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Focus Adjustment to the Blood of Jesus Christ

The Last Supper of Jesus Christ

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BUT it is the blood of Jesus that is needed.

Do we even hear about the blood anymore? Where? Not on Christian television which I don’t really pay attention to anymore because it is focused on money and celebrities and ratings.

It is sad to hear TBN introduce someone naming all their so-called successes in life. Life coaches and best-selling authors. They are big celebrities with their introductions. Such as “Tonight we are so blessed and privileged to have with us writer and life coach , actor, doctor, lawyer, mayor, governor, …and minister.”

Minister comes last in the list. Yes that is right GOD comes last! Do they really think this is okay with God? I think not. Go read about what he said about this in the Bible. He is first and last he will stay first and matter what.

They go on naming off all their worldly accomplishments such as their degrees. They mention their success as an actor who appeared on such and such a show. They applaud their endeavors in Hollywood. It is all about the person. Then at the very end of all the big introduction naming all their worldly successes they add that he is also….a pastor. As if God is something thrown in just because they want to..

Of course they give God all the glory for making them so successful for all their education their money their riches their popularity their wonderful life and so on.

Personally..I don’t need a pastor who writes best-selling books. Or one who used to star in the old comedy sitcom. Or the one who started out on Broadway then decided to be a pastor. And who now pastors a church with 1000000000 members. I need a pastor who prays and pleads the blood of Jesus Christ. I remember them well.

Do they even talk about the blood of Jesus Christ?

No it is all about celebrity and Hollywood and money and success.

If it were all about that there would be no need for Jesus Christ. The world does fine without him as we can see. There are rich blasphemers. What does this tell us?

The world and the church are not one and the  same. Yet this is what TBN and other so-called religious programs try to make it be.

I personally believe this is why the world is in the horrible condition it is in. Because it is not longer the blood of Jesus they talk about but themselves and their great accomplishments.

Does money and celebrity have anything to do with salvation? No.

So and so became rich and is an atheist. So and so Christian became rich and shouts praise to God for making them rich.

Here is their crazy message:

Atheists can get rich denying God. But if one who believes in God gets rich it is because God did it.

What is wrong with this picture?


Atheist 14

Atheist: If Jesus Christ did exist he evolved just like the rest of us. He evolved from a hairy smelly beast like you and me. But the fact is Christianity invented him to feel better.

Theist: Nope. He did not evolve He did not, for no apparent reason suddenly appear in Bethlehem. He was expected. Documents called prophesies. When he was born even the wicked godless king Herod knew he was expected. Documents. He sent his yes men to inquire of the  Hebrew scribes where the Christ would be born. They told him in Bethlehem. Wise men came to find him following a star that shone in the sky.  Documents. The entire universe moved in tune with his birth to announce it. This was no ordinary event in history. Guess what? We have records of it. It was normal to expect what was documented. Why? because back in Eden the Lord God said Messiah would come. God said it so it had to happen. So immediately his ancestors begin to expect him. They kept track of every son born from Eve to Mary the mother of Jesus. By the way, I just remembered; in what way does evolution convey universal truths? Jesus conveyed universal truths to us using simple parables and other teachings. But not evolution; it simply murders as it goes to prove itself true. What rubbish. No hope no love no nothing.

Atheist: Evolution has records also they go back to Darwin. I know that is not far but that is when the discovery was made by him that man evolved from animals. What exactly do you mean convey universal truths? By the way the Bible has been changed so much who knows what is true or false. Even some of your own theologians doubt its authenticity. Evolution conveys only that we evolved and evolutionary laws prove this.

Theist: What laws? Name one. There are absolutes. Evolution operates on blind chance. Or crying maybes. It is a theory. No universal law even hints of evolution. Of course you will say that science proves it. For now just Give me one way evolution explains the workings of universal laws. The very laws the Torah agrees with and wrote down. You know IE: the law of sin. You sin and die. It is a law. You sin you die. No hearing. No trial. No bonding out of jail. Steal your neighbor’s car and he might kill you. Lie to your boss and get fired.  Cheat on your spouse and destroy a once happy home. Attack the powers that be and lose the fight. By the way the powers that be are not people; they are universal laws. All these laws cannot be explained by evolution, nor are they present in the myth of evolution. To think that hairy beasts that were once reptiles and before that green yucky goo is to believe the real fairytale.

Atheist: Excuse me…..When our wild hideous hairy ancestors; those primitive ignorant beasts roamed the wild grasses of long ago, grunting as they  went, of course they were subject to laws. They did die.. We die from age and disease or from other causes. I understand there are universal laws but the Torah is just another ancient myth dreamed up by primitive tribesmen who thought the sky was a roof. The primitive hunters and gatherers naturally died. Nature did it.

Theist: And don’t forget time. You too will die. So will I because sin has separated us from God.  How does evolution explain crazy weather? Please don’t tell me time did it. Wait of course time did do it; it is the mythical murderer of anything that moves. We are against our will subject to death. Death comes in many ways but it is here and it spares no one. It kills. Evolution has no remedy for death but Christianity does. IN Christ we can live again.

Atheist: Science is what blows Christianity away. Death is the end of it. No breath no nothing.  Science has done away with religious myths. We no longer need these myths we just need knowledge to improve and succeed.

Theist: You mean succeed as did the educated serial killers the earth has shot forth? You brag of science and there is science. But there is still disease and death. Science cannot create life. Science is in tune with the Bible not with evolution. Matter and energy behave in certain ways. This is right in line with a non-wasteful God. Yet evolution has according to your report wasted numberless breathing entities for no reason except that it could.

Atheist: How unfair of this God to let all die except those who receive his Son. Evolution knows that we die. The hairy beasts died because they had no scientific knowledge to help them in any way. Like today we have medicine and doctors to help us. Yes we still die but that is just how it is. Chance did it. They came from goo and ended up in the grave it is true. But it happened that way in order for us to get here. Just blind chance. But natural selection began to weed out the bad to preserve the good.

Theist:  Don’t you see how empty that is? Chance. God is the one who said he is going to weed things out when he separates the wheat from the tares. We came from the earth and if we are in Christ we are the wheat. But if we are not in Christ we are the tares. Tares will be disposed of without mercy by being cast into the fire. The truth is that we have, say an appendix we can do without, it is because God is not wasteful, not that time eliminates because of natural selection.. it has to do with waste. Not the fittest survive only what is needed survives. This is why serial killers kill; they are wasteful and must be eliminated by laws.

Atheist: This outrageous tale of fire and brimstone that will devour the adversaries of God is absurd and unworthy of consideration. If there was a God he would not cast his own creation into hell. How could you believe such a thing?

Theist: The Bible tells me this fact. Also I see the sufferings in the world so clearly. The horrific happenings of unspeakable sufferings and death makes it easy for me to believe that God will have no problem casting people into hell. Remember he can do anything even that.

Atheist: I don’t accept that nonsense. Evolution is an observable fact. Those who deny it deny truth.

Theist That is your choice not to accept it. Evolution explains nothing it merely assumes evolution happened. The greatest weapon Christianity has against evolution is the knowledge that evolution possesses  no documents. Right now the president has been bombarded by those asking to see  his birth certificate. I did not vote for this person, and even if I had, I think he should show the document or explain why he doesn’t.  Documents are important. Try going through life without them. Darwin’s own testimony cast doubt on evolution being true. Your own guru said he doubted fossils would  be found.

Atheist: I guess nothing will convince you because of your narrow-minded thinking. Anyone who believes in talking snakes will not believe truth and this is what Darwin presented to the world the facts of man’s origins. The Flying spaghetti monster is the fundy’s guru.

Theist: Would you please explain why, without invoking the time-god, evolution has no documented Eden to recall when even pagan cultures knew the past held memories of a paradise once inhabited by humans, not memories of grunting hairy sexual deviated beasts who only existed to survive amidst such inhumane conditions that even earth’s ugliest baboons fare better?

To be continued…

Atheist 13

Theist: Just between you and me and the lamp-post I heard that Darwin invented evolution simply because one man looked so different from another man. The Galapagos is not London. Creatures who eat with their fingers cannot be related to the man who eats with a fork except in some mysterious way. Or he apparently understood a man walking through a far away jungle; a jungle measuring 2,000,000 square miles; however Darwin didn’t know the size of the jungle, had to have come into existence a totally different way the suit wearing other man did. I read Stephen Gould’s book the Mismeasure of Man. Gould told it all.

Atheist: That is an outright lie. Darwin was a kind and gentle man. How could he be a racist when his life was one of study and devotion to his dear family? He simply saw what was there and recorded his findings. It was the greatest discovery the world has to this day.

Theist: Did I say he was a racist? Please.. I simply told you what I heard. Greatest discovery with no transitional fossils. No transitional fossils; there are none. None. They have searched and it would seem they would give up. And what they have presented as true has proved to be false.

Atheist:  Not so. Fossils exist I tell you. As for Darwin, I simply said that he being a naturalist observed what was there and concluded what to him was obvious. There are fossils. As I said you are in denial choosing to believe fundies instead of accredited scientists.

Theist: The Bible in Genesis 10 records the table of nations. William Albright the greatest archaeologist ever said “it [the Bible] remains an astonishingly accurate document…and shows such remarkably ‘modern’ understanding of the ethnic and linguistic situation in the modern world, in spite of all its complexity, that scholars never fail to be impressed with its knowledge of the subject.”

Atheist: I never heard of Albright. Sounds like a another fundie on the loose to deceive the simple-minded.

Theist: He is considered the greatest archaeologist of all time. He was outstanding in his thinking. He was a Biblical and archeological scholar who mastered more than 26 ancient and modern languages. And he said,
“ The excessive skepticism shown toward the Bible by important historical schools of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, certain phrases of which still appear periodically, has been progressively discredited. Discovery after discovery has established the accuracy of innumerable details, and has brought increased recognition to the value of the Bible as a source of history. ” This information is found in
Albright, William F., The Archaeology of Palestine and the Bible, Ada, MI: Revell 1935, p. 127.

Atheist: So what did you do memorize this?

Theist: Yes I sure did. What I said can be proved unlike that smelly beasts existed only to survive.. Also as a Bible student I found I have to study everything else since the God of the Bible made all things that exist. God did it not evolution. Evolution turns the pages of every book written by other atheists yet ignores the only book that explains it all. The study of the Bible will take you places you never thought you would go.

Atheist: Darwin was the greatest scientist of all time to finally at last, finally find the reason why the earth produces as it does. Behaves as it does.
Theist: Darwin said this “In the survival of favored individuals and races, during the constantly recurring struggle for existence, we see a powerful and ever-acting form of selection.”

Atheist: Exactly! Can anyone with half a brain deny that? This is what has happened and is happening right now all over the planet. I know some call it racism but it is nothing but facts which the ignorant refuse to see and acknowledge. It is there it is visible it is undeniable that the human race evolved. We descended from a common ancestor; the hairy smelly cannibalistic sexual perverted totally ignorant beasts that once roamed the world surviving by their instincts are our ancestors. Man is basically a beast. This explains crime. This explains natural disgust. This explains nature at its best and its worst behavior.
Theist: God calls it sin in humans.  Nature behaves as God ordained it to. God explains in the Bible why we do what we do. It is not because we are beasts. It is because of disobedience to his laws. This cannot be denied. Transgress his laws and die. It is that clear. The laws that govern the universe agree with the Torah. The powers that be did not could not have evolved. But they were set in place as were the sun and moon and stars by the Creator.. Are you implying that at one time the universe did not have these laws?

Atheist: All the beasts knew to do they did. Nothing more. They ate they drank they slept they fought they mated they died. They produced us! You just want to believe that once upon a time in la la land some God called Yahweh lovingly created a male and female then told them to be fruitful and multiply. Never happened that there was a talking snake and a paradise of green grass and fruit trees. Now that is unbelievable.

Theist: Well I not only believe this is what happened but I know it happened. It is not impossible a snake talked. A donkey spoke to a prophet in Numbers. There is no other explanation that agrees with recorded history, for our existence, except that we were created by a loving God.  You have no record of your belief. No documents. Also, In all your talk you failed to explain where does love come from. Why do we care? The human race looks upward not downward. The things you claim that were our ancestors not in a zillion slow-moving years could have loved. The only thing they did not do was think right? Their entire life if you could call it life was nothing but basic raw survival. Worse than one could imagine. But before that they were non-existent. From goo to love is so impossible to believe is why it is not believed by intelligent thinking human beings, no offense intended, who believe in Jesus the Christ. He was a genius. He possessed the absolute perfect IQ. He thought correctly. He was God personified. He came to teach us how to love. He set the example that we are to follow if we desire to live happy and fulfilled lives. His thinking was so genius so ordered so perfect that if all followed his teachings the earth would be paradise again.

Atheist: You have the right to your  opinion. Then pray tell why most do not follow his teachings? Why do so many who profess Christianity live as do the beasts I have been describing to you? Gandhi had a point though I do not agree with it all. He said he liked the Christians’ Christ but he did not like the Christians. Back to the beasts and their lives. They found themselves caught up in a strange happening.

Theist:  They choose to do evil. Jesus made the way for sin to be overcome. So the beasts were caught up? Are you saying they realized? Do you imply they had an intelligent thought?

Atheist: They remotely suspected something was up. Suddenly they were there! From nothing they appeared. But gradually very slowly as time worked its magic they begin to improve. This took so much time it is impossible to tell how long from the goo to the gold. One died and the next one did a little better. Though I cannot tell what caused this improvement but time working with substances that came into play when the big bang happened brought about the change.

Theist: What happened to the famous dating machines? You know the ones that are always in error.

Atheist: They do date for up to a certain time. Back to the interesting creatures; From billions of years of off-springing, their beastly ancestors being worse than they were, sprang one active desire within them;survival at any cost. It was as Darwin said the survival of the fittest. They scratched, they crawled they fought they lived they died. And they had to have possessed some form of affection in order to mate to produce. Voila here we are! Our ancestors who survived so we could be here.

Theist: So they were the fittest? Affection? I think not. Love creates not behaves beastly such as in kill kill kill.  Sex sex sex…Love is always in order and is decent. It is as Paul said of it in 1 Corinthians 13. Love and lust have nothing in common. According to you this is why they survived for billions of years because they were fit. If anything describes unfit it is these beastly entities you claim were the ancestors of the human race. The race that seeks but one thing to be happy.

Atheist: Yes They were fitted to survive in the environment that they found themselves in.They were a brave bunch.

Theist: What do you think was the motivation that caused them to survive at any cost? Why would anything want to exist in such conditions? Breathe air only to smell bad, look bad, have sex with whoever, kill to eat and die not even knowing what happened. As I said the time-god is itself a vicious uncaring vindictive egotistical beast. A hideous beast that makes its beastly victims look like the care bears. Totally unmerciful.

Atheist: Like it or not that is what happened. They were the experiment of the universe. A universe that creates black holes, exploding galaxies and flaming volcanoes. I would say a very hostile universe.

Theist: My exact point why we need the only man that explained it all; Jesus the Christ. He did not evolve of course. But he was the end result of the Hebrew prophets and the beginning of eternal life. Being that he was life itself. Can you grasp such a thing? Christ was Life itself in a human body. He did not find himself caught up in an experiment. He wanted to come to save us from our dilemma. Instead of wandering he gives us direction and love. From heaven to earth yet still in heaven he lived for a time on earth.

To be continued…

Atheism Still Living In Theist World

I love the atheists of course I do and I pray for them because they are included when I ask God to save the lost. God bless them today.

I quote an atheist, “Atheism has long, underground tentacles which reach deep into human history.”

How deep? Millenniums? If so why is that with all your so-called evidence of no evidence of God is your movement still under the rule of a God thinking believing world?

Atheists live in a theist world because they cannot win the world over to their thinking.

This has been the case for thousands of years. Not a few years have they been losing , but thousands of years they have remained what they are today under the rule of a theist world.

Why? Because when you have no foundation you cannot build.

Theism has a foundation that will and has withstood the test of time and trouble; it is God, what he said, and who he is.

Atheism has had literally thousands of years to rule the world. To make the world non-theist. So why no luck?

Why with all the atheists who call themselves great thinkers, intelligent and educated is the atheism movement still under the rule of this God thinking world?

If you don’t think so than quit spending money with In God We Trust stamped on it.

The last hundred years saw Christianity as it has seen it for two-thousand years; preaching Christ.

The last thousand years in spite of those who were the enemies of Christianity; it has still preached Christ.

The thousand years before that; Christ was preached.

And the thousands of years before Christ was born in Bethlehem Christ’s arrival was preached.

The entire history of the world is about God. No one but him.

In every book, every document, on every tongue is either what God said, or what God said man would say. This cannot be refuted.

There is not a thing on earth not mentioned in the Bible.

Satan tried to stop Christianity even by using many of the believers themselves against it with wars crusades, inquisitions, burnings, etc to stamp it out, yet today Christ is preached.

Even with these horrible things that took place in ages past belief in God  is still driving the world’s car.

How true the words of Jesus that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against my church.” (NT)

The gates of the enemies belong to the Christian; the enemies of Christianity cannot prevail.

So why has atheism failed so miserably to win the world for atheism? There has to be a reason for its failure to win the masses to atheism.

Christians know that atheism cannot win because God is against it. Atheists trying to take on God in combat are fighting the battle they have been losing since the dawn of creation.

Yes anyone can fight God, they just won’t win.

Atheists are loved by God and within each one of them is his light the light that lights every man that comes into the world. They do have morals as do all people.

God put them in us when he created man in his image. It is in choice that we do good or evil.

But as prophesied in the Bible these days would come.

The happy ending is that seventh angel sounding;

And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become [the kingdoms] of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever. (Revelation of Jesus Christ 11:15)

The SUN our light? (2)

As a christian I cannot view the sun as real light. It is a created light. A light spoke into existence by God. The great light to rule the day. Natural? yes. Real? no. Christ is the true Light there is no other Light to Light men but Jesus Christ.

This true light that is God lights every man that comes into the world. That was the true Light, which lights every man that comes into the world. (John 1:19) Yet Jesus said to beware that the light that is in us be not darkness.Take heed therefore that the light which is in you be not darkness. (Luke 11:35)

Can light be darkness? Yes because Jesus said so.  That’s right he said so. Love others and walk in the light which is God’s love. Hate others and stumble in the darkness one can feel. That darkness that is evil that is terrifying that is death.

He said if the light that is in you be darkness how great is that darkness. But if your eye be evil, your whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you be darkness, how great is that darkness! (Matthew 6:23) He referred to the spiritual darkness that will overcome the man and shroud him in great darkness. If he reaches out his hand to iniquity.

How does the light that is in us when we are born, which is God, become darkness? Transgression against the laws of God. It is called sin.

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. (Matthew 6:24)

They may think they can serve God and Satan the world and the flesh, but they cannot do good and evil both and expect that light to shine. It cannot be. Satan will always compromise with God but God will never compromise with Satan. If evil is done the Lord cannot be there. He cannot be where sin and darkness are. Because he is LIGHT.

Atheists think that the world would be a better place without Christians. But without the Christians there would be that darkness Jesus Christ warned of.

Christ in the Christians is the light of the world.

1 John 1:5: This is the message which we have heard from him and announce to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. 6 If we say that we have fellowship with him and walk in the darkness, we lie, and don’t tell the truth. 7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ, his Son, cleanses us from all sin.

There is a darkness without the sun. If one could imagine a world without the sun he would see a terrifying world; a world of darkness and cold. I would imagine stark fear for one could not know what is there beside him. Or behind him or waiting to meet him. It is a fact that evil is present in the universe. It is real and without mercy. Darkness invites evil. Without the sun all things would die.

Evil men do their evil deeds in the darkness. They think they can hide there.

They lurk and wait in the darkness for their prey.

When one dies he goes where the sun doesn’t shine. There is no light beyond the grave. Jesus said he is the Light of the world. The world he said, but what of the other world that exists beyond the last breath?

Whoever has not considered his last breath has not considered. He who has not carefully regarded his life beyond his last breath has not regarded the fact that death is exactly that; death. Death is not the lack of existence it is the end of earthly awareness.

The sun is not our light. Christ is the true light and without him there is no light only darkness. No world can exist without the true light.

The world would be a dark cold terrifying place of instant death without the sun. Death for all life. Life comes from God alone it cannot be created in a lab or imagined into reality. Only God can create life. He is himself LIFE.

To die without the true light which is Jesus Christ,  is without doubt the great darkness Jesus warned of.

Don’t leave this world without Christ in you the hope of glory!

Christ in you, the hope of glory. (Colossians 1:27)

In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness did not comprehend it.
[The light in every man shines in the darkness of man, pleading with him to forsake evil; but man in his darkness does not grasp what God is trying to explain to him.] (John 1:4-5)


Israel is Israel the real Israel..

Jacob offers a dish of lentels to Esau for the...

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For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth. (2 Corinthians 13:8)

[We can do nothing against the truth, whatever we do good or bad will further the truth; will somehow be for it; and promote it; and it will prevail.]

SOME say modern day Israel is not really Israel. That it is false that it need not exist because the church is the Israel of God. Israel is cursed and will be destroyed they say. Israel will be destroyed some believe. That it is a terrorist state. And yada yada yada…on and on it goes the hatred for and accusations against Israel.

As if God would lead all those people there to Israel from all nations after the  Holocaust where Hitler killed so many only to destroy them. This is absurd to think that God would so such a thing. God doesn’t move that way. It is basically accusing God of setting a trap for a persecuted suffering people. The very people who in covenant with Him gave the world the holy Scriptures and Jesus Christ. Israel is the elect nation and nothing will change that. God gave that land to them FOREVER. Not only until Jesus returns, but forever. The Bible proves this.

The Israel right now in existence is Israel.. Seeing is believing. Yes there it is. God restored Israel in 1948. How can it be a fake Israel when it is there for all the world to see? But some insist it is not true Israel…but a counterfeit. They even say Israel stole the land from the Palestinians. They cry and demand that Israel give back the land. Some devote entire websites to curse and damn Israel with this headline and content; Israel is a terrorist state that stole the land from the Palestinians.

Let us suppose for one minute that this is true. So what does the Bible say about this kind of stuff going on?

Hmm…taking what is not yours concerning Israel…..hmm…

Well….let’s see what the Bible says about this….and.. if we read the story of Jacob and Esau in Genesis.

Now…if one knows the story they know that the birthright belonged to Esau the firstborn….but Who stole the birthright from Esau the firstborn of Isaac? His brother Jacob did. Yes Jacob stole that birthright or rather he talked his brother out of it. Or he somehow managed to own that birthright that belonged to Esau. Whatever the case Jacob ended up with it.

Did God make Jacob give the birthright back? Nope.. he let him keep it.

If Esau had not traded his birthright for the bowl of soup he still would not have been at Bethel. Remember Bethel where Jacob lay down to sleep when he was running for his life away from his angry brother Esau who wanted to kill him? Where he dreamed of a ladder to heaven and angels ascending and descending on it?

He wrestled with God there.

It was there God changed his name from Jacob to Israel…meaning prince of God.

Why would Esau have fled to Bethel? It could not be. It was Jacob who landed at Bethel. Why? Because he stole the birthright and he was fleeing from his brother who was angry at him for stealing the birthright. Interesting how God uses what we do good or bad to bring us to where he wants us to go. The one who stole the birthright is the one God used. Why? Because God does what he wants.

Did God say to Jacob…”Okay Jacob go home, you need to return the birthright now to Esau right now or I cannot bless you!”

Bethel is where Jacob went to hide from Esau. After he took that birthright and the blessing from Isaac he fled. But he would not have had to have fled if he had not stolen the birthright. It is quite a story and reveals so much of God’s loving and wonderful in wisdom mind.

God used a thief to continue what he began in Eden. The Messiah must come. Jesus must be born in Bethlehem. Esau forfeited the birthright and God did not tell Jacob..”You need to return the birthright to the rightful owner. Give it back to Esau. I cannot work with this.”

God simply used what these brothers did.

If we believe not, yet he stays faithful: he cannot deny himself. (2 Timothy 2:13)

Neither was better than the other. However God hated Esau and made this clear. Esau did not care about the birthright. Why would Jacob have went to Bethel anyway if Esau had not given up the birthright? Not that God did not love them both but that is just how it happened.

Jacob and Esau did all this and God used it.
God will also use Israel to fulfill his word for the ages and for all people.

If Esau had not sold his birthright Jacob would never had fled and ended up at Bethel. He never would have used a stone for a pillow. He would not have seen the angels ascending and descending on the ladder to heaven. He would not have had his name changed to Israel.
He would never have met Laban who cheated him. He would never have gotten married to Rachel. He would never have had the twelve sons. There would not have been twelve tribes descended from him.

But there is the twelve tribes. And from Judah’s tribe came Jesus Christ.
God used it all! This is the point! What they did good or evil God used it!

No one knows how Jacob would have got to Bethel if Esau had not sold his birthright. But the point is he did and God used it for his own purpose and glory. Christ has come! God did it! He used what Jacob and Esau did to accomplish his purpose.

Hooray for God! There is nothing we can do good or bad to stop him from accomplishing his will if we believe in him. And whether we believe or not he cannot deny himself.

God used the one who had the birthright however that person obtained it..
Not Esau’s name was changed. The story of Jacob and Esau is an interesting and informative account of how God used what man does to do what he wants to do.

To bring Jesus Christ into the world.

I saw a video at You Tube saying that the entire Bible is to reveal who Israel is.

Not so! The entire Bible is to tell who Jesus Christ is. Only God is glorified in the Bible. Not a people is glorified but Christ alone. Man is always trying to lift up himself. Such as the different groups out there claiming to be the real Israelites. They go to great lengths to “prove” they are the chosen people.

Here is the thing; Who cares? It is about Christ not them. They argue among themselves that Christ is white.. or Christ is black.. or Christ is British or he is Hispanic or he is an African.

The Bible is about Jesus Christ; about when he came,  how he came,  where he came, why he came.

Remember Joseph? God didn’t stop his ten brothers from doing what they did to Joseph. Yet God used all the people in the Genesis story to do what he wanted to do. He used the brothers hatred of Joseph. He used what Potiphar’s wife did when she accused him of rape. God used the accusation he used the prison warden and the butler and the baker. He used everything everyone did. Why? Because  God doesn’t waste our sufferings.

His laws of thermodynamics teach this lesson. He is a conservative God he wastes nothing but turns it to something else to bless us. Water will turn to ice if subjected to the right condition and it will turn to steam, etc.  It is not wasted.  Sufferings are used by God to bless us somehow. He is a wise and faithful loving God. He deserves to be trusted simply for his amazing creative mind.

And in the end God placed Joseph to be the prime minister of Egypt to save many people alive. Joseph had to travel the way he did to get to where he was. God used his own life experiences to lead him to the throne of Egypt. Not to glorify Joseph so he could have a thousand different tunics to wear but to save many people alive. God was thinking of everyone and Joseph was the instrument he used to accomplish his goal.

So why contend about if Israel is Israel? Why argue about who is the true Israel? God can and does use and WILL use what we do for his own glory and purpose. In the end and even now it is God who is right in what he does and how he does it.

The Israel that became a state in 1948 is the Israel God will use. It is the Israel God will protect. It is the Israel Jesus will come back to. God uses what man does. He doesn’t force anyone to do what he said. He simply uses what man does in his sins or in his obedience to accomplish his goals.

And he knows beforehand what we will do. God knew Israel would become a state in 1948. A nation was born in a day as says the scriptures.
God can use man in his obedience or in his disobedience.
God cannot be out waited or out thought.

God is not going to change one thing about what is happening in the world by whoever. This is a great testimony of his love and power and wisdom and his mercy.
With all the good and evil taking place all over the world God knows exactly what to do to bring it to where he wants it to be. And he will. Who can stop him? Who can make him change this or that?

Do what you want good or evil and God will use it! But God commands us to do good not evil.  Jesus is going to set his feet someday on the Mount of Olives that Bible says in Zechariah 14:1. There has to be a mount of Olives for Jesus to set his foot on. It exists and is found in Israel. The Israel of old and the Israel born in a day in 1948.

Israel is a false Israel? Oh? Then Jacob was a false heir who stole the birthright.
Did Jacob steal that birthright? yes and he still got to keep it. Did Israel steal that land? Some say they did but the God of the Bible lets them keep it whether they stole it or not. This is the point.
The fact of the matter is Jacob had the birthright. The point is Israel is Israel and God will use this.

All through the Bible God uses what he has.

They say also that no temple is needed. No temple needs to be built. That is not the point. The Bible says it will be built.

Look at The genealogy of Jesus Christ; it is composed of people who failed God. Yet this is how Jesus came to be born: through this family who failed God. In this family of Jesus’ ancestors are found adulterers, murderers and liars, a prostitute, incest, etc..and God used them.

But why were they holy anyway?
Simply because God said so!

“Moses take your shoes off. You are standing on holy ground.” the Lord said to Moses one day.
The ground was holy simply because God said so! Not because the ground paid tithes or gave offerings or attended church faithfully was it holy. Not because it was a certain race or religion or creed or culture.

It was holy by the word of God. The power of his word!

His word! It is that Lamp to my feet, that Light to my path!

Why does God use what he has? That is what He has to work with…no perfect people to use, he uses everyday failing humans to bring about his own purposes and he willingly and lovingly and patiently uses it all for his own glory.
It is God who will be glorified. Not a race or a culture or a philosophy or an idea or a land or a president or a king or anything will be glorified.
And the Bible is a closed book. It not open to debate or negotiation.
A pastor wrote an entire thesis online to “prove by the scriptures” that no temple is needed in this dispensation of grace..
That is not even the issue whether a temple is needed or not. God said in his word a temple will be there and the Antichrist will enter it.

How the temple gets there is not the issue. That a temple will be there this is the issue

The modern day state of Israel has been raised up by God,  whatever means he used to allow it to happen; this is the point and God will use 1948 founded Israel to bring to pass all he said he would do in the world.
God is not going to change anything. He is going to use it for his glory.

This is the God of the Bible and this cannot be refuted!

(God gave the pagan king Nebuchadnezzar a dream revealing all the future of the world.) Yes to a pagan king he revealed the future of the world in a dream.

It was the Hebrew prophet Daniel who Interpreted it, but it was a pagan who dremed the dream.

Who tells God what to do? God uses whoever he wants for whatever he wants. He never works according to man’s thinking. He works according to his wisdom and his love for all mankind. What a loving wonderful God he is!

God does what he does because he is good not because we are good. It is all about him and what he does is always right.

The Jews are not the Jews! They are imposters! Oh? They are the ones with the Torah and this tells it all. The oracles of God were commited to them and God did not commit his word to anyone he did not trust with it. Israel has kept his word for millennia. God knows what he is doing.

Who calls him into question?
Who advises him?
Who corrects him? Who subpoenas him?
All glory to God for his power and willingness to use what we do whether good or evil to bring about his will for the world.

God wants us to do good yet if we do not that doesn’t change him.
He is still faithful!

Israel is Israel and God will bring to pass what he said.

No matter what God will get the glory!

They crucified Jesus Christ. But what did God do with it??


What A God!!!!


America is the Roman Empire (edited)

[God began to reveal this to me several years ago that America is the Roman empire. I had never thought of such a thing. But God called me when a child to study his word. I know when he says something to me or reveals]

Many people do not know that the Hebrew prophet Daniel who lived about 600 BCE told us the future of the world.

From the Babylonian empire, which was the golden empire of the ancient world, to silver kingdom Persia under Cyrus and Darius, to the brass kingdom of  Greece under Alexander the Great, to the iron Roman Caesars, to right now iron (Strong) America, the entire history (history to us now) and the future of the world is revealed in that one dream God gave to a pagan king.

We can know what is here and what is still to come. As someone wisely said...history unfolding is prophecy un-scrolling.

We cannot look at events and say this is what God meant until we actually see it come to pass.
Then we look at the prophecies and see it as clear as could be.

IE: We now know that the gold, silver, brass and iron were the four empires that came one after the other. The four superpowers of their day.

Babylon Persia Greece and Rome. No other kingdoms will arise..

The king of Babylon at that time dreamed a dream of a great image. God gave Nebuchadnezzar a dream he could not understand. The frustrated king was told of Daniel the Hebrew captive who might be able to help him with his problem.

Daniel was one of those that had been carried there from Israel.

The king called for him and by God’s power the prophet (seer) told the king his dream and the meaning of it.

Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image. This great image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee; and the form thereof was terrible.This image’s head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass,His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay. Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces. (Daniel 2:31-34)
In Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the great image where he saw the gold head, the silver chest, the brass belly and iron legs with feet of iron and clay; he never said the iron had a break in it, that it ended. It is intact somewhere. The image goes from the head all the way down to the feet and toes of iron and clay. So really the Roman empire has never ended. So where is it?

In north America.

Now Daniel the prophet told Nebuchadnezzar he was the head of gold.
So the king was the empire since he controlled it.
“You are this head of gold.”
And wherever the children of men dwell, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the heaven has he given into your hand, and has made you ruler over them all. You are this head of gold. (Daniel 2:38)

In other words the empires were and are people with minds. And minds think..

Unfortunately today Barack Obama is America. He is the president so he fits that description Daniel gave.

Nebuchadnezzar was Babylon. Darius was Persia. Alexander was Greece. The Caesars were and are Rome.

Also out of the Roman empire will come the son of the devil, who is the son of perdition, the Antichrist. No doubt it is certain the Antichrist will be a Roman. He has to come out of the nation that has the technological ability to make everyone small and great take the mark on their forehead or on their hand.
Test-tube baby? Cloning? Sperm bank? Who knows but the modern day Damien will appear soon.
He has to for scripture demands it.

Nebuchadnezzar was the head of gold. Then came Cyrus (Persia) who overthrew Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar), then came Alexander (Greece) who overthrew Persia.
Then came Rome (Caesars) who crushed them all and ruled the world. Rome began in 7 BC. Rome is the ruler power of the ages. It is the last kingdom that will exist when Jesus comes again. The very empire that rejected and executed him.
It is still ruling today. Only under a different name; America. City states united and called the United States.

Study the image yourself and find that the legs and feet and toes of iron and clay never broke in the dream nor in history. It is intact to this day.
It traveled through the ages and arrived here a few hundred years ago.

1776 AD it became the USA; it revived. The deadly wound was healed, the wound delivered to it by Christianity and caused it to “fall” in 476 AD was healed.

Rome was able to continue ruling since many (IE: Constantine himself) who professed Christianity never learned to love their neighbor as commanded by Jesus the founder of Christianity.  Nothing but wars from then to now by so called Christians. When Christianity reached the mighty Roman empire the emperor did what this nation does today; mix church and state. This is actually what brought on the Dark Ages. God was seen as the God of the state and the true Christians died for being seriously annoying.

The two legs; Rome divided into Rome and Constantinople.

But at the end of the age right before the stone (Jesus Christ) cut out of the mountain(God)
smites the image on its feet it will still be ruling the world. It has to be for it is the last kingdom. Where is Rome? Is it ten nations? Using that you could name ten nationalities and come up with America.
The Scotch-Irish the English the French, the Italian, the Spaniard, the German, the Native American the Blacks, etc until you have ten bloods in one nation. Ten minds forming one mind to form one ruling government.

What thinks for the kingdom is the kingdom. The eagle represented ancient Rome and the eagle represents America.

The European Union call it what you will; America ( Roman Empire) rules the world and will rule until Jesus Christ returns.
They mingle but do not cleave to one another as Daniel said.

Americans  who are of diverse nations mingle but do not cleave to one another. America is famous for its different peoples who mingle but do not mix. It is that way in America. Mingling but not mixing.  What else could Daniel mean? He saw the future and he saw the United States of America as the last kingdom.

The  iron and clay feet and toes must be in power when Jesus Christ returns. The stone will smite the image on its feet. America is the feet or iron and clay.
The feet Daniel saw is what is holding up the rest of the image.

This dreadful image walks  if you will…it has walked through the ages causing death and destruction wherever it went…
this image is alive and well today.
Yes it has built nations,but also made wars and death and shed much blood.
Daniel said..”In the days of these kings..” all those kings (minds) must be in existence at the end of days. What they think must exist and it does in how the world lives today under the rule of America.
Rome ruled with its legions as does America with its military. Who is able to make war with the beast? No one can make war with America. Nebuchadnezzar himself was the head of gold. Babylon is money and sex and power and fame.

and the other kings are Cyrus, Alexander and the Caesars. The Caesars which are now the American presidents. If one studies America they will find within its design Rome and Greece and Persia and Babylon. It is sure. This study goes on and on but I’m trying to come to the point.

Then the Lord after he has utterly destroyed the ruling dominating empire he will set up his kingdom which will fill the earth.
What a day that will be! It is right upon us.

The New World Order, the verichip, the swine flu,  earthquakes happening all over the globe and tsunamis, etc., and pestilences and wars and rumors of wars are all signs that the time is come.

Consider…..America has a great military like Rome did.
Did any army compare with the Roman Legions? It ruled the world!
Roman senators/United States senators

Highways and isn’t this what Rome is also famous for? Their highways?
The lex Hortensia (287 BC.) was as the Judicial, Legislative and Executive branches of the United States.
The Pantheon of Rome looks just like the United States capitol building, the White House, the courthouses across the land of this nation all have their pillars and columns and domes as did ancient Rome..

and on and on the same….
What mind designed the courtyards, pillars and columns that are precisely the same in America and design and purpose as they were in ancient Rome? It must have been a Roman mind. How can it not be?

How did the Romans get to America? By ship.
During the time of the early church the Gentile Christians were more in number than the Jewish Christians. After the apostles died things did not go well.

(See Acts 20:26-31)
Paul warned of what lie ahead.

So how did the Romans get from Rome to America? Ships.
And they brought the Bible with them. The Bible they received when Paul the apostle took the word of God to them. he wrote a letter to them. It is called the epistle to the Romans. Paul did say to Israel that because they rejected the gospel to the Gentiles he would go.
The Gentiles are the very ones who have the gospel today. (Israel has been partially blinded by God for while. See Romans 11) Paul took the gospel to Rome. The Bible and History verify this. Everything in America was designed after the ancient Roman frame by the Gentiles who had the gospel, the very ones who came to this land and called it the United States of America.

And the Bible per se was not used by the founding fathers, it was already instilled in them to know right from wrong. It was part of their culture. They used the  knowledge of right and wrong, justice and punishment to form the Constitution. There was nothing else for them to use. It was all they needed the knowledge of right from wrong. That is all that exists to do: either right or wrong. All civilized nations know this.

Saying they based the Constitution and Bill of Rights on the Bible can be said of many nations.  All nations in the world do their best to do what is right. America is not a city set on a hill,  unless you mean Capitol Hill…it is one of many.

They insist that Rome must revive. But Rome never stopped being in power. It is still in power only called by another name. Its deadly wound was healed in 1776.

Who else can it be but America? The last kingdom must be in existence even as Daniel the prophet said.
What other nation in the history of the world could be Rome today?
Egypt? China? Korea? Spain? Portugal? New Zea land? Chile? Paraguay? Cuba?
India? Russia? Mexico? Syria? Pakistan? Africa? Iran? Iraq?
You could name every country in the world and it can..
Only be America.

In Pay Attention To Daniel’s Prophecy (Watch tower and Tract Society)
(I am not of the Jehovah’s Witness religion, but I appreciate their literature on history of the world and the Roman church. I also find much information from Baptist sources and other churches who distribute their literature on the history of the world and the papacy. It says…

“The Roman world power, however did not end with the removal of its last emperor in Rome in 476 C.E. For many centuries, papal Rome continued to exercise power over Europe. It did so through the feudal system, in which most of Europe’s inhabitants were subject to a lord, then to a king. And all kings acknowledged the authority of the pope.
Thus the holy Roman empire with papal Rome as its focal point dominated world affairs throughout that long period of history called the Dark Ages.”

Historian H. G. Wells wrote: “This new Roman power…was in several respects a different thing from any of the great empires that had hitherto prevailed in the civilized world…..[It] incorporated nearly all the Greek people in the world, and its population was strongly less Hamitic and Semitic than that of any preceding empire….It was so far a new pattern in history.

The Roman empire was a growth, an unplanned novel growth; the Roman people found themselves engaged unawares in a vast administrative experiment.” End of quote.

Notice this by HG Wells…”in which most of Europe’s inhabitants were subject to a lord, then to a king.”

and England got themselves a king, was subject to the pope. Then they decided they wanted to be Anglican. They left the pope’s authority. They then decided to come to America bringing all their Roman thinking with them logged in their lives with all the history of Rome mixed with Christianity.

And they called it the United States of America.

And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. (Revelation of Jesus Christ 18:2)

How does Babylon fall? It comes down with the other kingdoms Daniel saw in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. When the stone cut out of the mountain smites the image  on its feet all the image is destroyed.  Babylon comes down. All four kingdoms (Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome) are destroyed when the image is smitten. This image has been stomping through the ages trampling everything in the path of world history. It is the world and its nations its systems its power. All in rebellion against God. This image is alive and well today. It exists in the gold (money) and silver (false religion) the brass (mighty armies) and the iron (power to oppress) and clay (the oppressed). These are the kingdoms of the world which all must be destroyed for the kingdom of God to be set up. The kingdom of which as the angel Gabriel told Mary about her Son’s kingdom..“Of his kingdom there shall be no end.”

Everything that is Babylonian everything that is Persian and everything that is Grecian and everything that is Roman exists today in  America and is America. It  alone is the last kingdom (iron and clay) with great power that visually exists right before it is destroyed by the mighty power of God.

It is the kingdom that rules right now, the last kingdom, and its future is foretold in the prophecy of Daniel.