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Atheist 12

Host: Hello atheist and theist glad to see you back. There is coffee or tea or coke. Whatever you like. Atheist: I guess a coke would be refreshing. Theist: I’ll take one too.

Atheist: The Nutcracker was the Australopithecines found by Louis Leakey in East Africa. He was a bone hunter. Leakey decided it was part ape part man because its jaw was bigger than its skull. It is considered a  great discovery for evolution.

Theist: There are apes in Africa so what made him think it was an ape-like man? It could have been an old African man with the disease of  elephantiasis or severe arthritis . According to evolution no diseases existed that could have deformed ancient beings.

Atheist: He found tools near the bones. This proved the ape-man must have used the tools. Leakey said the bones were 600,000 years old. In fact National Geographic gave the Leakey’s money to continue their great discoveries.

Theist: Wasn’t that the case where they dated the skull of this beast by the potassium-argon method?  The proven to be mostly in error. And isn’t it true it was proved to be nothing but another big hoax as was Pilt Down Man. Yes I do declare that is what happened with that great discovery. Why do some keep looking for non-existent bones? I mean if evolution were true would it not be broadcast on CNN and FOX by experts? There are no transitional fossils nowhere.

Atheist: I will prove  there are. Oh yeah…FOX wouldn’t be a part of that. They are so conservative it is sure they would laugh them off the air. I submit to you that 600,000 years is a short time compared to when the bones were still just crawling along.

Theist: Evolutionists have found ribs and pig parts and try to pass it off as proof of transitional evidence that cannot be denied. What have they ever found that has not been disproved?

Atheist: Evolution scientists have degrees and can tell the difference between man and beast and between beast and half-beast. You are in denial.

Theist: To think that anything invented by failing man can date something and determine it to be 600,000 years old is  not believable. Can you imagine saying a bone is a million years old? They could not possibly do this. Man’s abilities are extremely limited by God. He did not make man as evolutionists think he did. Man is an erring creature and billions of years which did not happen would not change his nature. Man by nature is a mess-up. He is not in any way equipped to know if anything is billions of years old.

Atheist: You are in denial and refuse to see the truth. What are you afraid of that your ancestors were hairy smelly sexual perverted  cannibalistic crawling creeping disgusting incredibly hideous looking beasts? Well let me tell you they were!

Theist: We were made in the image of God and God is not a beast. He is love and he is wisdom and light. There is no beastliness in him. He is a King. My human ancestors only go back to Adam and so do yours. You were taught this in the schools and know nothing else.

Atheist: Yes I was taught this. I was taught the truth of my past not some fairy tale Bible story made up by weak people who needed a crutch to help them through life.

Theist: The schools never could get me to believe evolution. I always knew a lie when I read it. My parents taught me of God and his love and it is the only way to go. I wish you believed it also.

Atheist: I’m much too intelligent for that.

Theist: Intelligent? excuse me but how is intelligence related to a time-god that kills most of his gazillions of victims so he could make gazillions more to kill? I think I will have a sandwich during the break. Want me to bring you one?

Atheist: I’ll come with you.

To be continued…


Guest Atheist (3)

Well…my time is up, so let us hear now from creation science theist as he debates atheist on what is time and how it does or does not have power to create.

CS-Theist: So please provide evidence that time has existed for zillions of years. Since recorded history only goes back to Eden there is no evidence time has existed beyond that. Documentation is evidence and the evidence we have is provided in the holy Bible, which records the genealogy of Jesus Christ. His ancestry is recorded through son, after son, after son, until it reaches the first man Adam. The Bible says that God personally himself created Adam. Right before that he said and he saw and that was that.

Atheist: We have proof by all we have discovered such as tons of fossils. Transitional fossils that show something turning into something else. There are fossils showing the evolution of goo into beast into ape into grunting half-man-half-animal to thinking man.  How would you explain Neanderthal man? He was an ancient grunting smelly  hunter gatherer. He was ignorant and his only instinct was to survive. His time was spent looking for food besides of course having more Neanderthal people. He is dated back to billions of years.

CS-Theist: My question was about time. Provide evidence that time has existed for billions of years.  Did time exist before the goo appeared? If so where is your evidence? Some evolution scientist who doesn’t believe in God saying it did is not evidence. Time is what we are living in right now. Time began at Genesis one where it says..”In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth….” That prepositional phrase there “in the beginning” is when time began and so did the human race. Heavens and the earth is space and matter. Claiming time existed billions of years is no claim at all since there is no proof. No evidence. No documentation.

Atheist: The universe is old and there is proof for that. I’ll get to that.

CS-Theist: If there was don’t you think there would be a record of it? You know someone would have written it down somewhere. Why is there no record of it? Why is evolution all guesses and theories with no written record? I know the evolutionists have been writing down their theories even as Darwin did for quite some time now. But the fact remains the Bible record came before their so-called records. There are hundreds of manuscripts of the Greek New Testament. There are the Dead Sea Scrolls. But nothing exists in all the records of the world that proves the earth is billions of years old.

Atheist: We have dating methods such as Uranium-thorium-lead dating. We have Potassium-argon dating along with Rubidium-strontium dating and so on. With these incredible methods we c an actually determine how old a fossil is, how old the earth, is how old the universe is.

CS-Theist: Time. My question is about time. If you claim that time has existed for billions perhaps trillions of years than why is there no proof for this? Why is that the records theists have have existed for millennia; in other words the ancients wrote down what they saw and experienced and preserved it for us who would come after. Why didn’t your ancient atheists do the same? Why would they neglect something so important as knowing the earth was billions of years old and writing it down? On a rock, a leaf, anything to tells us. Didn’t they have the intelligence to record any of their discoveries? But here you say you know all this simply because someone said so? I need evidence. I am an empiricist and must have proof. Can you imagine being an attorney and having nothing to present the court except a guess or a theory? You would be a laughing stock and the judge would not take you seriously. He no doubt would see you as mentally challenged.

Atheist: I have proof and will present it during the course of this debate. As for the grunting beasts keeping records. Actually they did not, could not. How could they write anything down when all they knew to do was grunt? They grunted, they multiplied, they ate,they slept they died and their fossils are with us today. Remember they were still walking on all fours. They had not evolved to even walking upright. Before that they were apes and before that they were crawling salivating heinous looking beasts and before that nothing but sticky goo on a distant shore waiting for time to do its creative miracles on them. They needed time and time would not disappoint.

CS-Theist: Do you realize what you’re saying? You’re saying that after billions upon billions of years nothing existed but grunting savage entities whose only instinct was to look for food and multiply? That time as the great creator you claim it to be did nothing for billions of years for these half-man-half animal things but make them grunt? Then die? Tell me how your time god can create a universe that operates according to flawless math principles from the beginning? That makes plants and vegetation, every type of herb and everything else in existence of exquisite beauty and purpose,  yet did nothing for these entities but make them grunt? And crawl on all fours for billions of years. You’re saying that the main thing, the most important entity in existence which is thinking man was nothing but a creeping crawling beast than smelly grunter for billions of years while all else flourished and improved without and around him. Please explain why time would so such a cruel thing to the beginning of humans while turning the earth on its axis in perfect order? Time made everything else perfectly yet left animal man to suffer and die for billions of years leaving nothing but rotting stinky corpses behind them as they exited a world they knew nothing about? Your time-god is cruel beyond description.

Atheist: Not cruel but wise so as to make sure the most important time creation man would someday be able to rule the world as man does now.

CS-Theist: You mean like rule as in  making wars and causing death and destruction in a world that is in desperate and dire straits to this day? One would think that after billions of years time could have done a better job. Please prove that time has existed for literally billions of years. Give me something to read that wasn’t written a hundred years ago. Also how long was a year? Was it twelve months as we know it to be before Genesis one told us? If not what was it and  how did time determine how long a year should be? How did these hideous creatures  live billions of years ago? Was there a moon a sun? Were there stars? How about; how did they measure time? Was there day and was there night? How about rain? Dew? Were there rivers? was there water for them to drink? Where was it?  Where were they? What did they eat? Animals? Fruit? Please tell me what was going on billions of years ago. And prove it. The truth is Time is what is moving forward right now and it exists only from Genesis one to Revelation of Jesus Christ to the chapter where the angel says that time shall be no more. Before that there was God and only he knows anything before Genesis one. Yet here you sit claiming to know what God did not even tell the human race. Incredible!

To be continued……