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Goo’s Execution

The hanging of two participants in the Indian ...

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It happened that Goo (from a far distant shore that appeared from nothing out of the so-called Big Bang) was found guilty of lying to the world.

His false claim that the human race descended from him has been thoroughly refuted by science.

The judge sentenced him to death by hanging.

The following is a report of what happened at the execution:

Only a few people were present to witness Goo breathe his last. It is reported he chose as his last meal a hot roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and green beans. And a large slice of Red Velvet cake for dessert. He swallowed down a large beer, smiled and belched before in death he closed his lying eyes.

After Goo is finished eating and drinking and belching, he is dragged to the gallows. Screaming and resisting with all his gooey might, he vows revenge on his killers. “I will come back I swear I will rise from the dead and kill you hypocrites!

Finally subdued he offers no more resistance knowing his fate is sealed. He trembles with fear as he catches his first look at the hanging place called the gallows.

Prison warden: Goo do you have any final words before we hang you by your lying scrawny little neck?

Goo: Not really. All I had to say I said on the witness stand. I stand by what I said that it was from me that the human race descended. Man came from apes! I know that is hard to accept. But it is true. Man is an animal! As I said; it all began on a far off distant shore after I met dear kind Mr Darwin. I slid out of the the sea and…

Prison warden: Place the noose around Goo’s lying bony dirty smelly godless neck Mr Executioner.

The executioner comes  forward with a black hood over this head. Only his eyes are visible. He glares at Goo. He places the noose around Goo’s neck. He secures it as if it will somehow fall off as Goo begins again to resist..

Goo reaches  up to feel the noose. He winces… then immediately composes himself.

Goo: I hate you all! I hate you all! May I die rather than deny that man evolved from goo to reptile to monkey to grunting, smelly, disgusting sex-crazed, wild beas…

CLUNK! The foundation beneath Goo’s feet disappears. It drops like a pebble into the abyss never to be seen again. Goo flops like a rag doll as the noose does its work of strangling the last lying breath out of him. After Goo’s dead lying body dangles for a few minutes, the executioner removes Goo’s lying neck from the noose. He places his corpse on the waiting gurney.

He is pronounced soooo…dead by a archaeologist doctor. A great cheer erupts from the crowd of creationists. Not a tear not a sigh when lying Goo died.

Goo died as he lived;  a liar.

He is taken down and buried in a grave marked

Here lies a liar and a fool” Goo the decieved.


Goo’s Incredible Journey (2)

Attorney Evolutionist: Your Honor I beg the court to demand that Attorney Christian cease attacking my witnesses and this case.

Judge: Goo you may continue..sigh…

Goo: I was particularly entranced of the Ice Age. It was cold. I almost didn’t make it through from the frost. Anyway I overcame it and became a polar bear. I was a seal and a penguin, a saber toothed tiger a giant ground slouth, a mastodon and every mammoth imaginable. Of course this was over 100,000 years ago. This was during the Triassic Period when dinosaurs appeared out of me the incredible goo. Time and goo what a team!

Attorney Evolutionist: Your honor if it please the court would it be acceptable if Goo tells us what was his favorite creature to evolve into?

Attorney Christian: I object! The entire examination of this obviously hallucinating gob of goo should be animated, placed on a big screen, advertised, and sold for what it is; science fiction cartoons!

Judge: Objection sustained. Goo you may answer the question.

Goo: My favorite creature was when I became a dinosaur. The Tyrannosaur Rex was my favorite evolving experience. I evolved from nothing to become a brainless creature. I wandered around for billions of years until I died out because of my desire to evolve into something else such as a roly-poly bug.

Attorney Evolutionist: Thank you Goo. You may step down.

Goo slips down and slides to his chair.

Attorney Christian: I would like to call to the stand the world’s foremost authority on evolution lie Dr Tim the Truth.

Tim the Truth you may begin quoting Henry Morris in his book The Remarkable Birth of Planet earth:

(p. 14) All processes manifest a tendency toward decay and disintegration, with a net increase in what is called the entropy, or state of randomness or disorder, of the system. This is called the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

(p. 19) There is a universal tendency for all systems to go from order to disorder, as stated in the Second Law, and this tendency can only be arrested and reversed under very special circumstances. We have already seen, in Chapter I, that disorder can never produce order through any kind of random process. There must be present some form of code or program, to direct the ordering process, and this code must contain at least as much “information” as is needed to provide this direction.
Furthermore, there must be present some kind of mechanism for converting the environmental energy into the energy required to produce the higher organization of the system involved. …
Thus, any system that experiences even a temporary growth in order and complexity must not only be “open” to the sun’s energy but must also contain a “program” to direct the growth and a “mechanism” to energize the growth. The Second Law (Law of Energy decay) states that every system left to its own devices always tend to move from order to disorder, its energy tending to be transformed into lover levels of availability, finally reaching the state of complete randomness and unavailability for further work.

and from Wikipedia; The first law of thermodynamics is an expression of the principle of conservation of energy.

The law says that energy can be transformed, i.e. changed from one form to another, but cannot be created nor destroyed. It is usually formulated  by stating that the change in the internal energy of a system is equal to the amount of heat  supplied to the system, minus the amount of work performed by the system on its surroundings.

Attorney Christian: What more proof does this court need to prove Goo the liar that he is? He is not only a liar but a troublemaker claiming that he himself is God. This is the same crime evolution perpetrated on the world when they claimed Time aka the Time-god to be God Almighty. Time which is capable only of moving forward since its creation in Genesis 1 by God cannot create anything from slime and gunk. Any sane reasonable individual knows this. From nothing to something is the outrageous shameless lie that Goo has been saying all along

Does Goo think he can go against universal laws? Does Goo think he can force those laws to bend to his lies. I was in the audience at his last seminar when he said that he was at one time a spiral galaxy. Look at Goo! Is it not clear what he is? Goo is actually claiming to be the energy of the universe. Goo thinks he is God. Delusional is not quite descriptive of his breakdown. Goo is absolutely mad!

Attorney Evolutionist: I object to this religious outburst! Goo is science! Goo is the scientific reason why all things exist! Time caused all things to be by chance. Only a fool would think otherwise. We evolved from lower forms of life I tell you! And Goo is the scientific proof of this incredible thing we call life.

Judge: (slams down his gavel) I demand order in this court! Truth you may take a seat. Attorney Christian may now address the jury. Then after that Attorney Evolutionist may submit to them his final argument.

Attorney Christian: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury thank you for your presence here to determine the truth of this case…Let me begin my argument with this….am I to believe that Attorney Evolutionist visits zoos to laugh at his ancestors? As he stands there in front of the monkey cage why does he not feel loving emotions toward these nasty creatures whose only purpose seems to be to disgust? Why is he even locking up his relatives? Is this love and respect?  Does he have an answer why I and most of the earth inhabitants do not believe Goo? Why would I disown my distant relatives? Why do I visit zoos? Why do I not take gifts to the lions and bears? The answer is obvious.

Attorney Evolutionist apparently visits them to laugh at his ancestors. Why is he not thanking them for his life? Why are their photos not included in his family album? Why does he refer to them as apes and not as his loving relatives. There is something missing here alright and it seems to be Goo’s brain.

As proved in this courtroom the two laws of thermodynamics have nothing to do with Goo’s testimony. The notion that he evolved into numberless creatures over billions upon billions of years is so outrageous it boggles the mind and attempts to bend the logic and reason of thinking human beings.

There once was chaos in the cosmos. But what GOD SAID changed everything. Things began to appear and form. The sole reason was GOD SAID. But Goo refuses to acknowledge God he claims he did it all simply by being Goo.  Goo demands worship as the God of creation. Goo wants to be Yahweh of the Old Testament. Goo wants to be like the Most High. Goo says he was once a polar bear. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury can anyone here while remaining true to his own existence, his own conscience in all honesty believe he came from Goo?

Can anyone here testify that he has seen disorder then suddenly order appears from it? Isn’t it true that we have to make order? In every way order must be made even as the judge displayed when he banged his gavel and demanded order. All things including humans do not naturally do what is order. We all have a tendency to get out-of-order. God calls it sin and Goo calls it evolution. If evolution were true would we not all improve to never die? Why do we die? Why do we everyday of our lives mess up in one way or the another? We do because we are prone to wander as the songwriter observed and recorded. But Goo’s testimony is that all things came from goo for no apparent reason. That things keep getting better and smarter. No sane person believes this. One of Goo’s worst crimes was he being the cause of thousands of searches for what does not exist; transitional fossils.

Judge: The court will take a recess for lunch.

Attorney Evolutionist Court (2)

The Honorable Judge Honest Harry Jones now presiding. All rise! All be seated!

Attorney Evolutionist: Father Time would you give the court your age please.

Father Time: I am timeless. I am the Time-god. The idol of the Darwin crowd. Without me they have nothing.

Infidel jumps up from his chair angrily screaming “Whose side are you on Pops?”

Judge: Infidel one more outburst and I will hold you in contempt! Proceed Counsellor Evolutionist.

Attorney Christian: I object your Honor! So far all we have heard here is fantasy and fairy tales. Lies! Father Time is the biggest liar this side of Uranus.

Judge: May I remind you Counsellor Christian that this is my courtroom not yours? I will decide after hearing all the evidence what is true and what is false. Be advised the guilty party who came into the courtroom without evidence will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I will sentence him to life in prison with no possibility of parole. Continue Counselor Evolutionist. Without empirical evidence they have nothing. So far they have no evidence.

Attorney Evolutionist: Father Time when was it you realized that you were able to create universes and other fun stuff?

Father Time: When I met Charles Darwin for the first time in jolly old England. We traveled on the tiny Beagle together for five years finally ending up at Galapagos. It was there he found me of great use and the rest is history.

Attorney Christian: I object! This is the biggest piece of fiction ever dreamed up by the enemies of truth. It is true he sailed with Darwin on the famed Beagle. But the facts is this is a lie! He has no power to create. All he can do is move forward. God created him and one day he will be no more even as the angel says in the Revelation of Jesus Christ chapter ten verse six.

Judge: Objection sustained..

Attorney Evolutionist: Let me rephrase that..what exactly happened at Galapagos?

Father-Time: It was the beaks of the finches that made Darwin understand the hidden secret of the ages. Evolution is taking place.

Attorney Christian: I object! The Time-god is capable of doing nothing but moving forward. Not giving evidence of Finches! I have plenty to say about that. Present empirical evidence! Talk is talk but where is the evidence? I think it was not the finches but the natives of another place that made him believe that the Bible cannot be true.

Judge: Objection overruled. Go on Counsellor Evolutionist.

Attorney Evolutionist: Why do you believe evolution is taking place?

Father-Time: Because I am the one that makes it happen.

Attorney Evolutionist: I have no further questions for this witness.

Judge: Attorney Christian: You may now cross-examine the witness.

Attorney Christian: Father-Time: Isn’t it true that you are capable of doing nothing but moving forward? And isn’t it true that you had a beginning? Which in fact was only  a few thousand years ago?

Father-Time: That is not what Darwin told me. He believed in me. He said that it was because of me that evolution takes place.

Attorney Christian: It is true that you had a beginning. You were created in Genesis 1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. In that passage there you Time.. are “the beginning”That is your real name. You do not have any magical powers to create. In fact you have never stood still. You have never rewound. Moving forward is what you do.

Attorney Evolutionist: I object!

Judge: Objection overruled.

Attorney Christian: On Galapagos what exactly did you do there?

Father-Time: I simply was used of Darwin to make things change into other stuff. I did nothing wrong.

Attorney Christian: Nothing wrong huh? I would not call saying you changed goo into a rhinoceros is not doing anything wrong.

Father-Time: I only wanted to help. I was a victim of evolution. They used me and exploited me for their own greedy gain.

(Time-god is getting very nervous)

Attorney Evolutionist: I object to this ridiculous testimony. Your Honor it is apparent the witness is losing it.

Attorney Christian: So now the truth comes out. Time-god when they used you for dishonest reasons how did that make you feel?

Time-god: It made me feel used. Darwin used me and so did the goo.

To be continued…

(Editor’s note: I laugh when I write my evolution blogs. I have fun fun fun. I mean no offense to anyone.)

Attorney Evolutionist Goes To Court

Piltdown Man

Image by jovike via Flickr

The courtroom is packed with reporters. With pens ready they wait to hear Attorney Evolutionist’s defense of his client.

All rise! The Honorable Judge Honest Harry Jones presiding. Judge seats himself. All may be seated! The judge sits back in his chair:

Judge: Attorney Evolutionist you may begin.

Attorney Evolutionist: I will prove to this court of law that my client Unbeliever is innocent of the charges brought against him by Believer. I will prove beyond any shadow of doubt to this honorable court that evolution is indeed taking place beginning over 1000,000,000,000 billion years ago. Give or take another hundred billion.

Attorney Christian: I object your Honor. My opponent has not a shred of evidence to defend his client. In fact this court will find before the trial is over that evolution is nothing but a big hoax perpetrated on the Bible ignorant.

Judge: Objection overruled. You may proceed.

Attorney Evolutionist: Yes your Honor. I call my first witness Pilt down Man.

Piltdown Man takes the stand. He is sworn in. He lies under oath.

Attorney Evolutionist: Pilt Down Man isn’t it true that you are a transitional fossil?

Attorney Christian: I object to this fairy tale to be presented in a court of law. It is documented that “Pilt down Man (Eoanthropus Dawsoni) was once thought to be a “missing link” between man and ape. The first Piltdown fragments were discovered in 1912. Thereafter, over 500 scientific essays were written on the Piltdown Man in a 40-year period. The discovery was proven to be a deliberate hoax in 1953.

Attorney Evolutionist: Piltdown man is this true?

Piltdown Man: No it is not true! I am a transitional fossil that proves the link between man and beast. I was discovered…

Judge: I want this lying witness arrested. Piltdown man this court holds you in contempt for deliberately lying to this court. May I remind Attorney Evolutionist that this court seeks only evidence. Facts backed up by science.

Attorney Evolutionist: I call my second witness Infidel the esteemed scientist. He was educated at the finest universities. He holds three degrees. Paleontology anthropology and biology. He has written numerous books on evolution….all best sellers. Books that now are in universities and schools across the nation. Our children must learn the truth of our origins that we all came from monkeys. They must be educated in the teachings of Charles Darwin. They must learn that the only god is Time.

Judge: May I remind you Counselor Evolutionist that this court is interested in evidence. I am not interested in hearing of this man’s numberless degrees. Or how many books he wrote. There are books of fiction. Books are not evidence unless there are witnesses. I must see evidence. I want eyewitnesses. Documents and written and signed affidavits. I want tangible physical evidence that can be verified by science.

Attorney Christian: Your Honor if I may say something.

Judge: You may.

Attorney Christian: Infidel has no evidence. He presents as evidence the strange tale of smelly hairy disgusting sex-crazed beasts he claims stomped through earth an unbelievable amount of millenniums ago. He just keeps saying it just happened. He has no documents to prove anything he says. He has his word which, no offense to him, his word is just not good enough.

Judge: Exactly. I want evidence. I want empirical evidence. As Richard Dawkins the famous atheist says `the world has no shortage of liars.`

(Judge looks at Attorney Evolutionist than glares at Unbeliever and Infidel)

Judge: Counselor why are you in my courtroom without evidence?

Attorney Evolutionist: Your Honor may I call my witness to the stand?

Judge: By all means. This is why we are here to see and hear evidence.

Infidel hurries to witness stand. He is sworn in with his right hand on the Bible.

Attorney Evolutionist: Infidel isn’t it true that you know exactly what happened 1000, 000,000 billion millenniums ago?

Infidel: I do.

Attorney Christian: I object! Was he there? Did he see? Did he hear? Did he feel? Where are the documents from witnesses?

Judge: Objection overruled!

Attorney Evolutionist: Please tell the court what happened 1000,000,000 billion years ago.

Infidel: For no apparent reason there was suddenly a Big Bang. It shook the nothingness of nothingness. It shot out for eons of time exploding into chemicals and atoms. It shot even further out and suddenly for no reason there were amino acids and other interesting stuff.

Attorney Evolutionist: then what happened?

Infidel: The universe came into existence. Suns appeared and also moons. Stars began to shine..this strange happening took 900,000,000,000,000,000,000 billion zillion years.

Attorney Christian: I object! Your Honor without evidence he has nothing. I am not interested in hearsay. Where is the evidence? His so called testimony is a fairy tale if I ever heard one.

Judge: Present evidence or this court will hold you in contempt. May I remind you that Pilt down man is just an example of what happens to liars and hoaxes.

Attorney Evolutionist: Go on Infidel and present your evidence.

Infidel: Well I wasn’t there but I just know that is what happened.

Attorney Christian: I object to this fairytale presented as facts.

Judge: Objection overruled.

Attorney Evolutionist: Go on please.

Infidel: Than there were unbelievable loud ear-splitting eye-bulging sound barrier-breaking explosions in deep space. Black holes appeared which immediately swallowed up a few spiral galaxies. No big deal because the universe kept producing other interesting stuff. Like novas. Oh yeah.. and stars so numberless they  could never be named. Mysterious phenomenon. Numberless galaxies appeared for no apparent reason. Then far away on a single planet there was goo sliding and slipping on a distant shore. It was the beginning of life here on earth.

Attorney Christian: I object your Honor. I have never heard such gobbledygook nonsense in my entire life! And by the way the Bible says that God calls every star by name. I have never heard such heretic hogwash!

Judge: Me neither! But go on Infidel..

Attorney Evolutionist: May I remind this court that my illustrious witness is the holder of several degrees. He is well-respected in science. He attended a prestigious university of higher learning. He gives seminars across the land. Not to mention he is known in the circles of evolution as their most respected and knowledgeable scientist.

Judge: Well I would hate to hear him as a witness without he having not gone to school. You may proceed.

Judge yawns.

Infidel: The goo was slimy and sticky. It was green. It remained goo for over 100 billion millenniums. Then for no apparent reason it begin to change its form and soon it had an eye. One bulging eye appeared so the goo could see.

Attorney Evolutionist: What did the goo see?

Infidel: It is assumed that the goo saw nothing yet.

Attorney Christian: I object to this make-believe story. It is outrageous that this is even happening in a court of law.

Judge: Objection overruled.

Attorney Evolutionist: You may step down for now. Your Honor may I call to the stand Father Time?

Attorney Christian: I object again Your Honor. This is outrageous! To think that Infidel knows what happened at a so-called time that only exists in his imagination is hardly evidence for science. Now he is going to question the time-god. I object to this travesty of truth!

Judge: Objection overruled!

Father Time takes the stand after being sworn in.

Attorney Evolutionist: Please tell the court your full name please.

Father Time: Father Time also known as Time-god.

To be continued…

Atheist 14

Atheist: If Jesus Christ did exist he evolved just like the rest of us. He evolved from a hairy smelly beast like you and me. But the fact is Christianity invented him to feel better.

Theist: Nope. He did not evolve He did not, for no apparent reason suddenly appear in Bethlehem. He was expected. Documents called prophesies. When he was born even the wicked godless king Herod knew he was expected. Documents. He sent his yes men to inquire of the  Hebrew scribes where the Christ would be born. They told him in Bethlehem. Wise men came to find him following a star that shone in the sky.  Documents. The entire universe moved in tune with his birth to announce it. This was no ordinary event in history. Guess what? We have records of it. It was normal to expect what was documented. Why? because back in Eden the Lord God said Messiah would come. God said it so it had to happen. So immediately his ancestors begin to expect him. They kept track of every son born from Eve to Mary the mother of Jesus. By the way, I just remembered; in what way does evolution convey universal truths? Jesus conveyed universal truths to us using simple parables and other teachings. But not evolution; it simply murders as it goes to prove itself true. What rubbish. No hope no love no nothing.

Atheist: Evolution has records also they go back to Darwin. I know that is not far but that is when the discovery was made by him that man evolved from animals. What exactly do you mean convey universal truths? By the way the Bible has been changed so much who knows what is true or false. Even some of your own theologians doubt its authenticity. Evolution conveys only that we evolved and evolutionary laws prove this.

Theist: What laws? Name one. There are absolutes. Evolution operates on blind chance. Or crying maybes. It is a theory. No universal law even hints of evolution. Of course you will say that science proves it. For now just Give me one way evolution explains the workings of universal laws. The very laws the Torah agrees with and wrote down. You know IE: the law of sin. You sin and die. It is a law. You sin you die. No hearing. No trial. No bonding out of jail. Steal your neighbor’s car and he might kill you. Lie to your boss and get fired.  Cheat on your spouse and destroy a once happy home. Attack the powers that be and lose the fight. By the way the powers that be are not people; they are universal laws. All these laws cannot be explained by evolution, nor are they present in the myth of evolution. To think that hairy beasts that were once reptiles and before that green yucky goo is to believe the real fairytale.

Atheist: Excuse me…..When our wild hideous hairy ancestors; those primitive ignorant beasts roamed the wild grasses of long ago, grunting as they  went, of course they were subject to laws. They did die.. We die from age and disease or from other causes. I understand there are universal laws but the Torah is just another ancient myth dreamed up by primitive tribesmen who thought the sky was a roof. The primitive hunters and gatherers naturally died. Nature did it.

Theist: And don’t forget time. You too will die. So will I because sin has separated us from God.  How does evolution explain crazy weather? Please don’t tell me time did it. Wait of course time did do it; it is the mythical murderer of anything that moves. We are against our will subject to death. Death comes in many ways but it is here and it spares no one. It kills. Evolution has no remedy for death but Christianity does. IN Christ we can live again.

Atheist: Science is what blows Christianity away. Death is the end of it. No breath no nothing.  Science has done away with religious myths. We no longer need these myths we just need knowledge to improve and succeed.

Theist: You mean succeed as did the educated serial killers the earth has shot forth? You brag of science and there is science. But there is still disease and death. Science cannot create life. Science is in tune with the Bible not with evolution. Matter and energy behave in certain ways. This is right in line with a non-wasteful God. Yet evolution has according to your report wasted numberless breathing entities for no reason except that it could.

Atheist: How unfair of this God to let all die except those who receive his Son. Evolution knows that we die. The hairy beasts died because they had no scientific knowledge to help them in any way. Like today we have medicine and doctors to help us. Yes we still die but that is just how it is. Chance did it. They came from goo and ended up in the grave it is true. But it happened that way in order for us to get here. Just blind chance. But natural selection began to weed out the bad to preserve the good.

Theist:  Don’t you see how empty that is? Chance. God is the one who said he is going to weed things out when he separates the wheat from the tares. We came from the earth and if we are in Christ we are the wheat. But if we are not in Christ we are the tares. Tares will be disposed of without mercy by being cast into the fire. The truth is that we have, say an appendix we can do without, it is because God is not wasteful, not that time eliminates because of natural selection.. it has to do with waste. Not the fittest survive only what is needed survives. This is why serial killers kill; they are wasteful and must be eliminated by laws.

Atheist: This outrageous tale of fire and brimstone that will devour the adversaries of God is absurd and unworthy of consideration. If there was a God he would not cast his own creation into hell. How could you believe such a thing?

Theist: The Bible tells me this fact. Also I see the sufferings in the world so clearly. The horrific happenings of unspeakable sufferings and death makes it easy for me to believe that God will have no problem casting people into hell. Remember he can do anything even that.

Atheist: I don’t accept that nonsense. Evolution is an observable fact. Those who deny it deny truth.

Theist That is your choice not to accept it. Evolution explains nothing it merely assumes evolution happened. The greatest weapon Christianity has against evolution is the knowledge that evolution possesses  no documents. Right now the president has been bombarded by those asking to see  his birth certificate. I did not vote for this person, and even if I had, I think he should show the document or explain why he doesn’t.  Documents are important. Try going through life without them. Darwin’s own testimony cast doubt on evolution being true. Your own guru said he doubted fossils would  be found.

Atheist: I guess nothing will convince you because of your narrow-minded thinking. Anyone who believes in talking snakes will not believe truth and this is what Darwin presented to the world the facts of man’s origins. The Flying spaghetti monster is the fundy’s guru.

Theist: Would you please explain why, without invoking the time-god, evolution has no documented Eden to recall when even pagan cultures knew the past held memories of a paradise once inhabited by humans, not memories of grunting hairy sexual deviated beasts who only existed to survive amidst such inhumane conditions that even earth’s ugliest baboons fare better?

To be continued…

Atheist 13

Theist: Just between you and me and the lamp-post I heard that Darwin invented evolution simply because one man looked so different from another man. The Galapagos is not London. Creatures who eat with their fingers cannot be related to the man who eats with a fork except in some mysterious way. Or he apparently understood a man walking through a far away jungle; a jungle measuring 2,000,000 square miles; however Darwin didn’t know the size of the jungle, had to have come into existence a totally different way the suit wearing other man did. I read Stephen Gould’s book the Mismeasure of Man. Gould told it all.

Atheist: That is an outright lie. Darwin was a kind and gentle man. How could he be a racist when his life was one of study and devotion to his dear family? He simply saw what was there and recorded his findings. It was the greatest discovery the world has to this day.

Theist: Did I say he was a racist? Please.. I simply told you what I heard. Greatest discovery with no transitional fossils. No transitional fossils; there are none. None. They have searched and it would seem they would give up. And what they have presented as true has proved to be false.

Atheist:  Not so. Fossils exist I tell you. As for Darwin, I simply said that he being a naturalist observed what was there and concluded what to him was obvious. There are fossils. As I said you are in denial choosing to believe fundies instead of accredited scientists.

Theist: The Bible in Genesis 10 records the table of nations. William Albright the greatest archaeologist ever said “it [the Bible] remains an astonishingly accurate document…and shows such remarkably ‘modern’ understanding of the ethnic and linguistic situation in the modern world, in spite of all its complexity, that scholars never fail to be impressed with its knowledge of the subject.”

Atheist: I never heard of Albright. Sounds like a another fundie on the loose to deceive the simple-minded.

Theist: He is considered the greatest archaeologist of all time. He was outstanding in his thinking. He was a Biblical and archeological scholar who mastered more than 26 ancient and modern languages. And he said,
“ The excessive skepticism shown toward the Bible by important historical schools of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, certain phrases of which still appear periodically, has been progressively discredited. Discovery after discovery has established the accuracy of innumerable details, and has brought increased recognition to the value of the Bible as a source of history. ” This information is found in
Albright, William F., The Archaeology of Palestine and the Bible, Ada, MI: Revell 1935, p. 127.

Atheist: So what did you do memorize this?

Theist: Yes I sure did. What I said can be proved unlike that smelly beasts existed only to survive.. Also as a Bible student I found I have to study everything else since the God of the Bible made all things that exist. God did it not evolution. Evolution turns the pages of every book written by other atheists yet ignores the only book that explains it all. The study of the Bible will take you places you never thought you would go.

Atheist: Darwin was the greatest scientist of all time to finally at last, finally find the reason why the earth produces as it does. Behaves as it does.
Theist: Darwin said this “In the survival of favored individuals and races, during the constantly recurring struggle for existence, we see a powerful and ever-acting form of selection.”

Atheist: Exactly! Can anyone with half a brain deny that? This is what has happened and is happening right now all over the planet. I know some call it racism but it is nothing but facts which the ignorant refuse to see and acknowledge. It is there it is visible it is undeniable that the human race evolved. We descended from a common ancestor; the hairy smelly cannibalistic sexual perverted totally ignorant beasts that once roamed the world surviving by their instincts are our ancestors. Man is basically a beast. This explains crime. This explains natural disgust. This explains nature at its best and its worst behavior.
Theist: God calls it sin in humans.  Nature behaves as God ordained it to. God explains in the Bible why we do what we do. It is not because we are beasts. It is because of disobedience to his laws. This cannot be denied. Transgress his laws and die. It is that clear. The laws that govern the universe agree with the Torah. The powers that be did not could not have evolved. But they were set in place as were the sun and moon and stars by the Creator.. Are you implying that at one time the universe did not have these laws?

Atheist: All the beasts knew to do they did. Nothing more. They ate they drank they slept they fought they mated they died. They produced us! You just want to believe that once upon a time in la la land some God called Yahweh lovingly created a male and female then told them to be fruitful and multiply. Never happened that there was a talking snake and a paradise of green grass and fruit trees. Now that is unbelievable.

Theist: Well I not only believe this is what happened but I know it happened. It is not impossible a snake talked. A donkey spoke to a prophet in Numbers. There is no other explanation that agrees with recorded history, for our existence, except that we were created by a loving God.  You have no record of your belief. No documents. Also, In all your talk you failed to explain where does love come from. Why do we care? The human race looks upward not downward. The things you claim that were our ancestors not in a zillion slow-moving years could have loved. The only thing they did not do was think right? Their entire life if you could call it life was nothing but basic raw survival. Worse than one could imagine. But before that they were non-existent. From goo to love is so impossible to believe is why it is not believed by intelligent thinking human beings, no offense intended, who believe in Jesus the Christ. He was a genius. He possessed the absolute perfect IQ. He thought correctly. He was God personified. He came to teach us how to love. He set the example that we are to follow if we desire to live happy and fulfilled lives. His thinking was so genius so ordered so perfect that if all followed his teachings the earth would be paradise again.

Atheist: You have the right to your  opinion. Then pray tell why most do not follow his teachings? Why do so many who profess Christianity live as do the beasts I have been describing to you? Gandhi had a point though I do not agree with it all. He said he liked the Christians’ Christ but he did not like the Christians. Back to the beasts and their lives. They found themselves caught up in a strange happening.

Theist:  They choose to do evil. Jesus made the way for sin to be overcome. So the beasts were caught up? Are you saying they realized? Do you imply they had an intelligent thought?

Atheist: They remotely suspected something was up. Suddenly they were there! From nothing they appeared. But gradually very slowly as time worked its magic they begin to improve. This took so much time it is impossible to tell how long from the goo to the gold. One died and the next one did a little better. Though I cannot tell what caused this improvement but time working with substances that came into play when the big bang happened brought about the change.

Theist: What happened to the famous dating machines? You know the ones that are always in error.

Atheist: They do date for up to a certain time. Back to the interesting creatures; From billions of years of off-springing, their beastly ancestors being worse than they were, sprang one active desire within them;survival at any cost. It was as Darwin said the survival of the fittest. They scratched, they crawled they fought they lived they died. And they had to have possessed some form of affection in order to mate to produce. Voila here we are! Our ancestors who survived so we could be here.

Theist: So they were the fittest? Affection? I think not. Love creates not behaves beastly such as in kill kill kill.  Sex sex sex…Love is always in order and is decent. It is as Paul said of it in 1 Corinthians 13. Love and lust have nothing in common. According to you this is why they survived for billions of years because they were fit. If anything describes unfit it is these beastly entities you claim were the ancestors of the human race. The race that seeks but one thing to be happy.

Atheist: Yes They were fitted to survive in the environment that they found themselves in.They were a brave bunch.

Theist: What do you think was the motivation that caused them to survive at any cost? Why would anything want to exist in such conditions? Breathe air only to smell bad, look bad, have sex with whoever, kill to eat and die not even knowing what happened. As I said the time-god is itself a vicious uncaring vindictive egotistical beast. A hideous beast that makes its beastly victims look like the care bears. Totally unmerciful.

Atheist: Like it or not that is what happened. They were the experiment of the universe. A universe that creates black holes, exploding galaxies and flaming volcanoes. I would say a very hostile universe.

Theist: My exact point why we need the only man that explained it all; Jesus the Christ. He did not evolve of course. But he was the end result of the Hebrew prophets and the beginning of eternal life. Being that he was life itself. Can you grasp such a thing? Christ was Life itself in a human body. He did not find himself caught up in an experiment. He wanted to come to save us from our dilemma. Instead of wandering he gives us direction and love. From heaven to earth yet still in heaven he lived for a time on earth.

To be continued…

My Guest Mr Atheist (2)

Hostess: As I told you I am an empiricist I need evidence. What caused the sun to be where it is precisely? Why is it there?

Atheist: It just happened that way.

Hostess: Blind chance huh? As Henry Morris said time is the magic wand of the evolutionist. Given enough time you theorize that a  jet fighter can assemble itself from a tornado ripping through a junkyard?

Atheist: I guess you could say that. After trillions and trillions of years passing  anything can happen.

Hostess: Given enough time anything can happen huh?

Atheist: Anything. No order is needed to produce order. Disorder can produce order if given enough time. Time is the great creator not any deity.

Hostess: Hmmm….so time the great creator can assemble a jet fighter out of zillions of tornadoes ripping through junk after billions of millennia, yet this same creative time limits your time on earth to a few years? Why is this? How is it you seem to be inferior to what time chooses to do with its creative power? Why doesn’t time give you time? Why does time rid the earth of you after no more than a hundred years or less? This seems odd since you are the one observing what is happening the one understanding it all.

Atheists: Time is time, it is an emotionless thing that is not capable of intelligent thought. Time can create but it doesn’t love or favor me over the jet fighter or the tornado or the junk lying around.

Hostess: Time seems like a cruel thing according to your observations. Do you have even the remotest idea why time tosses you aside  after a short time, and that with you filled with trouble, as are all humans beings, while allowing the jet fighter, tornado and junk to exist in order to make more jet-fighters more tornadoes and more junk?

Atheist: Look I’m an atheist not a walking breathing encyclopedia of facts. This is how I see it.

Hostess: You know of course that one answer gives rise to another question. Moving right along let me ask you this. Do you believe in survival of the fittest?

Atheist: Well..yeah I can’t help but believe in what I see. For example if I saw two lions  running after an antelope I know the strongest and swiftest lion will be the one to eat. This is not rocket science. Anyone can see this.

Hostess: Okay let us take this scenario to modern-day America. If you  saw a crippled child being bullied at school by a big healthy kid ,would you defend the offended? Or would you help the offender since you say survival is to the swift and strong?  Or just stand by and watch it play itself out? How would you see this as survival of the fittest or as an act of meanness against a weaker person?

Atheist: Well excuse me what do you think  should be done?

Hostess: If I was an evolutionist I would let it play out not wanting to interfere in the  evolutionary process which process will, given enough time create a perfect world where all crippled and other unfit members of society are a hindrance not a help, therefore must be eliminated. However since I am an intelligent civilized human being I would stop the attack. But going even further than that, because  I am a Christian I am commissioned to not only stop the abuse but pray for the abuser and assist the abused and the abuser in whatever way I can to make their lives better.

Atheist: Now you’re implying that I have no morals that I would walk away and let the crippled boy suffer abuse knowing he will not survive the attack.

“Hostess: Well tell me what you would do if you would please. If you say you would help the poor crippled boy, than you are following the path Jesus took.  The path his followers chose when they chose to follow him. He came to help and heal the hurting and give life to the dead. If you say you will see it as Darwin said it is, which it is as Darwin said the strongest do survive, and let it play out so as not to interfere with the evolutionary process, than you have no morals. I don’t mean to insult you just stating a fact. You would be mean and hateful the very way Jesus said we all are without him.

Atheist: People are nice because they want to be not because Jesus said to be. Jesus is just another good man in the long list of those who tried to make a religious enlightened world. Like Buddha for example.

Hostess: Prove what you just said. You cannot just made statements without evidence to support them. I need evidence. I could take you through the entire history of the world and prove to you that Jesus is the way the truth and the life, that what Moses said is original, and what is coming on the world according to the Hebrew prophets.

Atheist: These things have been happening forever.

Hostess: like what? Be specific. Please provide some evidence to back up what you say. What evidence do you have to prove that time is the creator. Why does time eliminate you yet creates rocks and trees to remain?

Atheist: I am just part of the great happenings. No human being is special. We are all part of the same evolutionary process that has been taking place for trillions of years. I am part of all humans and all humans are part of the process that began when goo washed up on a distant shore trillions of years ago. The goo, then after trillions of years sprouted wings, and flew into the air. It then after more time grew legs and other stuff needed to survive. Then it slowly after millennia turned into an ape. Then after more trillions of years it became something resembling a man. They hunted, they gathered, they grunted, and killed to survive. They had no conception of anything. They were beasts among the beasts struggling to survive in a hostile world. With their bad breath and sharp teeth the lived as animals because basically that is all they were animals. This accounts for crime today. The animal in us is mean and cruel without morals or judgment. We live by instinct.

Hostess: Excuse me I do not live by my instincts. I live by the word of God which guides me and keeps me.

Atheist: Oh please you are as much of an animal as the rest of us. We are nothing more than evolved monkeys struggling to survive in a hostile universe not knowing from one day to the next if some giant unfeeling earthquake will swallow up our cities. Or if some tornado rips through a city killing innocent people and destroying property. By the way this is why I am an atheist. I realize no loving god would do this to his creation.

Hostess: For your information a life line was thrown to us in Christ. He appeared in Israel about two millennia ago with a message from who he said is the Creator of the universe. I for one am glad there is a lifeboat and I boarded it. This not Pascal’s wager stuff this is fact, that a lifeline was offered us.Many gods back then but this God raised the dead. He raised himself from the dead.

Atheist: Offered us? Oh and I’m supposed to be grateful  for a lifeline after he made all this mess to begin with? Why didn’t he create a world that needs no lifeline? Why didn’t he make things in such a way that no one hurts and no one dies? Maybe he is not able. Besides what proof do you have that he was dead than came back to life and offers to save us from death?

Hostess: We have the holy Bible.

Atheist: ha ha ha ha ha …try again!