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Goo’s Incredible Journey (2)

Attorney Evolutionist: Your Honor I beg the court to demand that Attorney Christian cease attacking my witnesses and this case.

Judge: Goo you may continue..sigh…

Goo: I was particularly entranced of the Ice Age. It was cold. I almost didn’t make it through from the frost. Anyway I overcame it and became a polar bear. I was a seal and a penguin, a saber toothed tiger a giant ground slouth, a mastodon and every mammoth imaginable. Of course this was over 100,000 years ago. This was during the Triassic Period when dinosaurs appeared out of me the incredible goo. Time and goo what a team!

Attorney Evolutionist: Your honor if it please the court would it be acceptable if Goo tells us what was his favorite creature to evolve into?

Attorney Christian: I object! The entire examination of this obviously hallucinating gob of goo should be animated, placed on a big screen, advertised, and sold for what it is; science fiction cartoons!

Judge: Objection sustained. Goo you may answer the question.

Goo: My favorite creature was when I became a dinosaur. The Tyrannosaur Rex was my favorite evolving experience. I evolved from nothing to become a brainless creature. I wandered around for billions of years until I died out because of my desire to evolve into something else such as a roly-poly bug.

Attorney Evolutionist: Thank you Goo. You may step down.

Goo slips down and slides to his chair.

Attorney Christian: I would like to call to the stand the world’s foremost authority on evolution lie Dr Tim the Truth.

Tim the Truth you may begin quoting Henry Morris in his book The Remarkable Birth of Planet earth:

(p. 14) All processes manifest a tendency toward decay and disintegration, with a net increase in what is called the entropy, or state of randomness or disorder, of the system. This is called the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

(p. 19) There is a universal tendency for all systems to go from order to disorder, as stated in the Second Law, and this tendency can only be arrested and reversed under very special circumstances. We have already seen, in Chapter I, that disorder can never produce order through any kind of random process. There must be present some form of code or program, to direct the ordering process, and this code must contain at least as much “information” as is needed to provide this direction.
Furthermore, there must be present some kind of mechanism for converting the environmental energy into the energy required to produce the higher organization of the system involved. …
Thus, any system that experiences even a temporary growth in order and complexity must not only be “open” to the sun’s energy but must also contain a “program” to direct the growth and a “mechanism” to energize the growth. The Second Law (Law of Energy decay) states that every system left to its own devices always tend to move from order to disorder, its energy tending to be transformed into lover levels of availability, finally reaching the state of complete randomness and unavailability for further work.

and from Wikipedia; The first law of thermodynamics is an expression of the principle of conservation of energy.

The law says that energy can be transformed, i.e. changed from one form to another, but cannot be created nor destroyed. It is usually formulated  by stating that the change in the internal energy of a system is equal to the amount of heat  supplied to the system, minus the amount of work performed by the system on its surroundings.

Attorney Christian: What more proof does this court need to prove Goo the liar that he is? He is not only a liar but a troublemaker claiming that he himself is God. This is the same crime evolution perpetrated on the world when they claimed Time aka the Time-god to be God Almighty. Time which is capable only of moving forward since its creation in Genesis 1 by God cannot create anything from slime and gunk. Any sane reasonable individual knows this. From nothing to something is the outrageous shameless lie that Goo has been saying all along

Does Goo think he can go against universal laws? Does Goo think he can force those laws to bend to his lies. I was in the audience at his last seminar when he said that he was at one time a spiral galaxy. Look at Goo! Is it not clear what he is? Goo is actually claiming to be the energy of the universe. Goo thinks he is God. Delusional is not quite descriptive of his breakdown. Goo is absolutely mad!

Attorney Evolutionist: I object to this religious outburst! Goo is science! Goo is the scientific reason why all things exist! Time caused all things to be by chance. Only a fool would think otherwise. We evolved from lower forms of life I tell you! And Goo is the scientific proof of this incredible thing we call life.

Judge: (slams down his gavel) I demand order in this court! Truth you may take a seat. Attorney Christian may now address the jury. Then after that Attorney Evolutionist may submit to them his final argument.

Attorney Christian: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury thank you for your presence here to determine the truth of this case…Let me begin my argument with this….am I to believe that Attorney Evolutionist visits zoos to laugh at his ancestors? As he stands there in front of the monkey cage why does he not feel loving emotions toward these nasty creatures whose only purpose seems to be to disgust? Why is he even locking up his relatives? Is this love and respect?  Does he have an answer why I and most of the earth inhabitants do not believe Goo? Why would I disown my distant relatives? Why do I visit zoos? Why do I not take gifts to the lions and bears? The answer is obvious.

Attorney Evolutionist apparently visits them to laugh at his ancestors. Why is he not thanking them for his life? Why are their photos not included in his family album? Why does he refer to them as apes and not as his loving relatives. There is something missing here alright and it seems to be Goo’s brain.

As proved in this courtroom the two laws of thermodynamics have nothing to do with Goo’s testimony. The notion that he evolved into numberless creatures over billions upon billions of years is so outrageous it boggles the mind and attempts to bend the logic and reason of thinking human beings.

There once was chaos in the cosmos. But what GOD SAID changed everything. Things began to appear and form. The sole reason was GOD SAID. But Goo refuses to acknowledge God he claims he did it all simply by being Goo.  Goo demands worship as the God of creation. Goo wants to be Yahweh of the Old Testament. Goo wants to be like the Most High. Goo says he was once a polar bear. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury can anyone here while remaining true to his own existence, his own conscience in all honesty believe he came from Goo?

Can anyone here testify that he has seen disorder then suddenly order appears from it? Isn’t it true that we have to make order? In every way order must be made even as the judge displayed when he banged his gavel and demanded order. All things including humans do not naturally do what is order. We all have a tendency to get out-of-order. God calls it sin and Goo calls it evolution. If evolution were true would we not all improve to never die? Why do we die? Why do we everyday of our lives mess up in one way or the another? We do because we are prone to wander as the songwriter observed and recorded. But Goo’s testimony is that all things came from goo for no apparent reason. That things keep getting better and smarter. No sane person believes this. One of Goo’s worst crimes was he being the cause of thousands of searches for what does not exist; transitional fossils.

Judge: The court will take a recess for lunch.


Atheist and Theist Again..(16)

Atheist: Okay you said.. So the beasts that survived in contrast to the smellier ones that died first were the fittest? That I said  they had affection for one another or how else could they mate? I agree that love creates not behaves beastly such as did these prehistoric monsters…Love is always in order and is decent as you say.

Theist: That is what I said.

Atheist: That it is as Paul said of it in 1 Corinthians 13. That love and lust have nothing in common. That it is only my opinion about the beasts; why they survived for billions of years because they were fit. Then you assert that if anything describes un-fit it is these beastly entities I claim were the ancestors of the human race: the race that seeks but one thing; to be happy.”

Theist: Yes again.

Atheist: Here is what you fail to understand. The hairy beasts did vaguely suspect something was up. They had to have possessed some self-awareness. They were aware they were. They were aware they needed certain things to survive. In all their snorting and grunting they still sought to live. They knew that air was their friend. I’m sure they felt hunger pangs and went in search of food. They clung to life but unfortunately they perished when time disposed of them.

Theist: How cruel your time-god. Its cruelty is unsurpassed.

Atheist: Regardless, how they knew that food was needed to alleviate their hunger produced discomfort is easy to understand. They had a need and they met it as best they could. But they had to die for beauty alone demanded it. How beauty could have existed along with these hairy beasts is remarkable don’t you think? It is hard to imagine such beasts existing among trees and flowers and lakes and valleys.

Theist: Right because beauty does not invite ugliness. My goodness have you never read Plato’s symposium? Live? These beasts had to live? Life and beastly survival are alike how? I understand what I understand but tell me how you understand it. To think a wild boar in the wilderness is living is nonsense. He is simply a beast that breathes. Yes he lives as that he has breath. But he dies as a beast leaving nothing behind but his dead carcass. To live is Christ is the truth of the ages.

Atheist: Your opinion.

Theist. I have proof. This holy truth did not come into play as you say certain chemicals did. It is the truth of ages the only truth. Chemicals that somehow were flung into the slot, into which for no apparent reason they fit, by mere chance after a stupendous unexplainable big bang is fiction. If any man have not Christ he is dead.

Atheist: That is debatable.

Theist Moving right along…These disgusting beasts did not live I tell you. It is not reasonable to think they did. What ruins your whole presentation is the time-god with its vicious unmerciful way of doing things. Time according to what I understand is the real beast in your evolution story.

Atheist: Gentle reminder…I am an atheist and do not believe in any deities. Back to the issue..Look time is necessary. It must pass. According to religion the Christ came just a couple of thousand years ago.

Theist: We have documents to prove this. It is the holy Bible. There are even secular sources that agree; Tacitus, Josephus and others. All existing immutable universal laws agree with the Mosaic Code.

Atheist: As for the homely creatures; These beasts lived billions of years ago in conditions so unmerciful it is a stupendous feat of nature they even survived as long as they did. I find it remarkable to say the least.Time might have even moved backward for all we know. There might have been time glitches happening because of the violence happening in deep space.

Theist: Excuse me time moves only forward. Why? because this is how God did it in the beginning. He said evening and morning were the first day and so on until seven days were created. Thus our week was created by his word. Sun moon stars…I don’t get your must pass unless you refer to time must pass into billions of years to turn Beastly Bongo into Dapper Dan.

Atheist: I suppose you could say that.

Theist: From grunt to coherency all because of time.

Atheist: Yep.

Theist: Time and Chance doesn’t do it.. It is not possible for something to come from nothing for no reason. There has to be a cause.  Common sense says this without invoking science. A child knows this basic fact of life. If you were to ask a four-year old if he believed something could come from nothing he would say no. He just knows. Kids have to be taught evolution until it becomes who they are. Their thinking is formed by it. It is the lie that is the enemy of truth. The truth that God loves us.

Atheist: This nothing but brainwashing at it worst.

Theist: Though evolutionists deny it there cannot be a watch without a watchmaker. There cannot be a building without a builder. Rewind back and tell me how suddenly this truth did not exist? It is not reasonable to look around and not know that everything in existence has a maker. Yet you travel in your imagination back to a supposed time and a maker isn’t needed. It is not logic nor reason to believe that. Things have to make sense.

Atheist: I will explain. Time must pass for these beasts to learn at least one thing. It took millenniums and millenniums for them to graduate from grunt to snort. It was a slow-moving world not like now when things move so fast due to all this improved thinking that invents amazing things.

Theist: Like bombs?

Atheist: You could say the beasts somehow understood that necessity is the mother of invention. What they needed they made. They went in search of what their instincts demanded. They needed food and killed to get it. Without a thought. They simply acted as did the forms in space changing into what they must for some mysterious reason into what they must be. Nothing directed any of it; it was all chance.

Theist: From grunt to snort they fiercely marched onward grunting and snorting killing and eating while blood dripped from their mouth to become human? I must say I never heard such imagination since I read first Darwin’s Origin of Species. No offense intended.

Atheist: No offense taken.

Theist: I will never believe that our loving God would waste billions of things to make one thing. It is like destroying a forest to make one toothpick from the trees. Lunacy. As you know the law of conservation is proof that the Creator wastes nothing. Not even our troubles  are wasted by him.

Atheist: So you say.

Theist: He uses whatever we have, or do and changes those things into what can be used for his own glory. To bless us if we trust in him. Water can become ice or steam.  Always remaining what it is. There is no waste.

Atheist: Waste does exist as in what happened to the heroic creatures of by-gone days. They were wasted yet were used by nature to evolve into something better.

Theist : So nature used them? How mean. Evolution teaches waste on scales so mammoth and monumental it turns into sadness. God said is the reason for all things. Paul said we understand by faith that the things we see were made of things we cannot see. What a perfect and beautiful explanation of the love and power of God. He simply spoke and it became.

Atheist: Picture it..In the deep dark regions of distant space things were happening. Galaxies were literally exploding with such force the universe literally tore in places creating strange  forms that stood still.  Holes so black and endless in-depth they bend light. Can you imagine darkness bending light? Then suddenly these violent moving forms began to take shape. They formed into planets and stars. They heaved and sighed with such voluminous power, all surrounding things that existed had to react in some way. This was evolution taking place.

Theist: You made all this up.

Atheist: The beasts that appeared billions of years later on our planet had some inkling they had to move forward also. They were in tune with the universe. Of course they did not consciously think this, they just somehow contained this within their beastly existence. But that knowledge somehow was conveyed to us via time. I guess you could say they did have a minute clue that something was definitely up.

Theist: Did you ever think of writing science fiction books? Your imagination makes the Event Horizon sound like a lullaby. Of course with all due respect to you as a fellow human being I respect your right to your thoughts. I believe none of this. But since we’re friends…

Atheist: See, you need to understand that it was later when love and emotions kicked in. The brain of these unimaginable ugly disgusting smelly sex crazed entities was not formed to think..yet. They simply existed as did their bodies.

Theist: As did their disgusting smelly hairy sweaty ugly nasty bodies?

Atheist:  yes…But It was simply breath in a beast and nothing more. They had no idea they were the forerunners of geniuses and scientists astronomers…you name it.

Theist: Go on…

Atheist: But in truth, these horrendously homely, disgusting, hairy, smelly, bad breath,  sex-crazed beasts are the undisputed champions and heroes of the human race. They went before us and unknowingly sacrificed themselves for us.

Theist: I am sure that In the beginning tells us this is precisely when time began.  Beginning is exactly that; the beginning. In that time start is when recorded history began.  We have documents, you don’t. Imagination cannot be considered fact. I can imagine fairies dancing on a lawn it doesn’t mean they  are there.

Atheist: Are you sure?

Theist: I’m positive. I can imagine a flying spaghetti monster, but it doesn’t mean it exists. The truth is we have documents that verify what we experience and see and feel and know. The sun and moon and stars came into existence by the spoken word of God. He said.

Atheist: I question the validity of the Bible for obvious reasons.

Theist: Obvious reasons? Name one. Back to what I was saying. God said and before that was eternity. Time is simply a tiny space between Genesis one and when the angel in the book of  Revelation of Jesus Christ says Time shall be no more. You say it just happened. The Bible says God said. It is imperative one understands the importance and truth of the creative power in God’s word. What God says happens. Why? Simply because he is God.

To be continued….

Atheist (9)

Dark matter pie

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Theist: I can’t believe you were nice enough to continue our discourse on God. Would you like a cup of coffee or tea?

Atheist: Thanks I don’t mind if I have a coffee.  My premise is there is no God. No God only reality.

Theist: Paul the apostle says you suppress the truth in unrighteousness. Makes sense to me. He is saying that the truth is there but you push it down so far you cannot see it anymore.

Atheist: I don’t care what Paul said. I see no evidence for God and I do not suppress the truth in unrighteousness. There is no such thing as unrighteousness. I admit there is right and wrong but to call wrong unrighteousness is absurd. It is amazing that anyone could believe the Bible to be what God said to the world. It seems he could have picked more intelligent people to get his word here. Have you ever examined their style of writing? And it came to pass than they repeat the same thing over for no reason.

Theist: Well it has been a long journey hasn’t it from wild hairy grunting killing smelly beast to what you are now a living man who thinks civilly. Am I right? Also how does it feel to know your ancestors were beastly cannibals and sexual perverts?

Atheist: So were yours. But to answer your question I see it as simply the way it is. Man was once a beast. Where have you been hiding? The evidence is there that we evolved.

Theist: God calls them sinners. Pagans heathens and idolaters. He does also say that some are to be taken as brute beasts and destroyed. Not all are destined to go to heaven.

Atheist: See you said it yourself that there are some who are destined for salvation and some are destined to burn in hell. How unfair is that? What kind of God makes people only to destroy them? Why wasn’t he able to make a perfect race where none had to be destroyed?

Theist: Ah…we are back to you are wiser and kinder than God argument. Since you claim to be so smart explain why there is darkness?

Atheist: It just happened for no apparent reason. It was part of the big bang.

Theist: I understand you see it that way. But what is darkness? What is dark matter? Why does darkness exist? The mind is the only place where we get answers you say? Than think of an answer and tell me why there is darkness?

Atheist: It is the opposite of light.

Theist: Wrong answer. It is not the opposite of light. Nothing is the opposite of God and he is light. The sun is an artificial light so to speak, since he is the true Light. God is one and he is self-existent. Nothing he created can be in opposition to him and he created all things including darkness. In the beginning he saw that all he made was good not goo. It was man that sinned in opposition to what he commanded them. But I refer to literal darkness. Have you ever traveled down a long dark highway at night from one town to the next than for one instant switch off your car headlights?

Atheist: As a matter of fact I did do that once when driving from California to Arizona. It was pitch dark. No light no moon could be seen. It was blackness.

Theist: What is that?

Atheist: It is darkness?

Theist: Yes we know that, but what is it?  What is it made of? Does it have properties? If God turned off the sun moon and stars there would be nothing but blackness. In other words by nature everything is black and dark. There is no light. None. Now say all the electric power went out on earth also. There were no candles no flashlights and no matches. What would that be?

Atheist: Well hello? It would be gross darkness nothing but pure blackness.

Theist: Why blackness? Why not whiteness or pinkness or blueness?

Atheist: I don’t understand the question. I am sure it would be blackness.

Theist: But why black and not white or green? Say it remained that way for a year, would the human race survive it?

Atheist: I think this could only be answered if it was actually experienced. It would be black because that is what darkness is; blackness.

Theist: I read once of an experiment scientists did; they placed a man in a pitch black room for a week. After a week they placed a small candle in there. The man reported that he was depressed and sad. He said he was lonely and that even fear tried to attack his mind with scary imagination. But when he saw the candle he felt better. The light and warmth of the candle somehow revived him. Why do you think this was that the candle helped him?

Atheist: For obvious reasons; he could not adapt to the darkness. So there is no way the human race could exist one year in pitch darkness.

Theist: But you insist that man is able to adapt? Please explain why he can adapt to one thing and not another.

Atheist: it just happened that way. Evolution just happened it did not come with a book.

Theist: Good news the human race was given a Book by God.

Atheist: If man had to live in pitch darkness he could not survive. It would kill him. We need light! We need warmth. Evolution made us that way.

Theist: Oh? And why then did evolution evolve darkness? Why would it big bang something that is detrimental to our survival? Why did evolution evolve what is bad for us if it is indeed bad for us? I say man can endure if God is with him. Because God is light and warmth and love. The very things we desperately need to live. But your magic time machine never got rid of the darkness even after billions of years. How mean is that?

Atheist: I said we evolved into humans not into super beings. There are limitations. Darkness is not always bad for us. We sleep in it and as we sleep our body and mind for some reason renews itself. We become unconscious and we rest.

Theist: Please explain how we evolve improving as we go but die anyway?  How is that improvement. Did you know that depression is darkness? It is totally negative. How did evolution not rid the world of depression and disease? Why did it not correct all these problems since it had billions of years to do it. That is a lot of time and still evolution gets it wrong.

Atheist: I will answer your questions but you tell me what darkness is. You tell me what is dark matter if you know.

To be continued….