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Atheist and Theist Again..(16)

Atheist: Okay you said.. So the beasts that survived in contrast to the smellier ones that died first were the fittest? That I said  they had affection for one another or how else could they mate? I agree that love creates not behaves beastly such as did these prehistoric monsters…Love is always in order and is decent as you say.

Theist: That is what I said.

Atheist: That it is as Paul said of it in 1 Corinthians 13. That love and lust have nothing in common. That it is only my opinion about the beasts; why they survived for billions of years because they were fit. Then you assert that if anything describes un-fit it is these beastly entities I claim were the ancestors of the human race: the race that seeks but one thing; to be happy.”

Theist: Yes again.

Atheist: Here is what you fail to understand. The hairy beasts did vaguely suspect something was up. They had to have possessed some self-awareness. They were aware they were. They were aware they needed certain things to survive. In all their snorting and grunting they still sought to live. They knew that air was their friend. I’m sure they felt hunger pangs and went in search of food. They clung to life but unfortunately they perished when time disposed of them.

Theist: How cruel your time-god. Its cruelty is unsurpassed.

Atheist: Regardless, how they knew that food was needed to alleviate their hunger produced discomfort is easy to understand. They had a need and they met it as best they could. But they had to die for beauty alone demanded it. How beauty could have existed along with these hairy beasts is remarkable don’t you think? It is hard to imagine such beasts existing among trees and flowers and lakes and valleys.

Theist: Right because beauty does not invite ugliness. My goodness have you never read Plato’s symposium? Live? These beasts had to live? Life and beastly survival are alike how? I understand what I understand but tell me how you understand it. To think a wild boar in the wilderness is living is nonsense. He is simply a beast that breathes. Yes he lives as that he has breath. But he dies as a beast leaving nothing behind but his dead carcass. To live is Christ is the truth of the ages.

Atheist: Your opinion.

Theist. I have proof. This holy truth did not come into play as you say certain chemicals did. It is the truth of ages the only truth. Chemicals that somehow were flung into the slot, into which for no apparent reason they fit, by mere chance after a stupendous unexplainable big bang is fiction. If any man have not Christ he is dead.

Atheist: That is debatable.

Theist Moving right along…These disgusting beasts did not live I tell you. It is not reasonable to think they did. What ruins your whole presentation is the time-god with its vicious unmerciful way of doing things. Time according to what I understand is the real beast in your evolution story.

Atheist: Gentle reminder…I am an atheist and do not believe in any deities. Back to the issue..Look time is necessary. It must pass. According to religion the Christ came just a couple of thousand years ago.

Theist: We have documents to prove this. It is the holy Bible. There are even secular sources that agree; Tacitus, Josephus and others. All existing immutable universal laws agree with the Mosaic Code.

Atheist: As for the homely creatures; These beasts lived billions of years ago in conditions so unmerciful it is a stupendous feat of nature they even survived as long as they did. I find it remarkable to say the least.Time might have even moved backward for all we know. There might have been time glitches happening because of the violence happening in deep space.

Theist: Excuse me time moves only forward. Why? because this is how God did it in the beginning. He said evening and morning were the first day and so on until seven days were created. Thus our week was created by his word. Sun moon stars…I don’t get your must pass unless you refer to time must pass into billions of years to turn Beastly Bongo into Dapper Dan.

Atheist: I suppose you could say that.

Theist: From grunt to coherency all because of time.

Atheist: Yep.

Theist: Time and Chance doesn’t do it.. It is not possible for something to come from nothing for no reason. There has to be a cause.  Common sense says this without invoking science. A child knows this basic fact of life. If you were to ask a four-year old if he believed something could come from nothing he would say no. He just knows. Kids have to be taught evolution until it becomes who they are. Their thinking is formed by it. It is the lie that is the enemy of truth. The truth that God loves us.

Atheist: This nothing but brainwashing at it worst.

Theist: Though evolutionists deny it there cannot be a watch without a watchmaker. There cannot be a building without a builder. Rewind back and tell me how suddenly this truth did not exist? It is not reasonable to look around and not know that everything in existence has a maker. Yet you travel in your imagination back to a supposed time and a maker isn’t needed. It is not logic nor reason to believe that. Things have to make sense.

Atheist: I will explain. Time must pass for these beasts to learn at least one thing. It took millenniums and millenniums for them to graduate from grunt to snort. It was a slow-moving world not like now when things move so fast due to all this improved thinking that invents amazing things.

Theist: Like bombs?

Atheist: You could say the beasts somehow understood that necessity is the mother of invention. What they needed they made. They went in search of what their instincts demanded. They needed food and killed to get it. Without a thought. They simply acted as did the forms in space changing into what they must for some mysterious reason into what they must be. Nothing directed any of it; it was all chance.

Theist: From grunt to snort they fiercely marched onward grunting and snorting killing and eating while blood dripped from their mouth to become human? I must say I never heard such imagination since I read first Darwin’s Origin of Species. No offense intended.

Atheist: No offense taken.

Theist: I will never believe that our loving God would waste billions of things to make one thing. It is like destroying a forest to make one toothpick from the trees. Lunacy. As you know the law of conservation is proof that the Creator wastes nothing. Not even our troubles  are wasted by him.

Atheist: So you say.

Theist: He uses whatever we have, or do and changes those things into what can be used for his own glory. To bless us if we trust in him. Water can become ice or steam.  Always remaining what it is. There is no waste.

Atheist: Waste does exist as in what happened to the heroic creatures of by-gone days. They were wasted yet were used by nature to evolve into something better.

Theist : So nature used them? How mean. Evolution teaches waste on scales so mammoth and monumental it turns into sadness. God said is the reason for all things. Paul said we understand by faith that the things we see were made of things we cannot see. What a perfect and beautiful explanation of the love and power of God. He simply spoke and it became.

Atheist: Picture it..In the deep dark regions of distant space things were happening. Galaxies were literally exploding with such force the universe literally tore in places creating strange  forms that stood still.  Holes so black and endless in-depth they bend light. Can you imagine darkness bending light? Then suddenly these violent moving forms began to take shape. They formed into planets and stars. They heaved and sighed with such voluminous power, all surrounding things that existed had to react in some way. This was evolution taking place.

Theist: You made all this up.

Atheist: The beasts that appeared billions of years later on our planet had some inkling they had to move forward also. They were in tune with the universe. Of course they did not consciously think this, they just somehow contained this within their beastly existence. But that knowledge somehow was conveyed to us via time. I guess you could say they did have a minute clue that something was definitely up.

Theist: Did you ever think of writing science fiction books? Your imagination makes the Event Horizon sound like a lullaby. Of course with all due respect to you as a fellow human being I respect your right to your thoughts. I believe none of this. But since we’re friends…

Atheist: See, you need to understand that it was later when love and emotions kicked in. The brain of these unimaginable ugly disgusting smelly sex crazed entities was not formed to think..yet. They simply existed as did their bodies.

Theist: As did their disgusting smelly hairy sweaty ugly nasty bodies?

Atheist:  yes…But It was simply breath in a beast and nothing more. They had no idea they were the forerunners of geniuses and scientists astronomers…you name it.

Theist: Go on…

Atheist: But in truth, these horrendously homely, disgusting, hairy, smelly, bad breath,  sex-crazed beasts are the undisputed champions and heroes of the human race. They went before us and unknowingly sacrificed themselves for us.

Theist: I am sure that In the beginning tells us this is precisely when time began.  Beginning is exactly that; the beginning. In that time start is when recorded history began.  We have documents, you don’t. Imagination cannot be considered fact. I can imagine fairies dancing on a lawn it doesn’t mean they  are there.

Atheist: Are you sure?

Theist: I’m positive. I can imagine a flying spaghetti monster, but it doesn’t mean it exists. The truth is we have documents that verify what we experience and see and feel and know. The sun and moon and stars came into existence by the spoken word of God. He said.

Atheist: I question the validity of the Bible for obvious reasons.

Theist: Obvious reasons? Name one. Back to what I was saying. God said and before that was eternity. Time is simply a tiny space between Genesis one and when the angel in the book of  Revelation of Jesus Christ says Time shall be no more. You say it just happened. The Bible says God said. It is imperative one understands the importance and truth of the creative power in God’s word. What God says happens. Why? Simply because he is God.

To be continued….


America is the Roman Empire (edited)

[God began to reveal this to me several years ago that America is the Roman empire. I had never thought of such a thing. But God called me when a child to study his word. I know when he says something to me or reveals]

Many people do not know that the Hebrew prophet Daniel who lived about 600 BCE told us the future of the world.

From the Babylonian empire, which was the golden empire of the ancient world, to silver kingdom Persia under Cyrus and Darius, to the brass kingdom of  Greece under Alexander the Great, to the iron Roman Caesars, to right now iron (Strong) America, the entire history (history to us now) and the future of the world is revealed in that one dream God gave to a pagan king.

We can know what is here and what is still to come. As someone wisely said...history unfolding is prophecy un-scrolling.

We cannot look at events and say this is what God meant until we actually see it come to pass.
Then we look at the prophecies and see it as clear as could be.

IE: We now know that the gold, silver, brass and iron were the four empires that came one after the other. The four superpowers of their day.

Babylon Persia Greece and Rome. No other kingdoms will arise..

The king of Babylon at that time dreamed a dream of a great image. God gave Nebuchadnezzar a dream he could not understand. The frustrated king was told of Daniel the Hebrew captive who might be able to help him with his problem.

Daniel was one of those that had been carried there from Israel.

The king called for him and by God’s power the prophet (seer) told the king his dream and the meaning of it.

Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image. This great image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee; and the form thereof was terrible.This image’s head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass,His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay. Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces. (Daniel 2:31-34)
In Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the great image where he saw the gold head, the silver chest, the brass belly and iron legs with feet of iron and clay; he never said the iron had a break in it, that it ended. It is intact somewhere. The image goes from the head all the way down to the feet and toes of iron and clay. So really the Roman empire has never ended. So where is it?

In north America.

Now Daniel the prophet told Nebuchadnezzar he was the head of gold.
So the king was the empire since he controlled it.
“You are this head of gold.”
And wherever the children of men dwell, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the heaven has he given into your hand, and has made you ruler over them all. You are this head of gold. (Daniel 2:38)

In other words the empires were and are people with minds. And minds think..

Unfortunately today Barack Obama is America. He is the president so he fits that description Daniel gave.

Nebuchadnezzar was Babylon. Darius was Persia. Alexander was Greece. The Caesars were and are Rome.

Also out of the Roman empire will come the son of the devil, who is the son of perdition, the Antichrist. No doubt it is certain the Antichrist will be a Roman. He has to come out of the nation that has the technological ability to make everyone small and great take the mark on their forehead or on their hand.
Test-tube baby? Cloning? Sperm bank? Who knows but the modern day Damien will appear soon.
He has to for scripture demands it.

Nebuchadnezzar was the head of gold. Then came Cyrus (Persia) who overthrew Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar), then came Alexander (Greece) who overthrew Persia.
Then came Rome (Caesars) who crushed them all and ruled the world. Rome began in 7 BC. Rome is the ruler power of the ages. It is the last kingdom that will exist when Jesus comes again. The very empire that rejected and executed him.
It is still ruling today. Only under a different name; America. City states united and called the United States.

Study the image yourself and find that the legs and feet and toes of iron and clay never broke in the dream nor in history. It is intact to this day.
It traveled through the ages and arrived here a few hundred years ago.

1776 AD it became the USA; it revived. The deadly wound was healed, the wound delivered to it by Christianity and caused it to “fall” in 476 AD was healed.

Rome was able to continue ruling since many (IE: Constantine himself) who professed Christianity never learned to love their neighbor as commanded by Jesus the founder of Christianity.  Nothing but wars from then to now by so called Christians. When Christianity reached the mighty Roman empire the emperor did what this nation does today; mix church and state. This is actually what brought on the Dark Ages. God was seen as the God of the state and the true Christians died for being seriously annoying.

The two legs; Rome divided into Rome and Constantinople.

But at the end of the age right before the stone (Jesus Christ) cut out of the mountain(God)
smites the image on its feet it will still be ruling the world. It has to be for it is the last kingdom. Where is Rome? Is it ten nations? Using that you could name ten nationalities and come up with America.
The Scotch-Irish the English the French, the Italian, the Spaniard, the German, the Native American the Blacks, etc until you have ten bloods in one nation. Ten minds forming one mind to form one ruling government.

What thinks for the kingdom is the kingdom. The eagle represented ancient Rome and the eagle represents America.

The European Union call it what you will; America ( Roman Empire) rules the world and will rule until Jesus Christ returns.
They mingle but do not cleave to one another as Daniel said.

Americans  who are of diverse nations mingle but do not cleave to one another. America is famous for its different peoples who mingle but do not mix. It is that way in America. Mingling but not mixing.  What else could Daniel mean? He saw the future and he saw the United States of America as the last kingdom.

The  iron and clay feet and toes must be in power when Jesus Christ returns. The stone will smite the image on its feet. America is the feet or iron and clay.
The feet Daniel saw is what is holding up the rest of the image.

This dreadful image walks  if you will…it has walked through the ages causing death and destruction wherever it went…
this image is alive and well today.
Yes it has built nations,but also made wars and death and shed much blood.
Daniel said..”In the days of these kings..” all those kings (minds) must be in existence at the end of days. What they think must exist and it does in how the world lives today under the rule of America.
Rome ruled with its legions as does America with its military. Who is able to make war with the beast? No one can make war with America. Nebuchadnezzar himself was the head of gold. Babylon is money and sex and power and fame.

and the other kings are Cyrus, Alexander and the Caesars. The Caesars which are now the American presidents. If one studies America they will find within its design Rome and Greece and Persia and Babylon. It is sure. This study goes on and on but I’m trying to come to the point.

Then the Lord after he has utterly destroyed the ruling dominating empire he will set up his kingdom which will fill the earth.
What a day that will be! It is right upon us.

The New World Order, the verichip, the swine flu,  earthquakes happening all over the globe and tsunamis, etc., and pestilences and wars and rumors of wars are all signs that the time is come.

Consider…..America has a great military like Rome did.
Did any army compare with the Roman Legions? It ruled the world!
Roman senators/United States senators

Highways and isn’t this what Rome is also famous for? Their highways?
The lex Hortensia (287 BC.) was as the Judicial, Legislative and Executive branches of the United States.
The Pantheon of Rome looks just like the United States capitol building, the White House, the courthouses across the land of this nation all have their pillars and columns and domes as did ancient Rome..

and on and on the same….
What mind designed the courtyards, pillars and columns that are precisely the same in America and design and purpose as they were in ancient Rome? It must have been a Roman mind. How can it not be?

How did the Romans get to America? By ship.
During the time of the early church the Gentile Christians were more in number than the Jewish Christians. After the apostles died things did not go well.

(See Acts 20:26-31)
Paul warned of what lie ahead.

So how did the Romans get from Rome to America? Ships.
And they brought the Bible with them. The Bible they received when Paul the apostle took the word of God to them. he wrote a letter to them. It is called the epistle to the Romans. Paul did say to Israel that because they rejected the gospel to the Gentiles he would go.
The Gentiles are the very ones who have the gospel today. (Israel has been partially blinded by God for while. See Romans 11) Paul took the gospel to Rome. The Bible and History verify this. Everything in America was designed after the ancient Roman frame by the Gentiles who had the gospel, the very ones who came to this land and called it the United States of America.

And the Bible per se was not used by the founding fathers, it was already instilled in them to know right from wrong. It was part of their culture. They used the  knowledge of right and wrong, justice and punishment to form the Constitution. There was nothing else for them to use. It was all they needed the knowledge of right from wrong. That is all that exists to do: either right or wrong. All civilized nations know this.

Saying they based the Constitution and Bill of Rights on the Bible can be said of many nations.  All nations in the world do their best to do what is right. America is not a city set on a hill,  unless you mean Capitol Hill…it is one of many.

They insist that Rome must revive. But Rome never stopped being in power. It is still in power only called by another name. Its deadly wound was healed in 1776.

Who else can it be but America? The last kingdom must be in existence even as Daniel the prophet said.
What other nation in the history of the world could be Rome today?
Egypt? China? Korea? Spain? Portugal? New Zea land? Chile? Paraguay? Cuba?
India? Russia? Mexico? Syria? Pakistan? Africa? Iran? Iraq?
You could name every country in the world and it can..
Only be America.

In Pay Attention To Daniel’s Prophecy (Watch tower and Tract Society)
(I am not of the Jehovah’s Witness religion, but I appreciate their literature on history of the world and the Roman church. I also find much information from Baptist sources and other churches who distribute their literature on the history of the world and the papacy. It says…

“The Roman world power, however did not end with the removal of its last emperor in Rome in 476 C.E. For many centuries, papal Rome continued to exercise power over Europe. It did so through the feudal system, in which most of Europe’s inhabitants were subject to a lord, then to a king. And all kings acknowledged the authority of the pope.
Thus the holy Roman empire with papal Rome as its focal point dominated world affairs throughout that long period of history called the Dark Ages.”

Historian H. G. Wells wrote: “This new Roman power…was in several respects a different thing from any of the great empires that had hitherto prevailed in the civilized world…..[It] incorporated nearly all the Greek people in the world, and its population was strongly less Hamitic and Semitic than that of any preceding empire….It was so far a new pattern in history.

The Roman empire was a growth, an unplanned novel growth; the Roman people found themselves engaged unawares in a vast administrative experiment.” End of quote.

Notice this by HG Wells…”in which most of Europe’s inhabitants were subject to a lord, then to a king.”

and England got themselves a king, was subject to the pope. Then they decided they wanted to be Anglican. They left the pope’s authority. They then decided to come to America bringing all their Roman thinking with them logged in their lives with all the history of Rome mixed with Christianity.

And they called it the United States of America.

And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. (Revelation of Jesus Christ 18:2)

How does Babylon fall? It comes down with the other kingdoms Daniel saw in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. When the stone cut out of the mountain smites the image  on its feet all the image is destroyed.  Babylon comes down. All four kingdoms (Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome) are destroyed when the image is smitten. This image has been stomping through the ages trampling everything in the path of world history. It is the world and its nations its systems its power. All in rebellion against God. This image is alive and well today. It exists in the gold (money) and silver (false religion) the brass (mighty armies) and the iron (power to oppress) and clay (the oppressed). These are the kingdoms of the world which all must be destroyed for the kingdom of God to be set up. The kingdom of which as the angel Gabriel told Mary about her Son’s kingdom..“Of his kingdom there shall be no end.”

Everything that is Babylonian everything that is Persian and everything that is Grecian and everything that is Roman exists today in  America and is America. It  alone is the last kingdom (iron and clay) with great power that visually exists right before it is destroyed by the mighty power of God.

It is the kingdom that rules right now, the last kingdom, and its future is foretold in the prophecy of Daniel.