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Dr Hotiarre Defends Evolution

Entrance to Evolving Planets

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You may speak Dr Hotiarre:

My fellow evolving creatures of planet earth; may I begin by reminding my audience that man is an evolving thing.

He is an animal. An evolving entity. In short man is a beast!

Yes at one time in a long ago age he crawled on his hands and knees searching for food. He killed and killed and killed to survive. He salivated and sweat.  He graduated to the grunt. He smelled and stunk with no shame.

He never smiled or laughed. When man was an animal he looked like an animal.

But as he evolved he suddenly because of the time-god began to own a conscience that convicted him of his murders. What could this be? How could man evolve morals? He murdered than he begins to feel conscience? How could this be?

Humans are killers. Why? because we are animals.

This is basically what we do today: we kill to survive.

I think Brother Happy mentioned that the Bible says that if we hate our brother we are a murderer.

How to murder someone is not just using the hands. Not just hands to use a gun or a knife. Murder with words. Slander them and insult them. Insult them every chance you get. And condemn them with no mercy.

Elevate yourself to a place high above them. Use every language you know to speak evil of the one you wish to kill. I guarantee it that words kill.

Brother Happy spoke of ignorance; of how we kill using words as our weapon of choice. Vicious words murderous words hurting and cutting words.

If a child hears he is stupid and worthless he is being murdered by the ignorant creature that is hurling the words at him. If an adult hears or reads evil of himself he begins to die just as God said he would.

Death is the wages of sin. Death to the murderer and death to his victim.

Yes we are killers. We are murderers. We are liars and thieves and robbers.

Hmm..according to Brother Happy every time I slander a person I use words to wound mutilate to kill. Words that can be used as a lethal weapon to utterly destroy.

Some evolve quicker and better than others as we can deduct by simple observation.

Have you ever noticed that some people look like monkeys? Of course you have?  He deserves to die. He is not fully evolved according to Darwin.

Have you ever seen a man who is arrested and charged with murder? Why? because he attacked for no reason a fellow human being. Inn his anger of beastly depravity he viciously killed him. He felt no remorse. Why? because he is a beast. A lying murdering robbing beast.

This a picture of man without God.

Man is a beast an animal who loves to do evil. He loves to curse and use profanity. He loves to indulge himself in slander and gossip of those he hates and judges. He sits and slanders the absent victim.

Man is a murderer and a thief. The same things Jesus said of Satan that he is a murderer and a thief.

Do I really commit theft when I slander another? Do I really rob them of their right to be heard? Of their right to defend themselves? If they are not present to hear me slander them than yes I am robbing them of their right to defend their reputation.

If I use vicious words to attack them with words stabbed into their back then into their heart.. I am a murderer.

So yes man is a murderer. He is a thief. He is an animal. A beast.

What but a beast would kill?

What but a beast would murder lie and run to hide?

Yes evolution proves that man evolved from a beast into a man.

But Brother Happy says the opposite: he maintains that man evolved into a beast after he sinned against his Creator.

Darwin got it backwards.

God created a man in his image and Satan marred that man and called it evolution.

God calls it sin.

How do we return to Eden. Through Christ.


Hypocrites and a Saint

Sister Longtung arrived at church early to practice in the choir. She smiled broadly as she said hello to each of the other choir members. She than took her place to sing.

They sang Thank God for saving a sinner like me, and I want to be like Jesus everyday. She raised her hands and praised the Lord! They practiced until they got the song down perfect.

“Okay that’s it for tonight!” the choir director said. “It is now time to pray for the service.” They all knelt down at a pew and began to pray. “Oh God thank you for this and thank you for that.  Bless me and my family and take us all to heaven someday.” sister Longtung was heard to say. Sister Dufus said “Thank you Lord for all the blessings on my life.” Sister Moody shouted glory!”

After about thirty minutes of prayer they all stood and took their seats in the pews.

The church quickly filled as the clock neared service time which was 7 PM.

The pastor arrived. They all sang together. Then they all stood and testified. Then they all listened quietly while the preacher preached to them about the love of God and how he sent his Son to save us from our sins. He preached that we are to love and forgive others. That we are to reach out to the downcast and show them the love of God. He wiped his eyes as he told of the great price Jesus paid to redeem the sinners. That we need to be like him.

They all said Amen! Sister Longtung said “That is right and amen to that preacher.”

Finally the pastor dismissed and they all left the building.

As soon as they exited the building sister Longtung said, “I can’t believe the dress sister Poore was wearing tonight. Didn’t she wear that old thing the last two services?”  She sighed as she walked beside sister Dufus and sister Moody in the parking lot to their cars.

“Yes she did wear that ugly dress for the last two services.” sister Dufus answered, ” I think she dug it out of an old trash bin on Overtripp Drive where they have all those discount stores.”

Hearing this sister Moody laughed so loud others  in the parking lot turned to look at her.

“Well at least it was new when they tossed it out.” she offered. ” Oh yeah and I heard her husband got drunk last week and broke their second hand coffee table.” sister Dufus chimed in.

“I wouldn’t be surprised since he is nothing but an old sot!” sister Longtung laughed.

Sister Moody answered, “I told my husband about that weird couple and he said her loser husband lost his job for missing so much work because of his drinking.”

“I tell you I guess some people never learn how to do right.” explained sister Moody.

“I agree. Some people just don’t get it!” said sister Dufus.

Meanwhile sister Poore reaches home alone. She finds her husband sitting on the sofa with a beer in his hand. “Hi honey!” she says to him “How was your evening? I wish you had come to the service with me. They sang such lovely songs.”

“I don’t need to go to any church I told you!”

“I love you anyway. Would you like me to bring you anything before I sit down and relax on the sofa with you?” she asks as she kisses him on his cheek.

“Yes bring me a sandwich and chips. I’m done drinking for tonight.”

She brings the sandwich and chips, hands them to him with a smile. He says thanks and she sits down beside him.

“You know honey there are three sisters at church the Lord has laid on my heart to pray for. Sisters Dufus and Moody and Longtung. I don’t know why the Lord has so strongly laid them on my heart to pray for them.  But I am going to pray for them and even fast for them as I do for you to quit drinking. They are always so nice to me at church. They always have a smile and a kind word for me. They said to tell you they think you’re a great guy just going through some hard times. I agreed and I know that since the Lord changed my heart just a month ago he will do the same for you. I want you to know I am here for you. I love you very much.”

Her husband patted her hand and said, “Thank you I believe it too.”

Sisters Longtung and sister Dufus and sister Moody are three big reasons why many do not attend church and why so many hate church.

We need to look only at Christ as does sister Poore who prays instead of slandering others, backbiting,  gossiping and lying and mocking .

She knows the scripture says that faith works by love.