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Nudity and Common Sense

Adam and Eve are being sent out of the garden ...

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Thousands of people stand in St Peter’s Square anxiously waiting for the pope to give his blessing to all the Catholics.

Soon amidst pomp and pageantry he emerges. Naked as the day he was born he makes his appearance. He lifts his hands and does his blessing gesture. The crowd is silent. They obviously wonder why he has no clothes on. One little boy says to his daddy, “Look papa he has no clothes on!”

He speaks to the crowd. “Like Isaiah I am naked. Yes because of Isaiah the Hebrew prophet walking naked so do I walk naked today. He is no better than I. If he can go naked in public so can I.” The cardinals and bishops decide that they too must strip off all their clothes. “God made me this way” they shout. Soon they all stand before the crowd naked. Soon smell of rectums fill the place. Many had gone to the toilet and needed to defecate. But it is natural for the rectum to smell like feces after one defecated. It is natural so if others can smell the foul odor they need to realize that this is how God made them and of course it is beautiful. This is how God made them.

Meanwhile at Westminster Abby the wedding ceremony between William and Kate is about to begin. Kate is escorted down the aisle by her father. But as they begin their trip they notice that the minister that will perform the ceremony is naked.

He had read in the Bible that Adam and Eve were created naked so he decides that this is how he must appear. Kate and William will understand that nudity is natural and beautiful. If they do not think so it is because they are insane. How dare they go against God’s will for me.

For some strange reason he now thinks that the sin in the garden of Eden did not affect him. He is naked as he performs the wedding ceremony. No one in the church is naked only him. Why? Because he is the only one who realizes that nudity is natural and lovely. Naked bodies are to behold, he argues, not hide under clothes. Away with cotton. Away with silk and velvet God made me naked and naked I shall go.

William and Kate do no agree.

William and Kate at the altar  are shocked and horrified at this spectacle. But the naked minister reaches for his Bible to show them that Isaiah walked naked and so can he. He has no idea that God commanded his prophet do walk naked for a purpose concerning the message God had to give to a sinful people Israel. He clipped out a few scriptures out of their context and applied it to himself. The reason? Complete Bible ignorance on his part.

Far away across the sea in America the cities are filled with naked people. Men women and children stark naked going about their daily lives. Except for a few who see nakedness in public as missing a few sandwiches to go on a picnic. They understand that sin’s entrance into the world caused God to make clothes for his creatures. They wear clothes as man has been doing since he was kicked out of Eden by God.

The police are called by a citizen who is as the Bible says “clothed and in his right mind” to complain of the smell of sweat and feces. Not to mention the absolute disgust of those forced to look on strange naked bodies. They go home and lock their doors fearing the world has gone insane.

Obviously it has.

Shopping for groceries the young bride is forced to look at naked clerks as they check out her groceries. She is forced to walk beside a naked man who carries her groceries to her car. He asks her for a date. She declines.

In a court of law the criminal is brought in shackled and chained. But he is naked. The judge is naked. The attorneys are naked. All twelve jurors are naked.

A jealous husband is walking with his pretty young wife down the street. Suddenly she stops to remove her clothing. She is stark naked. She explains to him that nakedness is how God created her. She wants to be as God made her. They run into friends and stop to chat. The husband does not like the way his friend is looking at his naked wife. But she argues that nakedness is natural and beautiful. There is nothing wrong with it. His friend is only looking at her body to admire it. There is no danger of lust entering the picture. After all this is how God made her.

Soon word is out that all convicts in all prisons are now allowed to serve their time in prison without a stitch of clothing on.

Not all people agree that nakedness is the will of God. So they remain clothed. Most do not want to be nude in a world of sin and evil.

The five-year old girl is babysit by her naked uncle. The uncle explains to the parents that it is natural and beautiful to be naked. And as the parents leave he assures them that it is alright for the five-year old to sit on his naked lap while he reads her a story. After all he is a holy man of God. He is not subject to the law of sin that the apostle Paul said is in our members. He says it is natural and beautiful for him to be naked as he babysits his niece. After all this is how God made him. He removes the child’s clothes also so she can be as God made her also. Naked.

The teen girls are told by their male teacher that it is natural and beautiful for him to stand before them naked as a jay-bird as he teaches. He tells them he is sure their parents will understand that just because his genitalia is exposed to the girls means nothing. His penis is beautiful and to be seen and admired by his teen girl students.

He excuses himself to go to the restroom to defecate. He uses toilet paper to wipe his beautiful natural rectum. He understands that God created him naked. And God said that it was good. If he smells he smells what can he say? It is how God made him.  He dismisses the notion that sin is in the world. He discards any thought that perhaps his nakedness is not what God wills for him.

What is wrong with this picture?

NOTE: Jesus was stripped and beaten. Neither of these two things was done with his approval. He allowed it. The Bible says that he the sinless Lamb became sin for us. The Lord wore a robe woven without seam. This tells something about clothes. He is our great example.

“He who knew no sin became sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God (2 Cor. 5:21).”