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Pilate’s Question; What is Truth?

Christ before Pilate, Mihály Munkácsy, 1881

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Pilate the governor of Judea was looking at Truth personified  when he looked at Jesus of Nazareth and asked the question What is truth?

Pilate did not recognize truth. He is like the rest of his fellow humans that do not, cannot, will not see truth for what it is.  When it does not comply with their thoughts and feelings it cannot be truth. Jesus said that he himself was the TRUTH.

Many people see themselves as truth not anything else. What is truth? Truth is what GOD SAID. It is that simple. But how do we know what God said? The Torah is the law of God.

God isn’t ever going to say that green is red. But if he did, than green would be red. It is what  GOD SAID that determines everything to be what it is.

Could one conclude just by speculation, or even deep thought that any feeling, or experience is real or good? Or is it evil or is it a delusion? Perhaps it is a hallucination? What? How do we determine what is from God when there is so much delusion in the world?

Firstly, Satan is the master of delusion and deception. He is the being of iniquity and darkness, the wicked evil savage of hate and murder.  He walks  in lies. He operates in delusion, in deceit and incredible dark light.  As Jesus said there can be light that is darkness.

If therefore the light that is in you be darkness, how great is that darkness! (Matthew 6:23)

When two masters are served (good and evil both) the evil master will prevail because the good Master Jesus will not compromise with  evil. Your light will be turned into darkness. How great is that darkness?  So great you think it is light. That is dark!

This is deception; this is what the enemy does as he works his evil in the hearts of those who refuse to simply believe God. When Jesus said to believe him he didn’t mean you need a degree in theology. He didn’t mean you need to pray until there are lumps on your knees. He didn’t say you have to graduate at the top of your class.  Just go with what he said.

He did not come to threaten or judge he came to reveal laws that are in place. Universal laws his Father set into motion. That if you transgress those laws you will perish. Why? Because they are immutable laws.

Laws such as the law of gravity, the laws of thermodynamics, the laws of marriage, and of faith, of sin, or love….laws laws laws…all set into motion by the great Creator.

Satan is the master magician who can actually present in full color before you an illusion by presenting to you evil disguised as goodness.  He comes as an angel of light to deceive those who refuse the light. Jesus said men loved darkness rather than light, that they would not come to the light lest their deeds be reproved.

And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. (John 3:19)

Condemnation is not anything to play around with.

But fear of shame and reproach keeps many a sinner from the altar of repentance. When that is why the altar is there; to receive the sinner.

Murderers and adulterers and homosexuals all feel what they are doing.

Karla Faye Tucker the woman who axed two people to death in Texas and died by lethal injection for it, said she had orgasms while she slashed her victims to death with an axe. She felt what she was doing as pleasure though what she was doing was evil. Satan the master deceiver was at work to destroy her and her victims.

This is undeniable evidence that evil brings pleasure even as the Bible says. The Bible says there is pleasure in sin for a season.

“… enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season; (Hebrews 11:25)

Homosexuals say it feels right so they think their perversion is right.  They say they need to get “married” because of their rights and feelings.

On and on the claims go. Ted Bundy was driven to kill; he could not stop himself so he stalked and killed with nary a tear of remorse. He lived by his feelings. Homes torn to pieces by adulterers and fornicators all because they live by their feelings instead of by laws. Feelings feelings and more feelings. The world is almost destroyed because of humans being guided by their feelings instead of by what GOD SAID.

The man who had sex with a stallion in Washington state than died after the stallion perforated the man’s inner organs.  He bled to death. Why? Because the man lived by his feelings. He thought to have sex with a horse and paid for it with his life.

If he had obeyed God’s law that said not to lie with beasts he would not have died that way. Yet God gets the blame for so much from so many.

Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it [is] confusion. (Leviticus 18:23)


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  (Genesis 1:1)

Than what happened? Nothing happened. The Bible says next that the spirit of God moved upon the face of the deep.  (Genesis 1:1) What happened then? Nothing happened. Simply because nothing just happens there has to be a reason a cause for it. What a horrible world this would be if things just happened for no reason or cause. Scary.

Like a family going on a picnic on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. They know it might rain if that weatherman got it wrong. They know they will see different strangers at the park. They know what might take place, but they know this ; They know that no beast will suddenly arise from the ground and eat them up. This is delusion it is imagination something the Bible says not to do.

There are laws and there is delusion. People who took LSD hallucinated and saw colors and other weird  stuff. It was all delusion one of Satan’s most useful tools.

I hate [vain] thoughts: but thy law do I love. (Psalm 119:113)

Then it says in Genesis something that brought light.

And God said Let there be light and there was light. (Genesis 1:3)

Those words……GOD SAID. And there it is the reason for it all the reason for good and the reason for evil…the cause of both in the universe it is all because GOD SAID. If anything agrees with what GOD SAID all will be well with that one. If one resists what GOD SAID than he will die.

LAWS. Everything that proceeds from the mouth of God is LAW. Not idle chatter, not suggestions awaiting our approval. Not maybes, or could be. Not conjectures or guesses.

If we only understand it is what GOD SAID that determines what is right what is wrong.

This is why we have the Torah it tells us  GOD SAID what is right and what is wrong.
Nothing else exists that contains its enduring truths.

Many will argue that there were before the Torah laws and rules.  I think not. That the Old Testament is not original but way before it there were laws teaching right from wrong. That is also the extent of their opposition to merely say the Torah is not original. Let them try then to prove it with documented evidence.

Don’t bring the Babylonian Code that is not sufficient to guide the world as history has proved. Don’t bring Buddha who came along 700 years before Jesus was born.

The Torah is what GOD SAID. It will remain what GOD SAID forever.

What GOD SAID is TRUTH. His laws are TRUTH.

And Jesus was the personification of those laws; what GOD SAID

Next..why obeying the Ten Commandments is right and will bring peace order and happiness.


Atheist Interview (6)

“Hello atheist….I’m glad you could make it.  Before we begin would you like anything, coffee, tea, coke?”

Maybe a coke.. thanks.”

“Do you know the Bible says an atheist is someone with no morals? One who altogether has become filthy and does abominable things? Do whatever since there is no god to guide you. Jeremiah the Hebrew prophet in his book said it is not within man to guide himself. So it follows that man is a lost creature without guidance.”

“I think not.  Yes I know the Bible says this that atheists are fools and depraved. As for guidance I guide myself with my evolved mind and brain.”

Jeremiah is right because many have gotten lost in woods and could not find their way out. This could happen to you. The human being has no way of navigating himself to safety and home unless he is guided by signs and words he can understand. So how do you figure you can guide yourself? What would you do without instructions on everything you buy?”

” I’m intelligent enough to figure it out.”

“So you don’t need the North Star? Or instructions on any box of dried food telling you how long to leave it in the microwave before it s ready to eat? You could just figure it out? Tell me how you would know what the speed limit on all roads everywhere is if you had not been told? Please explain this. Oh I forgot you think everything just happened and what did just happen by blind chance will guide you. Then with your next breath you say that there is no god and do not need his guidance to prepare ie: a simple meal that comes in an unmarked box or can. I can see it now your refrigerator and cupboards filled with unmarked foods and you will just figure it out. I can see you now sailing the seas off course and not needing the North Star or anything to guide you. ”

“These things you mention just happened and they happened without a god to guide me so I won’t get lost. No god needed to find my way home. What I do need is there because it evolved to my advantage. I admit I need instructions on anything I buy so I can know how to use and maintain it.”

“Can you explain why some things evolved to your advantage and other things did not? I can explain why things are as they are. But you tell me why some things are for you and others are not? Please don’t say that is just the way it is. Chance!  Blind luck! I need some evidence to support your statements. Believe me I need evidence or I cannot believe  in anything. I am an empiricist.”

“Let me begin with this. I’m familiar with the saying going around there is no God says the fool in his heart.  But I do not live an immoral life. People who claim to be followers of the so-called Christ are the biggest  immoral living and troublemakers and liars and hypocrites on the planet.  If an atheist is one who lives immorally than the fundies are the true atheists. Each day the news presents another lying preacher who decided to leave Christianity or he discovered he is a homosexual or an adulterer and so on. Give me a break it is the fundies that are destroying the planet and life as we can know it.”

“Lots to cover….So are you married? It is none of my business if you are. But if you are married and commit adultery you are an atheist. Really an adulterer;  anyone who commits adultery is not a smart person. To live as if there is no God is what an atheist really is. How could any sane person sin  knowing it would destroy his home and life?  That is being real dumb. A fool really. One would have to be very stupid to go with another while committed to a marriage. Adulterers live as if they had no one to give account to.  He lives as if there is no God. Everyone gives account to God whether he believes in God or not.  Rob a bank and watch the law hunt you down to punish you according to the commandment You shall not steal. Adulterers live as if there is no God, and so do liars, thieves, rapists, murderers and the list goes on. These offenders can live as if they believe in no deities, but the powers that be will hunt him down if he does even one thing contrary to the laws of God. And the powers that be are not people sitting in positions on government’ The powers that be is conscience; the powers that be IS God.”

“I need evidence of all that, outdated yellow manuscripts telling of a god won’t do, only if those yellow manuscripts tell of Hitler and Homer than I believe it.  And Yes I’ve been married for ten years and my spouse is an atheist also. Do I cheat on my spouse? No I do not. Does my spouse cheat on me? I hope not. I don’t see any point in cheating. I remain faithful to my commitment to marriage. We just don’t believe in any deities or gods. We are true to each other because we want to be not because any god says we must. We don’t think it is necessary to go to church and roll around on the floor than go home and gossip about my neighbor while holding a Bible in our hands.”

“Being true to each other is obeying the commandment do not commit adultery. Whether you acknowledge it or not this is what you’re doing. If you do not steal or lie and bear false witness you are obeying the laws of God.”

“You have no  evidence for that.”

“I have thousands of years of history to back me up.  And your life is a witness to this. But that one document called the Torah is the only document in existence that says this. Before that was the Hammurabi (Babylonian) code, the one that allowed the husband to have sex with the servant of the wife. It was laws made by ancient people who had no guidance from above. They made these so called laws according to their feelings and emotions, not according to wisdom and love. Do you really think the code of Hammurabi would have been embraced if they  had known the consequences of their decisions?

“What evidence do you have for a code of Hammurabi? Archaeology proves evolution not religion. There is evidence for evolution not for Christianity. I’m an atheist because I see what religion has done to the world. All the wars and bloodshed throughout history can be blamed on religion. I’m an atheist because I see suffering unimaginable, that if there was a god he would eliminate it. I’m an atheist because it just makes sense to be one. What kind of a god allows kids to die of cancer? What kind of a god allows anyone to die of starvation and disease? Wake up there is no god and IF there is he is not a good god.”

“Here is what you just said. You deny history unless it fits your thinking. You claim to be kinder than God. You judge all Christians by those who only professed it. You claim to have the answers to the world’s ills while doing nothing about it. Newsflash…He is a good God and thank him he is or we would all be in deep unfathomable trouble. We also would be starving to death. I want it to end also but those in charge of decision-making let it continue while ignoring the cries of those who do care. Looking around me tells me God is good. If it was as you say, we would all  be dying of disease and hunger and pain. Most of us are not. And if the most of us gave the least of us there would be no hunger and disease and wars and pain. People did all this not God.”

“If there is a god he is unable to end suffering and death. If there is a god he is not a good god seeing what is happening on this planet. The bad news is a an ongoing occurrence. If there is a god he is either unable to end suffering or he is unwilling. There is no other alternative for him, if he exists.”

“According to your finite thinking you make infinite judgments. I see your statement as unfair. You haven’t seen the end of things, there will be an end, then you can say this or that. But to make that judgment without seeing his side is just unfair. He said he would  end all wars and suffering. He promises this and this is what we look for. He told us to do these good things when he gave us his laws but no one kept them.”

“He has had thousands of years to end it. But wars continue and so does suffering and death. In fact it is religion that has caused it all. If there were no religion there would be no suffering. It is obvious he doesn’t care if he does exist. How can a good god allow such atrocities to continue while demanding people to worship him is anyone’s guess. If people did what they wanted it would still be the same and no law of Moses can change that.”

“You mean if we all lived under the Nuzu laws we would all be happy and free? Under them every woman who was not able to conceive can have a child by her servant or neighbor. I’m sure this would not go over, as history attests,  even though there are a few rare birds out there who think surrogate is the way to go.”

‘I don’t need any laws to tell me right from wrong. I know to do right and I do it to the best of my ability. I choose not to lie, bear false witness, trip blind people, laugh at calamity. I choose not to steal, embezzle from my employer, and commit adultery. It is in my choices that create my life  not by any imaginary gods.”

“Then you agree that if all obeyed the Ten Commandments all would be good in the world? The powers that be, the Torah which is the law of God is in perfect working order today as you just testified.”

To be continued….