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Food For Thought

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.”

President Dwight D Eisenshower


Israel is Israel the real Israel..

Jacob offers a dish of lentels to Esau for the...

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For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth. (2 Corinthians 13:8)

[We can do nothing against the truth, whatever we do good or bad will further the truth; will somehow be for it; and promote it; and it will prevail.]

SOME say modern day Israel is not really Israel. That it is false that it need not exist because the church is the Israel of God. Israel is cursed and will be destroyed they say. Israel will be destroyed some believe. That it is a terrorist state. And yada yada yada…on and on it goes the hatred for and accusations against Israel.

As if God would lead all those people there to Israel from all nations after the  Holocaust where Hitler killed so many only to destroy them. This is absurd to think that God would so such a thing. God doesn’t move that way. It is basically accusing God of setting a trap for a persecuted suffering people. The very people who in covenant with Him gave the world the holy Scriptures and Jesus Christ. Israel is the elect nation and nothing will change that. God gave that land to them FOREVER. Not only until Jesus returns, but forever. The Bible proves this.

The Israel right now in existence is Israel.. Seeing is believing. Yes there it is. God restored Israel in 1948. How can it be a fake Israel when it is there for all the world to see? But some insist it is not true Israel…but a counterfeit. They even say Israel stole the land from the Palestinians. They cry and demand that Israel give back the land. Some devote entire websites to curse and damn Israel with this headline and content; Israel is a terrorist state that stole the land from the Palestinians.

Let us suppose for one minute that this is true. So what does the Bible say about this kind of stuff going on?

Hmm…taking what is not yours concerning Israel…..hmm…

Well….let’s see what the Bible says about this….and.. if we read the story of Jacob and Esau in Genesis.

Now…if one knows the story they know that the birthright belonged to Esau the firstborn….but Who stole the birthright from Esau the firstborn of Isaac? His brother Jacob did. Yes Jacob stole that birthright or rather he talked his brother out of it. Or he somehow managed to own that birthright that belonged to Esau. Whatever the case Jacob ended up with it.

Did God make Jacob give the birthright back? Nope.. he let him keep it.

If Esau had not traded his birthright for the bowl of soup he still would not have been at Bethel. Remember Bethel where Jacob lay down to sleep when he was running for his life away from his angry brother Esau who wanted to kill him? Where he dreamed of a ladder to heaven and angels ascending and descending on it?

He wrestled with God there.

It was there God changed his name from Jacob to Israel…meaning prince of God.

Why would Esau have fled to Bethel? It could not be. It was Jacob who landed at Bethel. Why? Because he stole the birthright and he was fleeing from his brother who was angry at him for stealing the birthright. Interesting how God uses what we do good or bad to bring us to where he wants us to go. The one who stole the birthright is the one God used. Why? Because God does what he wants.

Did God say to Jacob…”Okay Jacob go home, you need to return the birthright now to Esau right now or I cannot bless you!”

Bethel is where Jacob went to hide from Esau. After he took that birthright and the blessing from Isaac he fled. But he would not have had to have fled if he had not stolen the birthright. It is quite a story and reveals so much of God’s loving and wonderful in wisdom mind.

God used a thief to continue what he began in Eden. The Messiah must come. Jesus must be born in Bethlehem. Esau forfeited the birthright and God did not tell Jacob..”You need to return the birthright to the rightful owner. Give it back to Esau. I cannot work with this.”

God simply used what these brothers did.

If we believe not, yet he stays faithful: he cannot deny himself. (2 Timothy 2:13)

Neither was better than the other. However God hated Esau and made this clear. Esau did not care about the birthright. Why would Jacob have went to Bethel anyway if Esau had not given up the birthright? Not that God did not love them both but that is just how it happened.

Jacob and Esau did all this and God used it.
God will also use Israel to fulfill his word for the ages and for all people.

If Esau had not sold his birthright Jacob would never had fled and ended up at Bethel. He never would have used a stone for a pillow. He would not have seen the angels ascending and descending on the ladder to heaven. He would not have had his name changed to Israel.
He would never have met Laban who cheated him. He would never have gotten married to Rachel. He would never have had the twelve sons. There would not have been twelve tribes descended from him.

But there is the twelve tribes. And from Judah’s tribe came Jesus Christ.
God used it all! This is the point! What they did good or evil God used it!

No one knows how Jacob would have got to Bethel if Esau had not sold his birthright. But the point is he did and God used it for his own purpose and glory. Christ has come! God did it! He used what Jacob and Esau did to accomplish his purpose.

Hooray for God! There is nothing we can do good or bad to stop him from accomplishing his will if we believe in him. And whether we believe or not he cannot deny himself.

God used the one who had the birthright however that person obtained it..
Not Esau’s name was changed. The story of Jacob and Esau is an interesting and informative account of how God used what man does to do what he wants to do.

To bring Jesus Christ into the world.

I saw a video at You Tube saying that the entire Bible is to reveal who Israel is.

Not so! The entire Bible is to tell who Jesus Christ is. Only God is glorified in the Bible. Not a people is glorified but Christ alone. Man is always trying to lift up himself. Such as the different groups out there claiming to be the real Israelites. They go to great lengths to “prove” they are the chosen people.

Here is the thing; Who cares? It is about Christ not them. They argue among themselves that Christ is white.. or Christ is black.. or Christ is British or he is Hispanic or he is an African.

The Bible is about Jesus Christ; about when he came,  how he came,  where he came, why he came.

Remember Joseph? God didn’t stop his ten brothers from doing what they did to Joseph. Yet God used all the people in the Genesis story to do what he wanted to do. He used the brothers hatred of Joseph. He used what Potiphar’s wife did when she accused him of rape. God used the accusation he used the prison warden and the butler and the baker. He used everything everyone did. Why? Because  God doesn’t waste our sufferings.

His laws of thermodynamics teach this lesson. He is a conservative God he wastes nothing but turns it to something else to bless us. Water will turn to ice if subjected to the right condition and it will turn to steam, etc.  It is not wasted.  Sufferings are used by God to bless us somehow. He is a wise and faithful loving God. He deserves to be trusted simply for his amazing creative mind.

And in the end God placed Joseph to be the prime minister of Egypt to save many people alive. Joseph had to travel the way he did to get to where he was. God used his own life experiences to lead him to the throne of Egypt. Not to glorify Joseph so he could have a thousand different tunics to wear but to save many people alive. God was thinking of everyone and Joseph was the instrument he used to accomplish his goal.

So why contend about if Israel is Israel? Why argue about who is the true Israel? God can and does use and WILL use what we do for his own glory and purpose. In the end and even now it is God who is right in what he does and how he does it.

The Israel that became a state in 1948 is the Israel God will use. It is the Israel God will protect. It is the Israel Jesus will come back to. God uses what man does. He doesn’t force anyone to do what he said. He simply uses what man does in his sins or in his obedience to accomplish his goals.

And he knows beforehand what we will do. God knew Israel would become a state in 1948. A nation was born in a day as says the scriptures.
God can use man in his obedience or in his disobedience.
God cannot be out waited or out thought.

God is not going to change one thing about what is happening in the world by whoever. This is a great testimony of his love and power and wisdom and his mercy.
With all the good and evil taking place all over the world God knows exactly what to do to bring it to where he wants it to be. And he will. Who can stop him? Who can make him change this or that?

Do what you want good or evil and God will use it! But God commands us to do good not evil.  Jesus is going to set his feet someday on the Mount of Olives that Bible says in Zechariah 14:1. There has to be a mount of Olives for Jesus to set his foot on. It exists and is found in Israel. The Israel of old and the Israel born in a day in 1948.

Israel is a false Israel? Oh? Then Jacob was a false heir who stole the birthright.
Did Jacob steal that birthright? yes and he still got to keep it. Did Israel steal that land? Some say they did but the God of the Bible lets them keep it whether they stole it or not. This is the point.
The fact of the matter is Jacob had the birthright. The point is Israel is Israel and God will use this.

All through the Bible God uses what he has.

They say also that no temple is needed. No temple needs to be built. That is not the point. The Bible says it will be built.

Look at The genealogy of Jesus Christ; it is composed of people who failed God. Yet this is how Jesus came to be born: through this family who failed God. In this family of Jesus’ ancestors are found adulterers, murderers and liars, a prostitute, incest, etc..and God used them.

But why were they holy anyway?
Simply because God said so!

“Moses take your shoes off. You are standing on holy ground.” the Lord said to Moses one day.
The ground was holy simply because God said so! Not because the ground paid tithes or gave offerings or attended church faithfully was it holy. Not because it was a certain race or religion or creed or culture.

It was holy by the word of God. The power of his word!

His word! It is that Lamp to my feet, that Light to my path!

Why does God use what he has? That is what He has to work with…no perfect people to use, he uses everyday failing humans to bring about his own purposes and he willingly and lovingly and patiently uses it all for his own glory.
It is God who will be glorified. Not a race or a culture or a philosophy or an idea or a land or a president or a king or anything will be glorified.
And the Bible is a closed book. It not open to debate or negotiation.
A pastor wrote an entire thesis online to “prove by the scriptures” that no temple is needed in this dispensation of grace..
That is not even the issue whether a temple is needed or not. God said in his word a temple will be there and the Antichrist will enter it.

How the temple gets there is not the issue. That a temple will be there this is the issue

The modern day state of Israel has been raised up by God,  whatever means he used to allow it to happen; this is the point and God will use 1948 founded Israel to bring to pass all he said he would do in the world.
God is not going to change anything. He is going to use it for his glory.

This is the God of the Bible and this cannot be refuted!

(God gave the pagan king Nebuchadnezzar a dream revealing all the future of the world.) Yes to a pagan king he revealed the future of the world in a dream.

It was the Hebrew prophet Daniel who Interpreted it, but it was a pagan who dremed the dream.

Who tells God what to do? God uses whoever he wants for whatever he wants. He never works according to man’s thinking. He works according to his wisdom and his love for all mankind. What a loving wonderful God he is!

God does what he does because he is good not because we are good. It is all about him and what he does is always right.

The Jews are not the Jews! They are imposters! Oh? They are the ones with the Torah and this tells it all. The oracles of God were commited to them and God did not commit his word to anyone he did not trust with it. Israel has kept his word for millennia. God knows what he is doing.

Who calls him into question?
Who advises him?
Who corrects him? Who subpoenas him?
All glory to God for his power and willingness to use what we do whether good or evil to bring about his will for the world.

God wants us to do good yet if we do not that doesn’t change him.
He is still faithful!

Israel is Israel and God will bring to pass what he said.

No matter what God will get the glory!

They crucified Jesus Christ. But what did God do with it??


What A God!!!!