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Atheist (9)

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Theist: I can’t believe you were nice enough to continue our discourse on God. Would you like a cup of coffee or tea?

Atheist: Thanks I don’t mind if I have a coffee.  My premise is there is no God. No God only reality.

Theist: Paul the apostle says you suppress the truth in unrighteousness. Makes sense to me. He is saying that the truth is there but you push it down so far you cannot see it anymore.

Atheist: I don’t care what Paul said. I see no evidence for God and I do not suppress the truth in unrighteousness. There is no such thing as unrighteousness. I admit there is right and wrong but to call wrong unrighteousness is absurd. It is amazing that anyone could believe the Bible to be what God said to the world. It seems he could have picked more intelligent people to get his word here. Have you ever examined their style of writing? And it came to pass than they repeat the same thing over for no reason.

Theist: Well it has been a long journey hasn’t it from wild hairy grunting killing smelly beast to what you are now a living man who thinks civilly. Am I right? Also how does it feel to know your ancestors were beastly cannibals and sexual perverts?

Atheist: So were yours. But to answer your question I see it as simply the way it is. Man was once a beast. Where have you been hiding? The evidence is there that we evolved.

Theist: God calls them sinners. Pagans heathens and idolaters. He does also say that some are to be taken as brute beasts and destroyed. Not all are destined to go to heaven.

Atheist: See you said it yourself that there are some who are destined for salvation and some are destined to burn in hell. How unfair is that? What kind of God makes people only to destroy them? Why wasn’t he able to make a perfect race where none had to be destroyed?

Theist: Ah…we are back to you are wiser and kinder than God argument. Since you claim to be so smart explain why there is darkness?

Atheist: It just happened for no apparent reason. It was part of the big bang.

Theist: I understand you see it that way. But what is darkness? What is dark matter? Why does darkness exist? The mind is the only place where we get answers you say? Than think of an answer and tell me why there is darkness?

Atheist: It is the opposite of light.

Theist: Wrong answer. It is not the opposite of light. Nothing is the opposite of God and he is light. The sun is an artificial light so to speak, since he is the true Light. God is one and he is self-existent. Nothing he created can be in opposition to him and he created all things including darkness. In the beginning he saw that all he made was good not goo. It was man that sinned in opposition to what he commanded them. But I refer to literal darkness. Have you ever traveled down a long dark highway at night from one town to the next than for one instant switch off your car headlights?

Atheist: As a matter of fact I did do that once when driving from California to Arizona. It was pitch dark. No light no moon could be seen. It was blackness.

Theist: What is that?

Atheist: It is darkness?

Theist: Yes we know that, but what is it?  What is it made of? Does it have properties? If God turned off the sun moon and stars there would be nothing but blackness. In other words by nature everything is black and dark. There is no light. None. Now say all the electric power went out on earth also. There were no candles no flashlights and no matches. What would that be?

Atheist: Well hello? It would be gross darkness nothing but pure blackness.

Theist: Why blackness? Why not whiteness or pinkness or blueness?

Atheist: I don’t understand the question. I am sure it would be blackness.

Theist: But why black and not white or green? Say it remained that way for a year, would the human race survive it?

Atheist: I think this could only be answered if it was actually experienced. It would be black because that is what darkness is; blackness.

Theist: I read once of an experiment scientists did; they placed a man in a pitch black room for a week. After a week they placed a small candle in there. The man reported that he was depressed and sad. He said he was lonely and that even fear tried to attack his mind with scary imagination. But when he saw the candle he felt better. The light and warmth of the candle somehow revived him. Why do you think this was that the candle helped him?

Atheist: For obvious reasons; he could not adapt to the darkness. So there is no way the human race could exist one year in pitch darkness.

Theist: But you insist that man is able to adapt? Please explain why he can adapt to one thing and not another.

Atheist: it just happened that way. Evolution just happened it did not come with a book.

Theist: Good news the human race was given a Book by God.

Atheist: If man had to live in pitch darkness he could not survive. It would kill him. We need light! We need warmth. Evolution made us that way.

Theist: Oh? And why then did evolution evolve darkness? Why would it big bang something that is detrimental to our survival? Why did evolution evolve what is bad for us if it is indeed bad for us? I say man can endure if God is with him. Because God is light and warmth and love. The very things we desperately need to live. But your magic time machine never got rid of the darkness even after billions of years. How mean is that?

Atheist: I said we evolved into humans not into super beings. There are limitations. Darkness is not always bad for us. We sleep in it and as we sleep our body and mind for some reason renews itself. We become unconscious and we rest.

Theist: Please explain how we evolve improving as we go but die anyway?  How is that improvement. Did you know that depression is darkness? It is totally negative. How did evolution not rid the world of depression and disease? Why did it not correct all these problems since it had billions of years to do it. That is a lot of time and still evolution gets it wrong.

Atheist: I will answer your questions but you tell me what darkness is. You tell me what is dark matter if you know.

To be continued….


Love and Lust Not The Same Thing

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Love: Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. (John 15:13)

There are people who have literally laid down their lives to save others. They chose to die rather than let the other die.  This is love what love really is. It is giving not from lust, but from love. Only love gives.

Lust takes from the other to gratify itself. I remember the Amish girl who asked to be killed first when it became clear the man who took them hostage intended to kill them. She asked to be killed first and for the others to go free.

What this girl showed is truly what love is.

Yet some say LOVE is what takes place between two sexually lust filled people (heterosexual or homosexual) writhing on a bed  performing sexual acts on each other. What many find disgusting is presented as love.

Outside of marriage as God ordained, any relationship is wrong if it involves sex.

Some might argue that two lust filled people having sex is also love just a different kind of love than showed by the one who, out of what love really, is laid down their life, hoping it would somehow save others.

There is only one definition of love given in the Bible. It is the love of God.

Paul described it in 1 Corinthians 13. Love has nothing to do with sex. It is independent of sex as is faith and hope independent of sex. “Now abides faith hope and love…” They abide and the greatest of the three is love.

Sex does not abide and neither does lust.  Love abides (lives) and it remains for the sole reason that it is God.It is independent of all else. It stands alone. It needs nothing to exist. It exists forever as does God.

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. (1 John 4:8)

Rapists rape and there is no love involved in their violent and vicious act. Yet their act involves sex. It is mostly about sex this is why the rapist rapes. To have sex with his victim. Love is nowhere present. Pedophiles molest children for sexual reasons not out of love. Love and sex and lust are not the same thing.

Yet many call lustful sexual acts whether with others of the opposite sex, or with others of their own sex, or with themselves as in masturbation, love.

Love is called what it is not. Lust is not love and love is not lust and never the twain shall be one.

Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is  strong as death;  (Song of Solomon 8:6)

Love is as strong as death. They are of the same strength. Death cannot make love go away. This is why we still love our loved one even after they have died. And no doubt they still love us because death cannot sever or destroy what love is. If anyone lusts after dead people than they are indeed perverted. But it is never wrong to love and miss your departed loved one.

It is normal and natural.

Because so many think sex is love and love is sex the world is in the horrible condition it is in today. I don’t need to say what the  horrible things are; just listen to the news.

Love gives never takes. Love will never die, sex does. Love needs to be seen for what it is. It is a decision one makes. Love loves, it heals, gives and it creates.

There is a difference between the two and if one really knew the difference the world would be a better place.

Lust does none of these things love does.

Eros love is not love, it is lust, and philia love is love, it is not lust.

Sex alone is a dangerous thing, if it is not recognized for what it is, a gift God gave only to a husband and wife.

Steal someone else’s gift and it will only bring ruin to your life because stealing is a sin as says the Torah.