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Atheist 10

Theist: Please explain how we evolve improving as we go but die anyway?  How is that improvement. Did you know that depression is darkness? It is totally negative. How did evolution not rid the world of depression and disease? Why did it not correct all these problems since it had billions of years to do it. That is a lot of time and still evolution gets it wrong.

Atheist: I will answer your questions but you tell me what darkness is. You tell me what is dark matter if you know.

Theist: Look we both know that dark matter emits no light. We are told the universe is 75% dark energy and 20% dark matter and only 5% normal matter. Hey there are spiritual implications here.

Atheist: Dark matter and energy is the violence of the universe. It makes all this stuff as it explodes and erupts making new galaxies and stuff. We really cannot understand its properties when we can’t even see it. We only know it exists because of its gravitational pull.

Theist: Do you think if you were able to travel where Hubble only dreams of going would you be afraid?

Atheist: Terrified. Deep space past every galaxy to the far unknown reaches of space would be downright scary. I’ve seen videos and have gone to planetarium. It is dark out there and I would not want to go there. I mean it seems to have no end.

Theist: Like God said of his understanding, it is infinite.  When I first read that scripture that says the Lord’s understanding is infinite it almost knocked me over. It goes on and on and on. Also since the universe is expanding faster than it was this means it is bigger and bigger. How you could think the universe is a self evolving subject is incredible. It would seem to me to be a dangerous thing with no one in control of what it does or where it goes. Like it could suddenly collapse or disappear. I do not like the thought that there is no Captain at the helm.

Atheist: Well there isn’t. We are on our own lost in a vast universe with nothing to look forward to but death for all of us eventually.

Theist: By the way if we evolved as you say, which I know we did not, than your time-god is cruel beyond description. It makes billions upon billions no really zillions. No it makes numberless creatures to engage in cannibalism and sexual perversion only to die after learning one thing…I mean adapting to his arthritis so the next wild hairy smelly beast can learn a little more about his arthritis only to die in a swamp of hunger and ignorance.. Now that is a cruel time-god. You would think after billions of years the time-god could have done a better job.

Atheist: I will say this once more. Time is an emotionless thing. It just passes it doesn’t see hear feel think or see. It simply passes. As it passes the smelly hairy grunting beastly creatures graduate after millions of years to forming a sound that is not a grunt.

Theist: Like what for instance?

Atheist: I wasn’t there so how could I know?

Theist: And there we have it you finally admit there is no way you could know what happened a gazillion years ago. Did your dating machines go on the blink? Oh I was going to say that the darkness that exists in our universe can be felt. We feel it with our minds. We see it therefore  we choose light.

Atheist: Seeing is not feeling.

Theist: Excuse me…the man they used in that experiment; the one they placed in that dark room without light for a week, all alone, felt his loneliness and his fear was apparent when he began to imagine an enemy in the room  with him. I would safely say he felt the darkness.

Atheist: He felt his own insecurities.

Theist: Why was he immediately comforted and strengthened by the candle they placed near him? Where were his insecurities then? He responded favorably to light and warmth.

Atheist: So what is your point?

Theist: The universe is dark it is black. The dark energy and dark matter is greater than the normal matter. The sun is a created thing by God and without it we are done. Can’t you understand how much we need the sun? The light? warmth?

Atheist: But we have it. I see no problem.

Theist:When one dies there is no sun it must be very dark.

Atheist: I can’t believe how negative you are. Man evolved and he will evolve until he is perfection.

Theist: I think not. After billions of years and still man is quite a mess tells me the time-god is cruel whereas the real God Yahweh has given us hope and more than that he sent his Son to save us. The time-god kills billions of creatures over periods of billions of years and still hasn’t got it right, than atheists have the nerve to say the God of the Bible is cruel.

Atheist: Save us from what?

Theist: From anything that robs us hates us and tries to destroy us.

To be continued….




The SUN our Light?

The Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System. It has a diameter of about 1,392,000 km, about 109 times that of Earth, and its mass (about 2×1030 kilograms, 330,000 times that of Earth) accounts for about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System.[10] About three quarters of the Sun’s mass consists of hydrogen, while the rest is mostly helium. Less than 2% consists of heavier elements, including oxygen, carbon, neon, iron, and others.[11] (from Wikipedia)

We all know what the SUN is, how much we need its light each day. It makes the flowers bloom. It makes the crops grow to provide us food.

Not only do we need its light but its warmth its comfort and its guiding power. Many people love the sun so much they get depressed when it hides behind a cloud. In some places where it rains alot they become depressed and long for the sun’s comforting healing rays.

I have heard some say when dark clouds hang overhead..”I wish the sun would come out.”  as if they do not have happiness if the sky is overcast. God made all seasons and all weather. We need to be thankful in them all.

In the beginning after God created the heavens and the earth as says Genesis one, the spirit of God moved upon the face of the deep, then GOD SAID let there be light.

And of course there was light after he said for light to be.

He made the greater light to rule the day. The lesser light to rule the night.

Two lights. Yes the moon gets her light from the sun so they say.

But that is not my point here.

Jesus Christ said I am the light of the world. In another place (Matthew 5:14) he said to those who heard him You are the light of the world.

Later on Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. The one who follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”(John 8:12)

We know he was not calling his listeners little suns or moons when he called them the light of the world. But he referred to himself as the Light of the world.

He means the light of his love and of his grace in those who believe in him. He is the light of life.

Which love and grace makes the path clear, that we may not stumble, as we follow him.

Walking in the light of his love and grace. Jesus is the true light the real light the only light. I always think of the sun as a physical light like when I turn on a lamp. I am always mindful that the sun is not the true light. Nor the light bulbs I use to light up a dark room true light.

A man lay dying of cancer in a hospital bed. He knew that he would not live. He asked to be taken to the window so he could see the sun one more time. He knew that when he passed from this world there was no sun where he was going.

Thankfully he had the light of Jesus in him when he asked to see the sun one more time. He had made his peace with God after a long and wicked life.

The sun is a physical ball of gas in the sky placed there by God when he spoke it into its existence. WE all know this.

In the grave there is no light. No sun to warm the heart and body.

How important it is to have the true light which is Christ in us. And when we die we will not pass into darkness.