adversaries of God is absurd and unworthy of consideration. If there was a God he would not cast his own creation into hell. How could you believe such a thing?

Theist: The Bible tells me this fact. Also I see the sufferings in the world so clearly. The horrific happenings of unspeakable sufferings and death makes it easy for me to believe that God will have no problem casting people into hell. Remember he can do anything even that.

Atheist: I don’t accept that nonsense. Evolution is an observable fact. Those who deny it deny truth.

Theist That is your choice not to accept it. Evolution explains nothing it merely assumes evolution happened. The greatest weapon Christianity has against evolution is the knowledge that evolution possesses  no documents. Right now the president has been bombarded by those asking to see  his birth certificate. I did not vote for this person, and even if I had, I think he should show the document or explain why he doesn’t.  Documents are important. Try going through life without them. Darwin’s own testimony cast doubt on evolution being true. Your own guru said he doubted fossils would  be found.

Atheist: I guess nothing will convince you because of your narrow-minded thinking. Anyone who believes in talking snakes will not believe truth and this is what Darwin presented to the world the facts of man’s origins. The Flying spaghetti monster is the fundy’s guru.

Theist: Would you please explain why, without invoking the time-god, evolution has no documented Eden to recall when even pagan cultures knew the past held memories of a paradise once inhabited by humans, not memories of grunting hairy sexual deviated beasts who only existed to survive amidst such inhumane conditions that even earth’s ugliest baboons fare better?

To be continued…

Atheist 13

Theist: Just between you and me and the lamp-post I heard that Darwin invented evolution simply because one man looked so different from another man. The Galapagos is not London. Creatures who eat with their fingers cannot be related to the man who eats with a fork except in some mysterious way. Or he apparently understood a man walking through a far away jungle; a jungle measuring 2,000,000 square miles; however Darwin didn’t know the size of the jungle, had to have come into existence a totally different way the suit wearing other man did. I read Stephen Gould’s book the Mismeasure of Man. Gould told it all.

Atheist: That is an outright lie. Darwin was a kind and gentle man. How could he be a racist when his life was one of study and devotion to his dear family? He simply saw what was there and recorded his findings. It was the greatest discovery the world has to this day.

Theist: Did I say he was a racist? Please.. I simply told you what I heard. Greatest discovery with no transitional fossils. No transitional fossils; there are none. None. They have searched and it would seem they would give up. And what they have presented as true has proved to be false.

Atheist:  Not so. Fossils exist I tell you. As for Darwin, I simply said that he being a naturalist observed what was there and concluded what to him was obvious. There are fossils. As I said you are in denial choosing to believe fundies instead of accredited scientists.

Theist: The Bible in Genesis 10 records the table of nations. William Albright the greatest archaeologist ever said “it [the Bible] remains an astonishingly accurate document…and shows such remarkably ‘modern’ understanding of the ethnic and linguistic situation in the modern world, in spite of all its complexity, that scholars never fail to be impressed with its knowledge of the subject.”

Atheist: I never heard of Albright. Sounds like a another fundie on the loose to deceive the simple-minded.

Theist: He is considered the greatest archaeologist of all time. He was outstanding in his thinking. He was a Biblical and archeological scholar who mastered more than 26 ancient and modern languages. And he said,
“ The excessive skepticism shown toward the Bible by important historical schools of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, certain phrases of which still appear periodically, has been progressively discredited. Discovery after discovery has established the accuracy of innumerable details, and has brought increased recognition to the value of the Bible as a source of history. ” This information is found in
Albright, William F., The Archaeology of Palestine and the Bible, Ada, MI: Revell 1935, p. 127.

Atheist: So what did you do memorize this?

Theist: Yes I sure did. What I said can be proved unlike that smelly beasts existed only to survive.. Also as a Bible student I found I have to study everything else since the God of the Bible made all things that exist. God did it not evolution. Evolution turns the pages of every book written by other atheists yet ignores the only book that explains it all. The study of the Bible will take you places you never thought you would go.

Atheist: Darwin was the greatest scientist of all time to finally at last, finally find the reason why the earth produces as it does. Behaves as it does.
Theist: Darwin said this “In the survival of favored individuals and races, during the constantly recurring struggle for existence, we see a powerful and ever-acting form of selection.”

Atheist: Exactly! Can anyone with half a brain deny that? This is what has happened and is happening right now all over the planet. I know some call it racism but it is nothing but facts which the ignorant refuse to see and acknowledge. It is there it is visible it is undeniable that the human race evolved. We descended from a common ancestor; the hairy smelly cannibalistic sexual perverted totally ignorant beasts that once roamed the world surviving by their instincts are our ancestors. Man is basically a beast. This explains crime. This explains natural disgust. This explains nature at its best and its worst behavior.
Theist: God calls it sin in humans.  Nature behaves as God ordained it to. God explains in the Bible why we do what we do. It is not because we are beasts. It is because of disobedience to his laws. This cannot be denied. Transgress his laws and die. It is that clear. The laws that govern the universe agree with the Torah. The powers that be did not could not have evolved. But they were set in place as were the sun and moon and stars by the Creator.. Are you implying that at one time the universe did not have these laws?

Atheist: All the beasts knew to do they did. Nothing more. They ate they drank they slept they fought they mated they died. They produced us! You just want to believe that once upon a time in la la land some God called Yahweh lovingly created a male and female then told them to be fruitful and multiply. Never happened that there was a talking snake and a paradise of green grass and fruit trees. Now that is unbelievable.

Theist: Well I not only believe this is what happened but I know it happened. It is not impossible a snake talked. A donkey spoke to a prophet in Numbers. There is no other explanation that agrees with recorded history, for our existence, except that we were created by a loving God.  You have no record of your belief. No documents. Also, In all your talk you failed to explain where does love come from. Why do we care? The human race looks upward not downward. The things you claim that were our ancestors not in a zillion slow-moving years could have loved. The only thing they did not do was think right? Their entire life if you could call it life was nothing but basic raw survival. Worse than one could imagine. But before that they were non-existent. From goo to love is so impossible to believe is why it is not believed by intelligent thinking human beings, no offense intended, who believe in Jesus the Christ. He was a genius. He possessed the absolute perfect IQ. He thought correctly. He was God personified. He came to teach us how to love. He set the example that we are to follow if we desire to live happy and fulfilled lives. His thinking was so genius so ordered so perfect that if all followed his teachings the earth would be paradise again.

Atheist: You have the right to your  opinion. Then pray tell why most do not follow his teachings? Why do so many who profess Christianity live as do the beasts I have been describing to you? Gandhi had a point though I do not agree with it all. He said he liked the Christians’ Christ but he did not like the Christians. Back to the beasts and their lives. They found themselves caught up in a strange happening.

Theist:  They choose to do evil. Jesus made the way for sin to be overcome. So the beasts were caught up? Are you saying they realized? Do you imply they had an intelligent thought?

Atheist: They remotely suspected something was up. Suddenly they were there! From nothing they appeared. But gradually very slowly as time worked its magic they begin to improve. This took so much time it is impossible to tell how long from the goo to the gold. One died and the next one did a little better. Though I cannot tell what caused this improvement but time working with substances that came into play when the big bang happened brought about the change.

Theist: What happened to the famous dating machines? You know the ones that are always in error.

Atheist: They do date for up to a certain time. Back to the interesting creatures; From billions of years of off-springing, their beastly ancestors being worse than they were, sprang one active desire within them;survival at any cost. It was as Darwin said the survival of the fittest. They scratched, they crawled they fought they lived they died. And they had to have possessed some form of affection in order to mate to produce. Voila here we are! Our ancestors who survived so we could be here.

Theist: So they were the fittest? Affection? I think not. Love creates not behaves beastly such as in kill kill kill.  Sex sex sex…Love is always in order and is decent. It is as Paul said of it in 1 Corinthians 13. Love and lust have nothing in common. According to you this is why they survived for billions of years because they were fit. If anything describes unfit it is these beastly entities you claim were the ancestors of the human race. The race that seeks but one thing to be happy.

Atheist: Yes They were fitted to survive in the environment that they found themselves in.They were a brave bunch.

Theist: What do you think was the motivation that caused them to survive at any cost? Why would anything want to exist in such conditions? Breathe air only to smell bad, look bad, have sex with whoever, kill to eat and die not even knowing what happened. As I said the time-god is itself a vicious uncaring vindictive egotistical beast. A hideous beast that makes its beastly victims look like the care bears. Totally unmerciful.

Atheist: Like it or not that is what happened. They were the experiment of the universe. A universe that creates black holes, exploding galaxies and flaming volcanoes. I would say a very hostile universe.

Theist: My exact point why we need the only man that explained it all; Jesus the Christ. He did not evolve of course. But he was the end result of the Hebrew prophets and the beginning of eternal life. Being that he was life itself. Can you grasp such a thing? Christ was Life itself in a human body. He did not find himself caught up in an experiment. He wanted to come to save us from our dilemma. Instead of wandering he gives us direction and love. From heaven to earth yet still in heaven he lived for a time on earth.

To be continued…

Atheist 11

Theist: Tell more about the time-god’s victims  ; those smelly,  grunting,  disgusting,  hairy,  sexual perverted, cannibalistic beasts that the human race once was? I don’t believe a word of it but go ahead tell me anyway. It is very interesting.

Atheist: Well..look there was a time. Okay time was once far away from here. It was as I said billions of years ago. Apparently there was a sun moon stars galaxies. You know it was all here. But the savage beasts had barely learned to walk upright. They were simply living breathing things. Human they were not. They were animals only the animal they were had a different type brain. it was a little larger.

Theist: I marvel that you could believe such a thing. Okay so what made them “decide” to walk upright? I mean there had to be some motivation, some order of sorts to suddenly  cause them to walk upright. It is incredible and totally unbelievable that these wild men wannabes stopped hunching around and lifted themselves up. I would never laugh at your beliefs but give me a break here.

Atheist: Let me tell step by step what took place according to evolution.

Theist: Wait wait my friend…as you are describing your illustrious ancestors tell me how they managed to not be brutally killed by all the wild beasts? You know like bobcats and snakes? Oh yeah I forgot they were the wild beasts. But how is that these wild beastly smelly creatures evolved into men and other wild beasts such as bears lions know animals of that sort did not evolve into humans? What determined that? Also why is evolution so unmercifully involved? In the Bible it is so simple and to the point, so lovely. It says that God created man in his image. I love it!

Atheist: Working with time were  certain laws such as genetics.

Theist: Forgive my ignorance but is that DNA and enzymes stuff like that?

Atheist: All of that was at play along with protein and molecules and amino acids.

Theist: Truly I have no idea what these things are. Oh did you hear the one about God and the evolution scientist? Are you willing to hear it?

Atheist: Yeah sure go ahead. I hope it is funny.

Theist: The scientist said to God..”If you really exist let us have a contest and both make a human being. God being the reasonable loving merciful Being he is agreed.  God scooped up some dirt to begin. The scientist took some amino acids. Then God said to him..Get your own amino acids.

Atheist: Okay I admit that is kinda funny.

Theist: So is this one. Did you hear about the dyslexic atheist who said There is no dog!?

Atheist: That one is not funny!

Theist: I read that making protein by chance is about as possible as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Only in this case the haystack would reach from earth to Sirius. It is as probable as dropping a pin on the ocean floor then trying to find it blindfolded with boxing gloves on.

Atheist: Exactly my point! That is why time is so all important when it comes to things changing into other things. After billions of years anything  is possible. I’m telling you one day on a far away land something came out of nothing. I admit that I have no idea how that happened. But I do believe it. It is the only explanation that makes sense the only thing that works with science.

Theist: Even Darwin himself said that he feared no fossils would ever be found. When did Darwin die? wasn’t it about 160 years ago or near that? To think protein appears and does its thing is so far-fetched no wonder evolution is taught in secret. They sneak it into textbooks like they did with that lie of the Piltdown man. Too  late it was taught for a generation to kids that were basically brainwashed to believe a lie. No offense intended to you.

Atheist: Time can do it.

Theist: Did you know that Fred Hoyle said that it takes 2000 different and very complex enzymes for a living organism to exist? Then he said that random shuffling processes could not even form one single one of these in 20 billion years. That is how impossible it is.

Atheist: However it did.

Theist; How did it did? I wish you had more information beside time did it.

Atheist: The reason why the disgusting repulsive perverted beasts evolved into humans and the other wild beasts did not is time did it using certain evolving substances and allowing them to naturally select where  they wanted to go..It is all explained by chance. I could play the lottery and there is a chance I would win.

Theist: But deep down you really don’t believe you would do you? You know the odds are so against you why even think of winning. Some people get depressed when they try and lose. It is  not a guarantee whereas God is.

Atheist: but say I bought a ticket each week for a billion years surely I would win.

Theist: You would have to have your descendants keep buying  tickets. Because you will run out of breath, we do run out of breath you know.

Atheist: I would like you to take a look at the fossil record.

Theist: Instead tell me about Nutcracker man.

To be continued….

Atheist (8)

Hi again Atheist and thanks for coming tonight. As I mentioned to you in our emails last night you will be questioned about the mind. Where did it come from? How did it evolve. Of course you know that I do not agree with one thing you have said about anything else you’ve offered here. I do not believe the universe or earth is billions of years old. I am sure it is only a few thousands years old because of documented evidence.  I certainly don’t believe humans evolved from different beasts over billions of time because of time’s magical powers. Before Genesis one, anything said what happened then, is hearsay. Anyway I respect your right to believe whatever you believe. I am sure God created man in his image and he called him Adam. Let us begin…

CS-Theist: How does evolution account for the mind?

Atheist: It simply evolved along with everything else. We believe that emotions and thoughts are just the result of the big emotional and mental bang. You see when the big bang happened, an incredible amount of energy was released from the center of it. The ability to think was among the treasure distributed to wherever it happened to explode . You know the time-god is not compassionate its purpose if you could call it purpose is simply whatever.

CS-Theist: You misunderstand the question or I did not make myself clear. I refer to the hairy smelly beasts you insist were our ancestors. Did they have a mind?

Atheist: Yes they did but it was limited to grunting. They had no idea to move their tongue to form words since there were no words to form. They  simply grunted. Try grunting and notice it requires no movement of the tongue.

CS-Theist: Brilliant observation on the part of evolutionists that no words existed to be formed. Well..why didn’t the creatures make some up? Anything even if it was just Let’s go hunting?

Atheist: Their mind was there but it was completely blank. They lived by instinct. As I said earlier most of their time was used looking for food. But since as you said earlier they probably committed cannibalism, they probably did resort to eating each other when no food was available.

CS-Theist: By the way what food was available besides they eating each other? And don’t forget to explain how the mind formed.

Athirst:  They ate grass and leaves, fruit and if they were able to outrun them, they caught raccoons and porcupines and ate those too. I’m sure they ran after foxes and coyotes and wolves to eat them. When they weren’t doing that they were multiplying and having baby beasts….all the while their minds were evolving. Why the earth turns on its axis in perfect tune from the get-go and humans took billions of years to evolve I have not a clue.

Cs-Theist: Porcupines? Uh..okay. I can see the quills sticking out of their face now. Truly the world you describe is horrible beyond belief. There must have been blood all over the place with the smell of decaying flesh and the stench of death. And to think this went on for billions of years is gruesome and sick to say the least. These beasts you describe did they possess any tenderness? Or is it as I suspect they were capable of nothing but murder and cannibalism? Sounds to me these disgusting creatures were deserving of death by any method. I  recall Yahweh commanding the Israelites to utterly destroy the Canaanites. These disgusting people were engaging in sexual perversions to have babies to offer them to demons. Archaeologists have found all the proof of this. Baby after baby after baby dead while they worshiped demons. And this was about six thousand years ago. We have authentic documentation for this. The earth turns on its axis without a flaw because the same God who set that going is the same God who made man in his image in Eden just a few thousand years ago.

Atheist: Well imagine what happened billions of years ago. I know evolution has no documentation to prove these hairy creatures existed but they had to have existed when you go backward into time considering the progress of man has been gradual and slow. We keep improving so it follows that there was a time we were brute beasts.

CS-Theist: I would not call a few thousand years slow progress. Just a short time ago we discovered many things such as electricity. America is only a few hundred years old and look how far we have come. What concerns me is the dead bloody smelly bodies of numberless creatures who supposedly lived. Would there not be some clue they were here? Anything? There is nothing.

Atheist: Well look at the Hebrews. Is there any clue they were here? They left behind no buildings, no works of art, no nothing. How do we know that Abraham Isaac and Jacob were real people? Egypt left the pyramids. Greece left us their knowledge and other nations have left many artifacts that proves they existed.

CS-Theist: Hello? We have the Bible and Jesus the Christ. We have over 5000 manuscripts of the Greek New Testament. We have the Dead Sea Scrolls. Israel is with us today and they live in their homeland since 1948. And even if a million mistakes are found in the copies of the New Testament we know that Jesus was the Word made flesh. And he said that all the Law and the prophets hang on this: Love your neighbor as yourself.

Atheist: Hearsay is all it is. In contrast; what evolution has discovered thanks to the great naturalist Darwin we now know that the Bible is a myth.

CS-Theist: The myth? the original myth has nothing to do with the Bible. The myth is the what originated with the ancients who worshiped the sun and moon, the rain and the stars. This was before God called the idolater Abram out of Ur of the Chaldees. When the rain watered these ancient people’s crops and made them grow, they worshiped the rain which they saw as one of the good gods. If the rains destroyed their crops they then believed the rains had become angry or evil, so to appease the rain they offered up gifts on altars. You know that is why so many ziggurats are found all over the world. They built them to offer sacrifices to the god that they saw as friendly. If the sun warmed them they worshiped it. But if it burned their skin they  thought it was angry so they offered up sacrifices to appease it. They worshiped anything they saw as greater than they were. If something seemed to have power over them they saw it as a god. It is still happening today as in when some people worship celebrities or money or anything they see as greater or better or richer than they are. Not all people do this only those who see them as gods.

Atheist: But back to the mind; when the hairy smelly beasts were hungry or wanted to multiply by mating with female beasts, which was all the time they did not think. They moved according to their feelings. They took what they wanted with not a thought of anything. They did not think, their brains were not developed to think, they only felt, and did whatever it took to satisfy their animal beastly lust for self-gratification.

CS-Theist: On that we agree that the mind is separate from feelings. Instinct is not the thinking mind. Living by instinct is animalistic. It is not of God. God told us to think, and he told us how to think, and what to think. Because he knows our feelings will get us into trouble. So he gave us the law of Moses to guide our minds to think only those things that will make us happy. The Law of Moses guides us to do things that are in order with God so we will worship no God but Yahweh. This is why God told us what to do and what not to do. All you have said merely confirms that humans are by nature beastly. But God calls it sin and sin is the transgression of his law. The Bible is civilized while the story of evolution is laden with sorrow and pain and unheard of amounts of blood and disgusting entities who had no goal in life, nothing but their teeth and lust to shed more blood.

Atheist: The mind slowly evolved over billions of years. Before that it was part of the big scheme of things. It was as I said part of the big bang. Then it began to localize into individual brains.

CS-Theist: So you say it localized into individual brains? What came first the brain or the skull? What looked for the other? Did the skull look for a brain or did the brain look for a skull to reside in? Sound pretty far-fetched to me.

Atheist: The brain found the skull after billions of years of time had passed. The brain could not think yet it had to go through time. Time had to pass before anything could evolve.

CS-Theist: This is your answer then; that the brain evolved without a mind than after billions of years, the mind found the skull and got in it than it began to think? So it was wandering around in space looking for a home?

Atheist: Yes you could say that. It was part of the big bang explosion than after time had passed it finally found its place in the universe which was inside a skull and brain.

CS-Theist: And what determined which skull it landed in?

Atheist: Again it was sheer chance. If so and so got a smart mind it was the luck of the draw of the universe. If the mind was not so smart it was simply how it went. The strongest survive.

CS-Theist: So the strongest mind survived and was able to choose what skull it entered? Why did not this happen for the hairy beasts? Why were they excluded from this great scientific expedition into the unknown?

Atheist: They were not considered fully human yet. They were merely experiments that time used and discarded on its way to here to almost perfect humans. Remember there must always be sacrifice for victory. The beasts were  sacrificed so we could be here. We owe them alot.

CS-Theist: Yes the time-god is evil. Evolution’s time-god and I borrow from a famous atheist Richard Dawkins these adjectives he used in this order… is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; petty, unjust, unforgiving, control freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty, ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully. As for sacrifice I am so glad Jesus sacrificed himself to give us victory.